How to Stay Safe While Traveling

You are young and going out to travel alone to experience the world. Gaining new experiences and making new acquaintances is absolutely fantastic! However, not all countries are equally safe to travel to.


Although you are certainly more interested in planning all the experiences and places you want to visit, it is also important to consider some precautions. Here you get more tips on enjoying your trip and getting back home safely.

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Take a health check first

Do some research on the countries you will travel to when it comes to the health risks of traveling there. Your GP has an overview of which vaccines you should take and will advise you on what you should steer clear of in the countries you travel to.

Not all countries have clean tap water and a food inspection that follows up on whether the food in the fast-food restaurant is safe to serve to people. It is essential to try new things, but not at the expense of health.

Provide travel insurance

How long has it been since you checked if the travel insurance is in order? Getting sick or getting into financial trouble abroad can be very difficult if you do not have insurance covering theft, illness, and other circumstances where you can get the financial responsibility.

Rental cars are a typical example where you can sit with large bills afterward for damages you may not be to blame for.

Make copies of important documents

When traveling abroad, it is important that you can document who you are at all times. If you become ill, remember to make copies of identification documents, vaccination cards, airline tickets, and travel insurance documents.

Have this stored in a cloud service such as google drive, and not directly on the phone in case you lose it during the trip.

Protect yourself from fraud

Not all countries have as good and accessible networks. You shouldn’t leave too much personal information if you use the internet in public places. Online fraud is common today over Wi-Fi networks and online cafes.

Then you may want to use a VPN to make it more difficult for scammers to get your information. A VPN is a virtual private network that will hide your real IP. Doing this will ensure that your sensitive data is protected and kept away from hackers.

Update family and friends regularly

Do not let your family worry about how you are doing. Make sure you update your loved ones on where you are in the world and have a way to contact them if there are any health issues or you end up in a difficult situation.

Avoid using social media on public networks or online cafes where there are opportunities to hack information about you.

Lock in your funds

When traveling, it is important that you do not carry all your valuables with you at all times. Hotels usually have their safe where you can store credit cards, travel documents, jewelry, and banknotes. Thus, you do not have to carry around it all.

Keep personal information to yourself

Of course, you will get to know new people on the way. Half the experience is getting to know people and cultures worldwide. Do not be open and naive to everyone you meet, as not everyone who wants to get to know you have good intentions.

Unless you are familiar with the person, you should not give too many details about yourself. This can be which hotel you are staying at, where you come from, your full name, and what valuables you have on the trip.


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