5 Recommended Things to do In Israel

Israel is home to hundreds of fascinating attractions, offering a little of something for everyone. From Biblical ruins to cosmopolitan cities and beautiful beaches, you are spoilt for choice.

If you’re coming for a visit, be sure to stay for more than just a few days, since there is so much to explore. If you need some ideas for where to go, check out our top five recommended things to do in Israel.

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Float in The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the Earth. Due to its high levels of salt, floating in the water in unbelievably easy. Not a strong swimmer? Don’t worry, floating in the Dead Sea feels just like you’re wearing a life jacket.

This Salt Lake also has its very own therapeutic mud that often gets used in many cosmetic treatments. You can’t visit Israel and not go to the Dead Sea to chill out.

Although the name doesn’t sound like the friendliest of places, it’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in Israel.

Take your favorite book or magazine, get into the warm and salty sea water, relax, and then let yourself float. It’s certainly an experience you’d be crazy to miss out on if you’re visiting the country.

Mineral salts on coast of the Dead Sea

Party in Tel Aviv

If you’re a party animal, you’ll love Tel Aviv. The nightlife here is second to none; it has everything you need for a brilliant night out.

With bars upon bars and countless clubs, you’ll forever be comparing your future nights out to Tel Aviv.

If you’re not one for the clubbing scene, Tel Aviv doesn’t just offer nightlife. It also has some interesting attractions for those who are looking for a more cultured day out.

Boasting restaurants, theaters, galleries, museums, concert halls and much more, you won’t be stuck for things to do in this city.

View on coastline with new modern building in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Visit Jerusalems Old City

There’s something enchanting about this historic city filled with ancient buildings, narrow alleyways, and colorful markets.

There’s so much to do; you’ll be here all day. You can browse the stalls, write a prayer and place it in the cracks of the Western Wall, visit the crucifixion site of Jesus Christ and so much more.

With four quarters that divide the city religiously and culturally, there is plenty of history to absorb.

King David's tower (citadel) in old city of Jerusalem and view of the new Jerusalem.

Enjoy Crystal Clear Water in Eilat

If you’re interested in seeing some fantastic views of colorful fish and coral reefs, you need to go snorkeling in Eilat.

The crystal clear water of the Red Sea is like no other; it will be the best snorkeling experience of your life.

EILAT, ISRAEL - Aerial view on the Red Sea, central public beach and promenade in Eilat - famous vacation spot, resort and recreational city in Israel and Middle East

Brave Standing On the Edge of the Ramon Crater

The Ramon Crater is one of Israel’s most fascinating geologic features. Being the largest crater in the world, you won’t see anything else like it.

At the deepest point, it sinks to around 500m. If you think you can brave the edge, you can witness some breathtaking views.

The bottom of Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon), the largest in the world, as seen from the high rocky cliff edge surrounding it from the north, Ramon Nature reserve, Mitzpe Ramon, Negev desert, Israel

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5 Recommended Things to do In Israel
5 Recommended Things to do In Israel



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