Where to stay in Sofia

SOFIA, BULGARIA - Sofia tramway network in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria.

So, you are planning a trip to Bulgaria, and need to know where to stay in Sofia? This complete guide to Sofia, Bulgaria breaks out the best area for tourists, with specific Sofia hotels recommended for every budget.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of Sofia for years, or just read our Ultimate Travel Guide to Sofia and decided you must see it for yourself, this guide to the districts of Sofia has everything you need to find your Sofia Bulgaria accommodation.

We will cover off all types of Sofia accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Sofia hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Sofia Bulgaria 2023

This guide show show off the best Sofia hotels, best places in Sofia to visit, the best places to stay in Sofia, hotels near Sofia attractions, best neighborhoods in Sofia and many more.

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Spring panorama of a part of a residential district neighborhood with a church with modern architecture and belfry, Drujba, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia City Centre – Where to stay in Sofia for nightlife

As with many European cities, the Sofia City Centre is the best area to stay in Sofia, as this area combines Sofia Old Town and modern Sofia.

By choosing a hotel in central Sofia, you will have the best museums and attractions at your doorstep. The Eagle Bridge, National Palace of Culture, the National Theater and the Russian Monument Square all surround the city centre.

Travelers wondering where to stay in Sofia for nightlife need not look any further than the city centre. Travelers planning day trips to Rila Monastery or Boyana Church will appreciate the proximity to Sofia’s central train station, just a few minutes to the north.

Don’t miss Vitosha Boulevard, the main hub of activity, which also provides a great view of Vitosha Mountain.

Best places to stay in Sofia City Centre

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Sofia City Centre

Budget accommodation in Sofia City Centre

Mid range accommodation in Sofia City Centre

Family Friendly accommodation in Sofia City Centre

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Sofia City Centre

SOFIA, BULGARIA - Ivan Vazov National Theatre in the city center of Sofia, Bulgaria. Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria.

Jenski Pazar – Where to stay in Sofia for backpackers

The name of this area means “women’s market” and you can guess how the neighbourhood was founded.

The area is just north of the city center, and has a unique atmosphere, thanks to the markets. The women’s market is not called so because it sells women’s items, but because it originally was entirely run by women.

Today, you can find produce, meats and cheeses, and there’s a separate market which mostly sells designer knock-offs.

The neighbourhood has an international flavor and excellent coffee shops, but not much in the way of nightlife. A good budget friendly option for those looking to save money on Sofia hotels.

Best places to stay in Jenski Pazar

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Jenski Pazar

Budget accommodation in Jenski Pazar

Mid range accommodation in Jenski Pazar

Family Friendly accommodation in Jenski Pazar

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Jenski Pazar

Sofia, Bulgaria -: Sofia Bulgaria - Potatoes for sale on market stall in Zhenski Pazar Sofia

Oborishte – Where to stay in Sofia with Family

Oborishte is a nice upper class neighborhood that is just outside of the city center. Many of the best attractions in Sofia, such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral are within ten minutes walk of Oborishte.

This residential area is family friendly, and is a foodie hotspot, with new restaurants opening up each week.

Doctor’s Garden is a well kept public park with sculptures dedicated to fallen medics from the Russian Turkish war, and today provides a quiet escape near the city centre.

Best places to stay in Oborishte

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Oborishte

Budget accommodation in Oborishte

Mid range accommodation in Oborishte

Family Friendly accommodation in Oborishte

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Oborishte

Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral of Sofia, Bulgaria. Orthodox Church landmark.

Lyuben Karavelov – Where to stay in Sofia for foodies

Another upper class area of Sofia is the neighborhood of Lyuben Karavelov, just south of the city centre, adjacent to Oborishte.

This artistic area has several galleries, cafes and boutiques, all nestled between the equally nice neighborhoods of Oberishte and Lozenots. Avenue Lyuben Karavelov leads from the National Palace of Culture to the Knyazheska Gardens.

Best places to stay in Lyuben Karavelov

Budget accommodation in Lyuben Karavelov

Mid range accommodation in Lyuben Karavelov

Family Friendly accommodation in Lyuben Karavelov

SOFIA, BULGARIA - Knyazheska Garden with rows of maple trees is almost empty in the cold fall day, central part of Bulgarian capital. Moody cloudy autumn afternoon

Lozenets – Where to stay in Sofia on a budget

For a more residential area of Sofia, consider staying in the district of Lozenets.This upscale residential area is a maze of cobblestone streets filled with local restaurants and cozy bars.

Some of the most expensive real estate in Sofia can be found in Lozenets, so it’s not the most budget friendly district of Sofia.

Something to consider is the size of this district; it’s quite large so the northern side butts right up against the city centre, while the southern end is a bit farther away.

Before choosing your accommodation in Lozenets, check to see where the closest Metro station is, so that you can be assured of easy transit throughout Sofia.

Best places to stay in Lozenets

Budget accommodation in Lozenets

Mid range accommodation in Lozenets

Family Friendly accommodation in Lozenets

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Lozenets

Cafe tables are seen in pedestrian street in Sofia Bulgaria.

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Where to stay in Sofia
Where to stay in Sofia
Where to stay in Sofia

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