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Where to stay in Tirana

TIRANA ALBANA - Unknown people are near building "Pyramid" (former museum of communist dictator Enver Hoxha) Tirana Albania

As you plan your trip to the capital of Albania, deciding where to stay in Tirana is just one of many decisions to be made. In a city of nearly one million people, there are very different Tirana neighborhoods just waiting to be explored. The main attractions of Tirana are fairly compact, so choosing a central location leaves you within walking distance of the best things to do in Tirana.

If you prefer a more residential location, those are also available within minutes of the city center. Before you visit Tirana, read through this guide to find the best fit for your travel style and budget, then browse our recommendations for the best Tirana hotel in each neighborhood.

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21 Dhjetori – Where to stay in Tirana on a budget

If you want to live like a local and experience the coffee culture of Tirana, then 21 Dhjetori is the best Tirana neighborhood for you. Located just northwest of the city center, 21 Dhjetori is also a great place to find budget-friendly hotels in Tirana, as it’s a popular area for backpackers passing through Albania.

Of course, you’ll want to explore the central area of Tirana during your visit, and fortunately, it’s just a 15-minute walk from 21 Dhjetori, so you can easily experience multiple Tirana neighborhoods regardless of where you decide to stay. 

Where to Stay in 21 Dhjetori

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in 21 Dhjetori
Star Hostel
Freddy’s Hostel
D1 Hostel

Budget Hotels in 21 Dhjetori
Europa Hotel
Vivar Hotel
Central Hotel
Urban Rooms

Mid range Hotels in 21 Dhjetori
Hotel Opera
Hotel Vila 1928
Sky 2 Hotel
Tirana International Hotel & Conference Centre

Family Friendly Hotels in 21 Dhjetori
Prime Hotel
Eler Hotel
Hotel Senator Tirane
Hotel Millennium

Affordable Luxury Hotels in 21 Dhjetori
The Hotel Plaza Tirana
Hotel Boutique Gloria
Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant
Mak Albania Hotel

Skanderbeg Square with his statue in Tirana - Albania

Blloku – Where to stay in Tirana for everyone

Blloku Tirana is probably the most famous neighborhood in the city, mostly due to the history of the neighborhood. The name means “the Block” and it was once an elite neighborhood reserved only for Communists. Today, it’s still a bit of an elite neighborhood, although no longer politically restricted.

This is the best area for tourists who are looking for a well-rounded nightlife and dining scene, with family-friendly parks and beautiful homes. Tirana city center and Grand Park are both within walking distance of this lovely Tirana neighborhood. 

Where to Stay in Blloku

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Blloku
The English Hostel
D1 Hostel
Buff Hostel Tirana
Milingona City Center Hostel

Budget Hotels in Blloku
Hotel Town House
Hotel Italia
Hotel Vila 15 – Center
Jolly Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Blloku
Green House
Rogner Hotel Tirana
Hotel Vila Bregu
Hotel Boutique Kotoni

Family Friendly Hotels in Blloku
Sokrat Hotel
City Hotel Tirana
Hotel Domus
MonarC Hotel

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Blloku
The Plaza Tirana
Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant
Mak Albania Hotel

TIRANA ALBANIA - Monument-bunker TR-V-76851 on background - hotel "Rogner" Tirana Albania

Zona 1 – Where to stay in Tirana for tourists

Zona 1 is one of the most central neighborhoods of Tirana, therefore the best area for tourists who don’t have long to spend in the Albanian capital. The true city center of Tirana lies at Skanderbeg square, which forms the western border of Zona 1. Therefore, the majority of Tirana attractions are within walking distance of any hotel in Zona 1.

The neighborhood has always been a haven for foodies, thanks to the big market of Tirana known as Pazari I Ri, or the New Bazaar, although it’s not exactly “new” as it opened in the 1930s. The market has a huge variety of local specialties and is home to the largest fish market in town as well. 

Where to Stay in Zona 1

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Zona 1
Stephen Center Bed & Breakfast
Milingona City Center Hostel
Buff Hostel Tirana

Budget Hotels in Zona 1
Hotel Vila Kerciku & Spa
Dream Hotel
Pension Andrea
Hotel Parlamenti

Mid range Hotels in Zona 1
Hotel Vila 60
Hotel Brilant Antik
Capital Tirana Hotel
Hotel Boka

Family Friendly Hotels in Zona 1
Jolly Hotel
Hotel Austria
Hotel Boutique Gloria
Lot Boutique Hotel

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Zona 1
The Plaza Tirana
Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant
Mak Albania Hotel

Tirana, Albania - Renovated Pazar i Ri New Bazaar in the heart of Tirana.

Tregu Çam – Where to stay in Tirana for Culture Vultures

On the other side of Skanderberg Square is the Tirana neighborhood of Tregu Çam. Where Zona 1 has the restaurants, Tregu Çam has the major attractions of Albania. Starting with the square, you’ll find the National Historical Museum, the largest museum in Albania.

It’s a great starting point if you want to learn more about the history and culture of Albania and the capital city. There are several other excellent museums to check out in this neighborhood, as well as mosques and cathedrals. The main shopping street of Tirana, Myslym Shyri, runs right through the heart of Tregu Çam. 

Where to Stay in Tregu Çam

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Tregu Çam
Freddy’s Hostel
Star Hostel
Freddy’s Hotel

Budget Hotels in Tregu Çam
Urban Rooms
Bujtina Shqiptare
Center Rooms Oresti
Hotel Nobel

Mid range Hotels in Tregu Çam
Tirana International Hotel
Hotel Opera
Hotel Austria
Sar’Otel Boutique Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Tregu Çam
Prime Hotel
Hotel Vila e Arte
Oxford Hotel
Hotel Senator Tirane

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Tregu Çam
Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant
Mak Albania Hotel
The Plaza Tirana

TIRANA ALBANIA - Unknown people ride bicycles and walk along Skanderbeg Square near National Historical Museum Tirana Albania

Komuna e Parisit – Where to stay in Tirana with family

Komuna e Parisit, or the Paris Commune, is located just west of Blloku and southwest of the city center. This is one of the more family-friendly neighborhoods of Tirana, as it’s more residential with open spaces. The neighborhood is adjacent to Grand Park and the Artificial Lake of Tirana, a major recreational destination within ten minutes of the city center by car.

The park is a hub of outdoor activities, with boating, cycling, and jogging paths, as well as an outdoor amphitheater with live performances in the summer. If you plan to stay in Tirana for an extended period, this residential area is the perfect option within close proximity to the city center. 

Where to Stay in Komuna e Parisit

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Komuna e Parisit
Mosaic Home
Star Hostel
The English Hostel

Budget Hotels in Komuna e Parisit
Hotel Palma
Divina Boutique Hotel
Hotel Eagle Tirana
B&B Artistic Tirana

Mid range Hotels in Komuna e Parisit
Dinasty Hotel
Best Western Nov Hotel
Hotel Antigone
Queen Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Komuna e Parisit
Hotel Boutique LAS
The Rooms Hotel & Residence
Broadway Hotel
Vila Tako – Hotel

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Komuna e Parisit
Sky Hotel
Mak Albania Hotel
Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

Tirana, Albania. Artificial lake of Tirana blooming pink tree and a boat parked. People citizens of Tirana enjoying sun sitting in an outdoors cafe

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Where to stay in Tirana

Where to stay in Tirana

Where to stay in Tirana

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