4 Small Wineries you MUST visit in Napa

California’s famous Napa Valley is one of the best-known places where one of the most delicious wines are being born.

Also, it is difficult to find an American who did taste at least one of their wines, so you might get an idea how famous and how great these wines really are.

Probably because of this reason, Napa Valley has become one of the biggest tourists’ attractions in the region as well.

Many wine lovers from all over the world come here not only to see how wine is being made, but also taste the best wines there is, and in addition to all of that – beautiful valley’s panoramas.

However, today we are going to talk about four small, and not yet discovered by tourists wineries in Napa you should visit if you are looking for something a bit more different and sincere.

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Del Dotto Vineyards

Del Dotto is just a small and family-run business in Napa, but their key to success to produce premium and small-batch wines made this little winery be the first in this list.

What makes their wine even more special is the fact that their grapes are collected from vineyards scattered all over the Napa Valley, creating the unique mix of flavors in wines that perfectly capture the real essence of this region’s wines.

Del Dotto has to offer even more than all that. Apart from fantastic wine, this vineyard offers one of the best chances to enjoy real Californian hospitality, one of the best cooks in the regions and VIP entertainment suitable for all kind of tastes.

4 Small Wineries you MUST visit in Napa

Black Stallion Estate Winery

This amazing winery can amaze with its location and its wine without any doubt. In fact, Black Stallion was set up in the remains of the indoor race track; therefore by walking around in here, you will feel the spirit of those amazingly strong and beautiful racing animals.

Although this winery got famous for it’s one of a kind arrays of award-winning appellations which got recognition because of their distinct local flavor combination with a family who makes it feel.

If you decide to visit this winery one day, you will get an amazing chance to feel the real rustic charm, taste one of the best wines in the United States and enjoy exquisite food as well.

The all-year-long working winery can offer you a wide selection of special events to choose from as well. So stopping by here is definitely worth it.

4 Small Wineries you MUST visit in Napa

Alpha Omega

Alpha is the very first letter in Greek alphabet while omega is the last one, and this name perfectly captures the essence of this winery – here you are going to enjoy your stay here from the moment you come here, to the moment you leave it.

Apart from the pretty short history of this winery, Alpha Omega can become one of the best wineries in the region. It not only is focusing on creating amazing wines everyone will love but tries to make that wine reflective of the unique heritage of the area as well.

They compare the best of the Old and New world traditions (their Swiss winemaker helps there) and they get high-class wines you must try out here one day too.

This winery is also one of many family-friendly wineries in Napa, so you don’t have to worry about the kids getting bored while you enjoy a few wines.

4 Small Wineries you MUST visit in Napa

Whetstone Wine Cellars

The last winery we would like to talk about today is just two years old, but it surely needs our attention. Why? Well, Whetstone got famous for its one of the best services in the region, making visiting and wine tasting experiences there unlike any other in Napa.

This winery can offer you a wide range of luxurious wines with a focus on iconic Pinot Noir blends, which everyone just loves. You can taste this amazing wine if the 1885 Chateau at the same time enjoying one of the most beautiful sceneries as well.

So, do not wait long, book your stay here and travel back in time with an incredible wine from this amazing vineyard!

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