Where to stay in St. Barts [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

The land of fine dining, exclusive parties, white beaches, poolside retreats, jet skis and yachts is a sight to behold.

Map of Saint Barts

If you’re a fan of the high life and fancy running into Dua Lipa, The Kardashians, Mike Tyson, and Kimberley Garner (All of whom are frequently spotted in Saint Barts sunning themselves in their million dollar villas) then St Barts is for you.

St Barts is known for its expensive price tag, so it naturally entices the wealthy, rich and super rich. That being said, St Barts is not only an exclusive island for those with fat wallets.

❤️ Best Area first timersSaint-Jean
💸 Best Luxury HotelLe Sereno
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesPenthouse de Luxe Gustavia
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelVilla du Lagon- Grand Cul de Sac
🛏️ Best Budget HotelThe Red Cloud 3

The island is split into various parts, with places to stay if you’re a first time visitor to St Barts, traveling with family, wanting to experience St Barts on a budget, prefer to sleep right on the beach, want to experience the local culture, or are going to St Barts on a romantic getaway.

Wondering where to stay in St Barts? Below are 6 of the best places to stay in St Barts to help you make the right decision when trying to work out best area to stay in St Barts for you. We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible.

We have also included some things to do or places to visit as well as some eatery suggestions of either our favourite places or some funky places to eat at within the areas in St Barts so you can use this as a go to guide.

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Saint-Jean (Where to stay in St. Barts for First Timers)

Why Stay In Saint-Jean?

So you’ve heard about the boutique beach stores, gold martinis, and exclusive beach clubs and want to experience what St Barts is like firsthand?

As a first timer, there are a few places you have to visit to tick off the iconic Saint Barts experience.

If you’re coming to St Barts, chances are you’ll want to experience the best powdery, white beaches that Saint Barts has to offer. You’ll be heading to the most frequented part of the island known as Saint-Jean.

Saint-Jean is renowned for the best beaches in St Barts and is accompanied by conveniently placed activities and restaurants. In short, Saint-Jean has everything you could possibly desire from your time in St Barts.

Things to do in Saint-Jean

Spend the day lounging on the white sand, swimming in the turquoise waters, and soaking up the Caribbean sunshine at St. Jean beach and Nikki beach. Both beaches are globally recognized beaches.

If relaxing isn’t your thing, Saint-Jean offers a variety of water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving, paddleboarding, kayaking, and jet skiing. You can also take a boat tour to explore the island’s stretched coastline and hidden coves.

If the outdoors doesn’t really get you excited but a vintage 1975 Chanel purse does, you’re in luck because Saint-Jean is known for its high-end boutiques and designer stores. You can find luxury fashion, jewelry, and accessories from top brands like Hermès, Cartier, Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

If you’re only concerned about your next meal, then Saint-Jean will have you falling to your knees with its array of fine dining options serving both local and international cuisine. You can enjoy fresh seafood, French-inspired dishes, and delicious cocktails while taking in the ocean views.

Map of Saint-Jean

Best places to stay in Saint-Jean

Budget accommodation in Saint-Jean

Mid range accommodation in Saint-Jean

Family Friendly accommodation in Saint-Jean

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Saint-Jean

ST BARTS, FRENCH WEST INDIES - Expensive villas and boats at St. Jean Bay at St Barts. The island is popular tourist destination during the winter holiday season

Gustavia (Where to stay in St. Barts with Family)

Why Stay In Gustavia?

One of the main hassles when traveling with families, whether the members are young or older, is transportation.

Navigating islands can be a tricky endeavor on its own, let alone dealing with the siblings arguing about how close they have to sit next to each other.

So to keep the peace and have seamless, easy and convenient transport options, you’ll want to stay in Gustavia.

Gustavia is located in the center of St. Barts and is close to many of the island’s top attractions, including Shell Beach, St. Jean Beach, and Colombier Beach. You’ll also be near the island’s main shopping and dining districts.

Gustavia also has a long list of luxury accommodation options, including all-inclusive resorts which are a parent’s dream.

Simply show up, drop your bags, let the kids loose and only worry about which cocktail you should sip next.

Things to do in Gustavia

If you venture further than the holiday palace, you’ll find the marina. Gustavia is home to a large marina that can accommodate yachts and boats of all sizes.

You can rent a boat or take a sailing excursion to explore the island’s coastline and nearby islands. The marina also offers other water activities like paddleboarding, kayaking, and jet skiing.

For some light learning, head to the Wall House Museum and Fort Gustave. You can learn more about the island’s history and culture while exploring these sites.

Or you could take a guided tour of Gustavia to learn more about the city’s history, architecture, and culture. Some tours also include visits to nearby attractions like Colombier Beach and St. Jean Beach.

For a cultural treat, plan your trip so that you land in St Barts just in time for the St. Barts Music Festival and the Caribbean Regatta, which are two of the several festivals and events hosted throughout the year.

These events showcase the island’s culture and provide opportunities for entertainment and socializing.

Below are a few of the best hotels in St Barts for families.

Map of Gustavia

Best places to stay in Gustavia

Mid range accommodation in Gustavia

Family Friendly accommodation in Gustavia

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Gustavia

Saint Barthelemy skyline and harbor in the Caribbean.

Flamands (Where to stay in St. Barts on a Budget)

Why Stay In Flamands?

Perhaps all-inclusive resorts, tiny, plated dishes with exotic names, brand labels, catamarans, and balcony villas aren’t really your thing (or your wallet’s thing either).

Often, the best experiences come from trips and places that aren’t frequented by the masses. So if that’s your expectation when heading to St Barts, you’ll be comfortable staying in Flamands.

Flamands is a quiet and laid-back community, offering a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You can escape from the crowds and enjoy the tranquility of the beach and surrounding nature.

It has a variety of accommodation options to choose from depending on your budget.

Flamands focuses on relaxation and the natural world, rather than the luxury “artificial” world. It leaves the spending space open, meaning that you can spend as much or as little as you want. Sounds like the perfect deal.

Things to do in Flamands

Spend your days chilling on the beautiful Flamands Beach, one of the longest and widest beaches on the island.

The beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water activities like snorkeling and paddleboarding. You can rent equipment and explore the coral reefs and marine life in the clear waters.

Stay active by taking a hike up to Colombier Beach or the hills surrounding Flamands for breathtaking views of the island and the ocean. The hike to Colombier Beach is a moderate-level trail that also includes a secluded beach experience.

Several yoga and wellness studios are located in Flamands, offering classes and workshops for all levels.

You can practice yoga on the beach or in a studio, or book a massage or spa treatment to relax and rejuvenate. Child’s pose, as the sun rises above the Saint Barts horizon sounds like the perfect start to the day.

Visit Church of St. John the Baptist. It is a historic Catholic church located in Flamands. It was built in 1787 and is one of the oldest churches on the island that features a simple yet elegant design, with white walls and a wooden roof.

Inside, you can see a collection of religious artifacts and paintings. You can also attend a Sunday mass or simply visit the church for a peaceful moment of reflection and to appreciate the island’s interesting cultural heritage.

Map of Flamands

Best places to stay in Flamands

Budget accommodation in Flamands

Mid range accommodation in Flamands

Family Friendly accommodation in Flamands

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Flamands

Flamands beach, St. Barts, French West Indies

Petite Saline (Where to stay in St. Barts near the Beach)

Why Stay In Petite Saline?

This next location is all about the beaches. This quite literally is a beach lovers paradise.

The beaches of Petite Saline combine the translucent waters of the Maldives, sandbars of Zanzibar and coastline of the Philippines to produce beaches only seen in Hollywood films and dreams. Be sure to check out Saline Beach and Gouverneur Beach. 

Petite Saline is a peaceful and secluded community, offering a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. The village is surrounded by lush green hills and offers stunning views of the ocean and neighboring islands.

So if you’re a person who loves the sound of the natural environment and you’re usually the first person on the beach in the mornings, Petite Saline is for you.

Things to do in Petite Saline

First on the list of things to do is relax on the Saline Beach and Gouverneur Beach. 

Petite Saline is located near several nature reserves and hiking trails, allowing you to explore the island’s most exotic animal and plant life. You can take a hike to the top of the hill and see the vast ocean stretch beneath you.

For a break from the beach, you could visit the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, which is a historic mansion located in Petite Saline. It was built in the early 20th century by Baroness Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild and features an impressive collection of fine art, furniture, and gardens.

You can take a guided tour of the mansion and learn about its history and architecture, or simply stroll through the beautiful gardens. The Villa also hosts special events and exhibitions throughout the year, making it a unique and cultural experience.

A unique, natural phenomenon to explore are the Salt Ponds. Petite Saline is located near the island’s largest salt ponds, which have been used for salt production since the 17th century.

You can take a guided tour of the salt ponds and learn about their history, as well as the traditional salt-making methods that are still used today. You’ll also have the opportunity to see the wildlife that inhabits the ponds, including flamingos and other water birds.

The salt ponds are a fascinating attraction that offers a glimpse into the island’s cultural and natural heritage.

Has all of that talk about salt got you in the mood for some Caribbean cuisine? Get your salty fix at L’Esprit, which is a fine dining restaurant known for its innovative French cuisine and extensive wine list.

The menu features fresh and locally sourced ingredients, prepared with creative and elegant techniques. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, with views of the island’s lush greenery.

Or try Le Tamarin, which is a chic and trendy restaurant that fuses  French, Caribbean, and Asian flavors, with a focus on fresh seafood and exotic spices. The restaurant is set in a beautiful garden setting, with an open-air dining area and a cozy lounge bar.

Map of Petite Saline

Best places to stay in Petite Saline

Mid range accommodation in Petite Saline

Family Friendly accommodation in Petite Saline

Saline beach, St. Barts, French West Indies

Toiny (Where to stay in St. Barts like a Local)

Why Stay In Toiny?

So this guide has covered places to stay for first timers, for families, for budgeters and for beach lovers, but if you don’t have a strict preference, would rather go with the flow and see where the ocean breeze takes you, then Toiny is the destination for you.

Toiny is located on the Eastern side of the island, away from the more populated areas. This means that you can enjoy a more peaceful and secluded vacation experience.

Toiny is also home to some of the island’s most exclusive and private villas, which offer unparalleled privacy and luxury.

The wild landscape reminds travelers of the reason why they travel to new places… To explore paths that have not yet been walked.

Things to do in Toiny

If you’re a surfer, staying in Toiny will give you easy access to some of the best waves on the island. Toiny is known for its challenging waves and unique rips which make for adventurous rides.

Toiny has a dramatic landscape, making it a great place for hiking. You can explore the area’s rocky coastline, jungle paradise, and private beaches.

The Toiny Coastal Trail is a popular hiking route that allows you to experience the best of the Toiny landscape.

Given that Toiny is more secluded, it makes a great spot for a picnic or a family gathering. You can pack a basket of local foods and drinks and enjoy a lunch on the beach, while taking in the salty, fresh air.

Sticking with the wild atmosphere, consider riding horses bareback (without a saddle) through the water, along the beachfront and up into the coastal forest.

Several local tour companies offer guided horseback rides through the hills and along the coast of Toiny, providing an up-close and unique perspective on the natural beauty of the area.

This is a great way to connect with nature and experience the island in an alternative way.

Another unique activity to do is go on a photography expedition around the area. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional photographer, Toiny offers plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful and unique images of Saint Barthélemy. Perhaps you can frame one of your snapshots when you return home.

Map of Toiny

Best places to stay in Toiny

Mid range accommodation in Toiny

Family Friendly accommodation in Toiny

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Toiny

Sea beach with blue water, white sand and mountain landscape in gustavia, st.barts. Summer vacation on tropical beach. Recreation, leisure and relax concept. Wanderlust and travel with adventure

Mon Jean/Marigot (Where to stay in St. Barts for Couples)

Why Stay In Mon Jean/ Marigot?

Just married? Just engaged? Just a fling? Whatever status your love life is at right now, St Barts is the pinnacle of a romantic getaway and is the perfect way to celebrate milestones or simply bask in the beauty of the love you share with your special person. 

In particular, for all the dreamy sunsets, rose-hearted bed spreads, candle lit dinners and couple’s massages, you’ll head to Mon Jean/ Marigot.

Mon Jeau/Marigot is located on the North-Eastern side of the island, away from the busier bustling areas of Gustavia and St. Jean. The vibe for Mon Jean? Calm, cool and collected.

Things to do in Mon Jean/ Marigot

Kick off your romantic getaway at some of the island’s most beautiful and secluded beaches, such as Lorient and Grand Cul-de-Sac. These beaches offer calm waters, soft sand, and stunning views of the surrounding hillsides and the Caribbean Sea.

Next, take a sea kayak out together and explore the balmy waters of the Caribbean.

If you’re both fans of the outdoors, you’ll enjoy the nearby nature reserve of Grand-Cul-de-Sac Marin, a protected lagoon and marine park, offering several hiking trails through its mangrove forests and coastal wetlands.

Also worth seeing is the Marigot Bay Natural Reserve, which is a  protected lagoon home to a variety of marine life, including sea turtles, stingrays, and tropical fish. You could take a boat tour of the reserve or explore the area on their own by kayak or paddleboard.

After all that exploring, it’s time for some relaxation. Visit one of the spas in Mon Jeau/Marigot and enjoy a couples massage, where you can chill out together.

Book a private yacht charter and spend the evening overlooking the beautiful coastline of Saint Barthélemy in each other’s arms as you experience golden hour in the Caribbean.

After your boat trip, get dropped off at a rented private section of one of the secluded beaches in the area for the evening and enjoy a romantic dinner on the sand, complete with sun loungers, a private chef, and a beachside picnic.

Just before the day comes to an end, stargaze together under the Caribbean skies and talk about your best memories and dreams for the future.

Map of Mon Jean/ Marigot

Best places to stay in Mon Jean/ Marigot

Budget accommodation in Mon Jean/ Marigot

Mid range accommodation in Mon Jean/ Marigot

Family Friendly accommodation in Mon Jean/ Marigot

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Mon Jean/ Marigot

an almost empty caribbean island white sand beach

Added Extra: Areas to Avoid in St. Barts

Avoid the public beaches at night, especially if you are alone or in a small group. There have been occasional incidents of petty theft and other crimes reported on the beaches after dark.

You should also take precautions when exploring remote areas of the aforementioned towns.

The island has many steep and winding roads that can be dangerous to navigate, especially during inclement weather or when there are strong gusts of wind. Check the weather before navigating the roads of higher ascent on the island.

As you can see, St Barts offers much more than designer stores and parties that can be experienced in your home country.

It’s a place that exudes luxury no matter which part of the island you venture to but also focuses on the natural beauty of the island.

Saint Barts is a Caribbean island that should be explored deeper than the celebrity misconception and the special gems you will find shall render you speechless.

Saint Barthelemy skyline and harbor in the West Indies of the Caribbean.

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