Where to Stay in Verona [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Verona Arena aerial panoramic view. Arena is a Roman amphitheatre in Piazza Bra square in Verona, Italy

Verona Italy is famous for being the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The northern city in Italy currently has over 250,000 people living there and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It is known for its historical sites, culture and tourist landmarks.

There are many things to do in Verona and it is easy to find something fun for everyone in your family. The city is very walkable and has plenty of open public spaces for you to explore. You can spend hours just walking around the town and admiring the architecture.

If you are wondering where to stay in Verona Italy during your trip, there are many different places where you can stay. Verona has a wide variety of accommodation options that range from budget to luxury.

You can choose between hotels, hostels and apartments during your stay in this beautiful city. The below list will give you an idea of where to stay in Verona Italy based on different budgets and interests.

Sometimes it is best to create a list of all the top things you want to do and everything you wish to see in the city first before you make a decision on where you want to stay.

We will cover off all types of Verona accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Verona hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Verona 2024, the best Verona hotels, best places in Verona to visit, the best places to stay in Verona, hotels near Verona attractions, Verona neighborhood guide and many more.

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Historic Centre – Where to Stay in  Verona for First Timers

The Verona historical centre is the ideal place to stay for your first time and if you are only planning on going for a few days.

You will be close to all the action and the history that Verona has to offer. The historic centre has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000 due to its artistic history and culture. The Adige river runs through Verona and either side of the historic centre.

Staying in the centre means getting around the city is much easier. You can walk pretty much everywhere as most attractions are within walking distance!

One of the main attractions in this area that is worth checking out is Casa di Giulietta. This is supposed to be the building and more specifically the balcony that inspired Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play.

Not only does this central district have a lot of history, architecture and culture, but it also has some excellent restaurants with delicious local food.

If you stay in this area you will be close to Piazza delle Erbe, a busy city square that is surrounded by bars and restaurants. It is very popular with tourists and locals alike. You will be spoilt for choice with endless Italian cuisine options featuring pizza and pasta dishes.

Also known as Citta Antica, the historic centre is also lined with streets of shops. Italy’s fashion scene is very well-known and renowned, so you will find high-end luxury shops as well as independent boutiques.

The centre of Verona is definitely the best location to stay in Verona Italy. There is so much to do and it is very convenient for a short trip. However, the hotels in Verona city centre will hold a higher price point compared to other areas of the city. If you are wondering where to stay in Verona for first timers, you want to stay in the historic centre.

Where to Stay in Verona Historical Centre

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Verona Historical Centre
B&B King
StraVagante Hostel & Rooms

Budget Hotels in Verona Historical Centre
Residenza Elisabetta
Dimora 4 Spade
B&B A Casa di Luca
Principe all’Arena

Mid range Hotels in Verona Historical Centre
B&B Agli Scaligeri
Vecchia Verona
Corte Realdi Suites
Hotel Aurora

Family Friendly Hotels in Verona Historical Centre
Residenza Madonna Verona
Truly Verona
Residenza Roccamaggiore
B&B Like Romeo Suites

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Verona Historical Centre
Hotel Gabbia d’Oro
Vista Palazzo – Verona
Lords of Verona
Due Torri Hotel

VERONA, ITALY - View of Piazza dei Signori in Verona in Italy

Cittadella – Where to Stay in  Verona for Tourists

If you want to be near the city’s main sights but not in the thick of it, Cittadella is a good option. Cittadella is still one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Verona due to its close proximity to the historic centre.

It has everything that you need for a perfect trip away, from restaurants and shops to historical monuments and parks. You can find everything here!

Another advantage to this area of the city is that Cittadella is closer to the main train station. This is excellent if you are coming into the city by train. Porta Nuova station is located just southwest of the city meaning it is a slight walk from the main city centre.

Cittadella is more laid back than the main city centre but there is still lots to do. For example, the art museum, Museo Degli Affreschi is located here. The museum is situated in a 13th-century building and is home to the largest collection of frescoes in Italy.

There are also many restaurants and shops in this area so it is easy to have a nice lunch or do some shopping before heading back into town for dinner or sightseeing at night. The main road Corso Porta Nuova takes you straight into town. One of the best hotels in Verona is on this street called Hotel Indigo Verona.

Where to Stay in Cittadella

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Cittadella
Le Maddalene
StraVagante Hostel

Budget Hotels in Cittadella
B&B Verona’s Inn
Cittadella Bed & Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Happiness
La Casetta di Lina

Mid range Hotels in Cittadella
Air Suite
Best Western Pus Hotel De Capuleti
B&B Casanova
Best Western Hotel Armando

Family Friendly Hotels in Cittadella
Ball Apartments
Lady Capulet Apartments
Al 19 B&B
Casa Vittoria

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Cittadella
Butterfly Boutique Rooms
Gallery Room
Relais Balcone di Giulietta
NH Collection Palazzo Verona

VERONA ITALY - Picture from Piazza Cittadella with restaurants trees people and a wide green garden with stairs in a sunny day with clouds. Verona Italy.

Borgo Trento – Where to Stay in  Verona on a Budget

Over the Adige river, you will find Borgo Trento. This northern district is an ideal place for those who want to experience real Italian life while staying close enough to explore all that Verona has to offer!

It has recently undergone a major transformation, with beautiful new buildings built on its main street. With its own mini centre, the neighbourhood offers great restaurants, shops and services to make your stay comfortable.

If you want to explore other parts of the city, this area is very well connected by transport routes that go directly into the town centre every five minutes. Alternatively, it is only a 15 minute walk over the Ponte della Vittoria bridge.

If you are looking for where to stay in Verona on a budget, Borgo Trento is a good choice. There are not so many tourist attractions in this area but it is a great base and still close to the city centre.

Where to Stay in Borgo Trento

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Borgo Trento
Bed and Breakfast Delle Rose

Budget Hotels in Borgo Trento
Poker d’Assi B&B
Notti Sull’Adige
Dimora 4 Spade
Da Virginia B&B

Mid range Hotels in Borgo Trento
Ai Giardini Rooms
Nuova Opera Rooms
B&B Borgo Trento
Casa Panvinio

Family Friendly Hotels in Borgo Trento
Fleur Blanche
Lady Verona
Arsenale Suites

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Borgo Trento
NH Collection Palazzo Verona
Palazzo Monga Boutique Guesthouse
Due Torri Hotel
Relais Colle San Pietro

Peschiera del Garda - charming village with colorful houses in beautiful lake Lago di Garda. Verona province, northern Italy

Veronetta – Where to Stay in  Verona with Family

To the east of the city, you will find a small neighbourhood called Veronetta. It is a little quiet and less touristy than the centre, with a much more residential feel.

There are fewer hotels here to choose from but it is still a very convenient location. It is still only a 10 minute walk into the main centre.

Veronetta is a great area to stay with a family due to its quieter and slower nature. There are lots of nice parks to take a stroll in including Giusti Garden.

This is a small park with ponds and fountains. It is very popular in the summer months as it has lots of shade and is perfect for relaxing.

Where to Stay in Veronetta

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Veronetta
The Hostello

Budget Hotels in Veronetta
Piano Tre
B&B A Casa di Luca
La Giara Rooms
All’Arena Bed and Breakfast

Mid range Hotels in Veronetta
Giardino Giusti House Court
La Maison De Charme
Locanda al Vescovo
Vecchia Verona

Family Friendly Hotels in Veronetta
Ai Gabbiani
Appartamenti Museo
B&B Verona Centro
B&B Like Romeo Suites

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Veronetta
Due Torri Hotel
Relais Balcone di Giulietta
Lords of Verona
Vista Palazzo – Verona

Staircase stairway of narrow street between stone walls. Scalinata Castel S. Pietro leading to Castel San Pietro in Verona city historical centre, blue sky background, Veneto Region, Northern Italy

Porta Nuova – Where to Stay in  Verona for History Buffs

Porta Nuova is very much a business district due to its close proximity to the train station. It still has plenty of hotels and restaurants to choose from.

It is a great place to stay if you are travelling in and out of Verona Italy or you are only stopping by for a brief few days.

Situated in the Porta Nuova District you will also find the historical landmark that is named Porta Nuova. It is a defence gate that is made out of stone, situated to defend the southern border of the city.

The gate was built in the 16th century and is a very popular tourist attraction. It provides a great insight into Verona’s past history. If you do decide to visit Porta Nuova make sure that you take some time out of your day to walk around this historical landmark as it is truly amazing!

Where to Stay in Porta Nuova District

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Porta Nuova District
StraVagante Hostel
Posada Verona Hostel

Budget Hotels in Porta Nuova District
Casa Italia
B&B Amaverona
3Jolie Bed & Breakfast
B&B Fralillo

Mid range Hotels in Porta Nuova District
Magnolia B&B
Hotel Leon d’Oro
Best Western Hotel Firenze
Pepita Lodge

Family Friendly Hotels in Porta Nuova District
Relais Empire
B&B Amaverona
Hotel Indigo Verona – Grand Hotel Des Arts, an IHG hotel

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Porta Nuova District
Gallery Room
Ball Apartments
Il Relais della Locanda
Palazzo Monga Boutique Guesthouse

Verona, Italy - Medieval Porta Nuova, gate to the old town of Verona with tourists. Piazza Bra in Verona. Veneto region, Italy. Summer sunny day.

Borgo Milano – Where to Stay in  Verona like a Local

This suburb of the city is residential and is located in the east area of Verona. It is one of the most popular areas to live in and one of the best neighbourhoods in Verona. It has a very quiet and peaceful feel to it.

You will find that many locals like to spend their time here as it is a great place for families and children. It has a main street running through it that is lined with indie shops and cute Italian cafes. There is everything you will need here during your stay.

Due to its main road infrastructure, it is still quick to get to the city centre by using a taxi. Alternatively, you can get a bus that takes 20 minutes or take a 30-minute walk. With the district being a lot further out compared to the main tourist centres, it is a lot more affordable to stay here.

Where to Stay in Borgo Milano

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Borgo Milano
StraVagante Hostel

Budget Hotels in Borgo Milano
Miglioranzi Antonio Apartments
B&B Agli Orti
Alle Piscine Verona

Mid range Hotels in Borgo Milano
Hotel Leopardi
Montresor Hotel Palace
Hotel Porta Palio
Relais dell’Abbazia

Family Friendly Hotels in Borgo Milano
Hotel San Marco
B&B Maricla
Relais dell’Abbazia
Corte Merighi Rooms & Breakfast

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Borgo Milano
Il Relais della Locanda
Gallery Room
NH Collection Palazzo Verona
Hotel Gabbia d’Oro

VERONA ITALY - Verona. Bridge Ponte Pietra in Verona on Adige river

San Zeno – Where to Stay in  Verona for Relaxation

Another lovely area of Verona is San Zeno. Located between Borgo Milano and Borgo Trento. It is still a residential area but is closer to the city and is situated next to the river.

It is a great place to stay if you want to be within walking distance of the centre but at the same time away from the crowds. The area has a lot of charm and is very quiet with plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.

A key highlight of the area is the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore. A mini centre has popped up around the Basilica and has become a hot spot for San Zeno. There are quaint Italian streets lined with medieval architecture and cafes.

Where to Stay in San Zeno

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in San Zeno
Bed and Breakfast Delle Rose
StraVagante Hostel

Budget Hotels in San Zeno
Miglioranzi Antonio Apartments
Dreaming Arena Rooms
Hotel Arena
B&B Forever

Mid range Hotels in San Zeno
Relais dell’Abbazia
Da Virginia B&B
Casa Fola
Arsenale Suites

Family Friendly Hotels in San Zeno
Hotel Residence Antico San Zeno
Hotel San Marco Fitness Pool & Spa
Verona House Aparthotel & Suite

Affordable Luxury Hotels in San Zeno
Gallery Room
NH Collection Palazzo Verona
Palazzo Monga Boutique Guesthouse

Verona, Italy, Europe, - A view of the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore

Verona Fiera – Where to Stay in  Verona for Entertainment

A huge events venue named Verona Fiera hosts hundreds of entertainment shows every year. From horse shows to art galleries the venue has it all and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Staying in this area is the best idea if you are in the city to visit the event venue. The roads around here can get busy during busy show dates so be aware of this. There are many business style hotels in the area that are available all year round.

Where to Stay in Verona Fiera

Budget Hotels in Verona Fiera
CQ Rooms Verona
B&B Tre Passi
B&B Anna Fiera
Santa Teresa House

Mid range Hotels in Verona Fiera
Hotel Fiera
Hotel San Pietro
Hotel Corte Ongaro
Novo Hotel Rossi

Family Friendly Hotels in Verona Fiera
Sole Hotel Verona
Crowne Plaza Verona – Fiera, an IHG Hotel
Hotel Leon d’Oro
Guesthouse Veron

Verona, Italy -image of streets of Verona

Areas to Avoid in Verona

There are very few areas in Verona that are deemed unsafe. The Italian city has low crime rates and is generally an overall safe bet. There are areas that are more run down or neglected for various reasons.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Verona, avoid the outskirts of the city. The area is considered to be less developed and not as appealing. This includes the southern part of town where it is more industrial.

Borgo Roma

This residential district is known to be less developed and not a touristy area at all. It is nearby to the east of the Fiera Verona events venue.

There are not many hotels in this area due to the lack of tourists and travellers. However, it is possible to find a rented apartment if you look hard enough. It is not recommended that you stay in this area unless you have no other choice.


South of the Porta Nuova train station you will find Golosine. This is a residential district that is considered to be less developed and not as appealing. This includes the southern part of town where it is more industrial.

It is a good idea to avoid this area if you are looking for hotels or apartments. The only time it would be acceptable to stay here is if you have a reason and need to be in the industrial district.

Verona, Italy - dwelling houses in a center of Verona, Italy

So if you were wondering where to stay in Verona, hopefully, the above list has helped you to narrow it down.

There are many hotels in Verona to choose from so you will not be short of options where ever you may pick. The city has many different areas that have their own atmosphere and each has its own benefits.

For a short fun filled trip, it is recommended to stay as close to the centre as possible. Whether that is in the centre itself or the district just outside, Cittadella. This means you will have easy access to most of the tourist attractions and historical landmarks. These areas are also generally deemed safe and tourist friendly.

If you are travelling on a budget and need to find cheap accommodation in Verona, you will find these more on the outskirts of the city.

Borgo Trento, Borgo Milano and San Zeno are best and recommended for this. They are pleasant residential areas that still gain a lot of business from tourists. Therefore they have hotel options and plenty of restaurants and shops.

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Where to stay in Verona
Where to stay in Verona
Where to stay in Verona


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