Where to stay in Mykonos [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

On my recent trip to Mykonos, a stunning island in Greece, I discovered some of the best places to stay in Mykonos that cater to various budgets. Whether you’re looking for a beachside retreat or a town center location, Mykonos offers a range of accommodations. This island, known for its beautiful beaches and nightlife, is a must-visit for anyone looking for a memorable holiday in Greece.

Mykonos, located in the Aegean Sea, is a well-known spot among the Cyclades islands, especially for its beach bars and clubs that feature music and attract famous DJs. This island is famous for its energetic nightlife and is a popular choice for travelers looking to enjoy a festive holiday.

During my stay, I noticed that Mykonos is a favorite spot for many travelers, including celebrities. The island offers a range of attractions, from stunning beaches to trendy hotels and cafes. The natural beauty of the island, combined with its lively social scene, makes it a unique destination.

Mykonos places to stay on a map

If you’re planning a trip to Mykonos and are concerned about the costs, don’t worry. Despite its reputation as an expensive destination, there are affordable options available. Whether you prefer to stay in the town center or near the beach, you’ll find a place that fits your budget and preferences.

To help first-time visitors like myself, I’ve put together a guide on the best areas to stay in Mykonos. This guide includes a variety of accommodation options, from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels.

It also covers things to do and places to visit in each area, making it a useful resource for planning your trip to Mykonos. Whether you’re looking for a social scene or a relaxing beach vacation, this guide will help you find the perfect spot for your stay in Mykonos.

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Mykonos Town – Best place to stay in Mykonos for nightlife

Mykonos Town, or “Chora” as the locals call it, is a fantastic area in Mykonos. It’s famous for its white houses with colorful doors and windows, and it really captures the beauty of Greek islands. I’ve found that it’s not only great for its views but also for staying within a budget

Who is Mykonos Town Ideal for:

  • Party-goers looking for the best area to stay in Mykonos for partying
  • First-time visitors to Mykonos
  • Travelers looking for a budget-friendly option

What’s Good About Mykonos Town:

  • Energetic nightlife, making it one of the best places to stay in Mykonos town for those who love to party
  • Budget-friendly accommodations for all types of travelers
  • Unique local shops and cafes that offer a true taste of Greek culture
  • Stunning architecture and picturesque streets perfect for exploring

Why Stay in Mykonos Town:

Staying here was an easy choice for me. The energy at night is unbeatable, and there’s always something new to discover around every corner. The mix of traditional Greek culture and modern amenities makes it a unique place to experience.

Mykonos Town is ideal for those who want to enjoy the best of Greek culture and nightlife. Whether you’re here to party or just to soak in the local atmosphere, it’s a place that caters to all sorts of visitors.

Things to Do in Mykonos Town:

  • Check out the famous windmills for a taste of local history
  • Visit Little Venice, especially lively after sunset
  • Explore the numerous museums for a cultural experience
  • Enjoy the variety of cafes and boutiques, perfect for leisurely afternoons

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Mykonos Town

Map of Mykonos Town

MyCocoon Hostel – Best Hostels In Mykonos Town

MyCocoon Hostel

Located in the heart of Mykonos Town, the MyCocoon Hostel is a modern and affordable accommodation with both private rooms and shared dorms. It features a futuristic and minimalist design with a rooftop pool and lounge, creating a relaxed and social atmosphere. Countless shops, restaurants and bars are only steps away, and taxis are always waiting outside.

Matina Hotel – Best Budget hotel In Mykonos Town

The Matina Hotel is a super laid-back and relaxed accommodation in downtown Mykonos. You can easily explore the town’s attractions and nightlife while also enjoying a peaceful atmosphere. The budget-friendly hotel features a beautiful shared courtyard and garden area to unwind after a night of partying, and a delicious complimentary breakfast. The single, double, triple and quadruple rooms are fairly simple but very comfortable, bright and airy. Book the double room on the ground floor if you want a spa bath.

Matina Hotel

Vencia Boutique Hotel – Best Mid-range hotel In Mykonos Town

Vencia Boutique Hotel

Vencia Boutique Hotel is a mid-range gem that offers value for money. The hotel features an infinity pool with free towels and parasols, a pool bar, sunset views over the sea, and all-day drinks and dining at the Karavaki Lounge Bar Restaurant. The recently renovated rooms have plenty of natural light, with warm decor and modern bathrooms. A contemporary three-bedroom villa is available too, with upscale furnishings and amazing views from the terrace.

Portobello Boutique Hotel – Best Family hotel In Mykonos Town

With suites and villas that fit between four and eight people, the Portobello Boutique Hotel is one of the best hotels in Mykonos Town for families. This boutique hotel has a cosy, laid-back atmosphere with a bar, modern amenities, and incredibly friendly staff. Most of the larger suites include a private pool, as well as 65-inch smart TVs and updated bathrooms with rain showers and freestanding tubs.

Portobello Boutique Hotel

The TownHouse Mykonos – Best Luxury hotel In Mykonos Town

The TownHouse Mykonos

Only 30 metres from the beach, the TownHouse Mykonos offers elegant double rooms and suites, some including balconies or a split-level design. If you’re travelling in a group, you can also book a comfortable and stylish three-bedroom villa with a spacious sea view terrace and a complimentary glass of prosecco on arrival. This is the best area to stay in Mykonos for partying. Make use of the onsite gym if you wish, or spend time at the bar.

Mykonos, Greece - Famous Mykonos town colorfull little venice, Mykonos island, Cyclades in Greece

Ornos – Where to stay in Mykonos for Beach Lovers

Ornos is a cozy village in Mykonos, known for its beautiful beaches and relaxed vibe. Just a short drive from Mykonos Town, Ornos offers a peaceful getaway. It’s a great spot for those who love the sea and want a mix of adventure and relaxation.

Who is Ornos Ideal for:

  • Beach lovers who enjoy sunbathing and water sports
  • Families looking for a calm beach experience
  • Couples looking for a romantic seaside getaway
  • Kitesurfing fans, thanks to the windy Korfos Beach

What’s Good About Ornos:

  • Proximity to two beaches, offering both lively and tranquil atmospheres
  • A variety of dining options, including local tavernas and cafes
  • Accommodation for all budgets
  • Easy access to neighboring islands and beaches by boat

Why Stay in Ornos:

I loved staying in Ornos because it’s peaceful yet offers plenty of things to do. You have the choice between a windy beach for kitesurfing and a sheltered one for relaxing is fantastic. Also, the convenience of having everything from restaurants to shops within walking distance made my stay very comfortable.

Ornos is the perfect place if you’re wondering what area to stay in Mykonos for a beach-centric vacation. It’s one of the towns in Mykonos that balances beach life with local life, making it ideal for an awesome holiday.

Things to Do in Ornos:

  • Try kitesurfing at Korfos Beach, a thrilling experience
  • Relax on Ornos Beach, with sunbeds available for a laid-back day
  • Explore local shops and flea markets for unique finds
  • Take a boat trip to nearby islands like Delos for a historical adventure

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Ornos

Map of Ornos

Asteri Hotel – Best Budget hotel In Ornos

The Asteri Hotel is a modest whitewashed hotel offering bright double rooms with modern bathrooms. Located in Ornos, the hotel is only 100 metres from the beach. Many of the rooms open up to a furnished veranda, with an outdoor pool to take a morning or evening swim. Feel safe and secure with a 24-hour front desk, and take advantage of the convenient bus service to Mykonos Town.

Asteri Hotel

Adorno Beach Hotel and Suites – Best Mid-range hotel In Ornos

With its prime location on Ornos Beach, Cycladic design and beautiful boho decor, Adorno Beach Hotel and Suites is one of the most relaxing mid-range places to stay in Mykonos. The 4-star hotel includes an onsite restaurant, a bar, a fitness centre, a concierge service, room service, and a sun terrace. From double rooms and honeymoon suites to a two-bedroom maisonette with a private pool, any beach lover will have an amazing stay here.

Erato Hotel Mykonos – Best Family hotel In Ornos

Only 50 metres from a Blue Flag beach, Erato Hotel Mykonos is a stylish and elegant accommodation. As well as the airy double and twin rooms, the hotel offers spacious family suites with a private kitchen, a modern bathroom with a double vanity, a separate bedroom and a living area with two sofa beds. Enjoy the breakfast buffet, relax at the bar with a coffee or a cocktail, and hang out on the sun terrace.

Erato Hotel Mykonos
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Myconian O Hotel – Adults Only – Best Luxury hotel In Ornos

Myconian O, a Member of Design Hotels

The adults-only Myconian O Hotel is a chic and exclusive oasis. The luxury beachfront resort includes a spa and wellness centre, an outdoor swimming pool, an amazing Greek restaurant, a pool bar, and a fitness centre. For extra space, the elegant Grand O Residence has two bedrooms, a living room, and a private pool, suitable for up to six guests.

Ornos beach on the Mykonos island Cyclades in Greece

Agios Ioannis – Where to stay in Mykonos with family

Agios Ioannis is a great spot in Mykonos, especially for families. It’s centrally located, just 10 minutes from some of the best sandy beaches on the West Coast. This place offers both convenience and great views.

Who is Agios Ioannis Ideal for:

  • Families looking for a relaxed holiday
  • Nature lovers interested in hiking and biking trails
  • Those looking for the best location in Mykonos to stay, close to natural attractions
  • Visitors who enjoy experiencing local life and culture

What’s Good About Agios Ioannis:

  • Close to beautiful beaches, perfect for family outings
  • Nearby hiking and biking trails for outdoor adventures
  • Local tavernas and restaurants offering delicious meals at good prices
  • A less crowded beach, ideal for a quiet day by the sea

Why Stay in Agios Ioannis:

The location is convenient, close to Mykonos town and the beach. It’s quieter than other areas, which is great when you’re with kids. Plus, the local square is a wonderful place to soak in the culture.

Agios Ioannis is a top choice for families wondering which area to stay in Mykonos. It offers a mix of beautiful beaches, cultural experiences, and outdoor activities, all in a family-friendly environment.

Things to Do in Agios Ioannis:

  • Spend a day at the beach, which is quieter and more family-friendly
  • Explore the local hiking and biking trails
  • Enjoy meals and people-watch in the village square
  • Rent sun loungers and relax by the sea, with food and drinks easily available

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Agios Ioannis

Maps of Agios Ioannis

Navy Blue Suites – Best Budget hotel In Agios Ioannis

Overlooking Korfos Bay, Navy Blue Suites is a place that embraces its natural surroundings. The property includes a large outdoor swimming pool with a sun terrace and comfy sunbeds, Cycladic-style architecture, and views of the Aegean Sea. The suites are suitable for families of all sizes, with the studio, one-bedroom and family apartments fitting between two to seven people. All room options include a private kitchenette, and an airport shuttle is offered free of charge.

Navy Blue Suites

Manoula’s Beach Mykonos Resort – Best Mid-range hotel In Agios Ioannis

Manoula's Beach Mykonos Resort

Manoula’s Beach Mykonos Resort is a beautiful beachfront accommodation overlooking Agios Ioannis Bay. The property is classy and well-maintained, and the staff provide excellent service with a friendly attitude. The resort offers a seafood restaurant on the beach, an outdoor swimming pool, lounge and pool bars, and a buffet breakfast in the dining room. Children of all ages are welcome here.

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort – Best Family hotel In Agios Ioannis

With two-bedroom suites and four-bedroom private pool villas, the Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort is one of the best places to stay in Mykonos for families. Located on Agios Ioannis Beach, the 5-star boutique resort includes stylish open-air dining options, a classy yet relaxed bar, the Althea Spa Centre, a state-of-the-art gym, a tennis court, and a shared outdoor swimming pool.

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

Anax Resort and Spa – Best Luxury hotel In Agios Ioannis

Anax Resort and Spa

Anax Resort and Spa is one of the most luxurious Mykonos resorts, featuring an infinity pool, a spa offering beauty treatments, a hammam and a sauna, poolside and lobby bars, a Mediterranean restaurant, and so much more. With a seafront location, the resort combines traditional Cycladic architecture with modern comforts and amenities. Many of the two-bedroom suites include a private pool and unforgettable views of the sea.

The beautiful beach of Agios Ioannis on the island of Mykonos

Platis Gialos – Where to stay in Mykonos for foodies

Platis Gialos is a coastal village in the south of Mykonos, about 4.5 km from Mykonos town. It’s well-known for its beautiful beach, a perfect blend of clear waters and golden sand. It’s a great mix of relaxation and activities.

Who is Platis Gialos Ideal for:

  • Families and young couples looking for a beach vacation
  • Foodies who enjoy seaside dining
  • Adventure seekers interested in water sports

What’s Good About Platis Gialos:

  • Home to a fantastic beach, great for swimming and sunbathing
  • A wide selection of restaurants and bars, perfect for seafood and drinks
  • Water sports available, including skiing, boating, and fishing
  • Taxi-boats to explore more secluded beaches along the south coast

Why Stay in Platis Gialos:

When I stayed in Platis Gialos, I loved the balance it offered. Whether you’re into adventurous water sports or just want to relax by the sea, there’s something for everyone. Plus, the variety of dining options right by the beach was a real treat.

Platis Gialos is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a beach-centric stay in Mykonos. It’s got a great mix of activities, dining, and accommodation options, making it a versatile spot for various travelers.

Things to Do in Platis Gialos:

  • Enjoy water sports like windsurfing and parasailing
  • Relax on the beach with its shallow, clear waters
  • Explore the local restaurants and bars for great food and drinks
  • Take a taxi-boat to discover other beaches along the coast

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Platis Gialos

Map of Platys Gialos

Kamari Hotel – Best Budget hotel In Platis Gialos

Wondering where to stay in Mykonos without a car but don’t have the budget to stay in Mykonos Town? Only a few metres from Platys Gialos beach, Kamari Hotel is an affordable and convenient place to stay. With a bus stop right outside the hotel, it’s easy to get around Mykonos on a budget. The hotel includes an outdoor pool (plus a children’s pool), a spa, a poolside lounge and a bar. Plus, the elegant white rooms and suites are spotlessly clean and really comfortable.

Kamari Hotel

Argo Hotel – Best Mid-range hotel In Platis Gialos

Argo Hotel

100 metres from the Blue Flag Platis Yialos beach, the Argo Hotel is a very chic and relaxed place to stay. The modern rooms and two-bedroom apartments face a central swimming pool surrounded by plenty of parasols, comfortable sunbeds and a bar. Breakfast is served each morning by the pool area, and the beachside restaurant offers amazing Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Petinos Beach Hotel – Best Family hotel In Platis Gialos

The Petinos Beach Hotel is a luxurious, family-friendly resort in a terrific beachside location. Newly refurbished, the hotel offers elegant rooms and unique suites with antique furnishings. Spend time relaxing by the outdoor pool, and organise a candlelit dinner or taste some fresh seafood at Thea.

Petinos Beach Hotel

Nissaki Boutique Hotel – Best Luxury hotel In Platis Gialos

Nissaki Boutique Hotel

The 5-star Nissaki Boutique Hotel offers a picture-perfect setting over Psarou Beach. With a hot tub, both an indoor and outdoor pool, a fitness centre and water sports facilities, there are plenty of opportunities for recreation. The hotel offers standard rooms as well as one and two-bedroom suites, with either a private pool or an outdoor jacuzzi. Dreamy honeymoon suites are available too if you’re planning a romantic getaway. Dine at the open-air restaurant with ocean views, and take advantage of the free airport shuttle.

Platis Gialos and Makris Gialos Beach, Kefalonia island, Greece. Spectacular view over the beaches of Platis Gialos and Makris Gialos near Lassi, Argostoli.

Agios Stefanos – Where to stay in Mykonos for couples

Agios Stefanos is a beautiful place in Mykonos, ideal for couples. It’s close to other scenic spots and offers a peaceful getaway from the more busier parts of the island. It’s perfect for those looking for a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

Who is Agios Stefanos Ideal for:

  • The best place to stay in Mykonos for honeymoon
  • Travellers looking for the best place to stay in Mykonos for couples
  • Anyone interested in experiencing a blend of beach relaxation and local culture

What’s Good About Agios Stefanos:

  • Close to a mile-long beach with clear water and soft sand
  • Surrounded by beautiful hills and olive groves
  • Variety of dining options, including family-friendly restaurants with great seafood
  • Proximity to Mykonos town and the new port, Tourlos

Why Stay in Agios Stefanos:

I found Agios Stefanos to be an amazing spot for a couple’s getaway. The beach is fantastic for long, romantic walks, and the local restaurants serve delicious seafood. It’s quiet compared to other areas in Mykonos, which is great for spending quality time together.

Agios Stefanos is a fantastic choice for couples looking for a romantic and relaxing stay in Mykonos. The blend of beautiful beaches, great dining, and peaceful surroundings make it an ideal location for a memorable trip.

Things to Do in Agios Stefanos:

  • Relax on the beautiful sandy beach
  • Enjoy the local seafood at nearby restaurants
  • Explore the local shops and music-cafés
  • Visit the local harbor for fresh fish and a glimpse of local life

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Agios Stefanos

Map of Agios Stefanos

Meltemi apartment by opus – Best Budget hotel In Agios Stefanos

Meltemi Apartment by Opus is a lovely, bright and open one-bedroom apartment only a few steps away from Agios Stefanos Beach. The apartment features air-conditioning, a minibar, a flat-screen TV, and a private terrace with sea views. It’s the best location to stay in Mykonos for a lowkey couple on a budget looking for a clean and cosy stay.

Meltemi apartment by opus

Agnandi Cielo – Best Mid-range hotel In Agios Stefanos

Agnandi Cielo

Set among a garden of purple bougainvillaea and geraniums, Agnandi Cielo is a peaceful accommodation with breathtaking views of Mykonos Town and the surrounding islands. Made up of bright, beautifully designed one and two-bedroom suites, the property features a refreshing swimming pool, a sun terrace, and an onsite bar. Each room includes a private kitchen, though breakfast can also be requested.

Amelie Suites – Best Family hotel In Agios Stefanos

Located on a hill, Amelie Suites offers amazing sea views, gorgeous accommodations, free WiFi, and an airport shuttle. For families, there are Cycladic-style suites with one or two bedrooms and a sofa bed in the living room. Designed with both elegance and comfort in mind, the larger suites include a private jacuzzi and a private kitchen.

Amelie Suites

Amyth of Mykonos Hotel – Best Luxury hotel In Agios Stefanos

Amyth of Mykonos Hotel

One of the best places to stay in Mykonos for couples is the Amyth of Mykonos Hotel. 500 metres from the beach, the property features a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre, a garden, and a Mediterranean restaurant open all day. The staff, facilities and cleanliness are all excellent, and the gorgeous rooms and suites are both modern and bohemian. Most suites include a private pool or a hot tub for extra privacy and relaxation.

Agios Stefanos Beach on the Mykonos island Cyclades in Greece.

Ano Mera – Where to stay in Mykonos on a budget

Ano Mera is a peaceful inland village in Mykonos, offering a more authentic experience of the island. It’s perfect for travelers looking for the best place to stay in Mykonos on a budget, combining history with beautiful landscapes.

Who is Ano Mera Ideal for:

  • Budget-conscious travelers
  • History enthusiasts interested in exploring old churches and monasteries
  • Nature lovers who enjoy walking trails and scenic views
  • Visitors looking for a less touristy experience of Mykonos

What’s Good About Ano Mera:

  • Affordable accommodation options
  • The 16th-century monastery Panagia Tourliani with its art and architecture
  • Rustic-chic tavernas and cafes, great for local dining
  • Walking trails into the surrounding hills and beaches

Why Stay in Ano Mera:

Staying in Ano Mera was a unique experience. It’s quieter than other parts of Mykonos but still full of character. The affordability was a big plus, and exploring the historic sites gave me a deeper appreciation of the island’s culture.

Ano Mera is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to experience Mykonos without breaking the bank. It offers a blend of cultural and natural attractions, all in a serene and budget-friendly setting.

Things to Do in Ano Mera:

  • Visit the Panagia Tourliani monastery to see historical icons and paintings
  • Explore the local bakeries and tavernas for a taste of Mykonos
  • Enjoy the scenic walking trails to nearby beaches
  • Experience the tranquility and rustic charm of the village

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Ano Mera

Map of Ano Mera

Levantes House Mykonos – Best Budget hotel In Ano Mera

Levantes House Mykonos is easily one of the best places to stay in Mykonos on a budget. The contemporary accommodation offers a relaxing, self-contained sanctuary without paying a fortune. Most of the one and two-bedroom houses all include a well-equipped kitchen, a living room, two bathrooms, a washing machine, and a terrace with garden or mountain views. The two-bedroom house also features a private hot tub.

Levantes House Mykonos

Mykonos Dot – Best Mid-range hotel In Ano Mera

Mykonos Dot

The charming Mykonos Dot is a mid-range option with impressively renovated one and two-bedroom apartments. Each apartment features a kitchen, a bathroom, air-conditioning and cosy garden-view patios, and most include a sofa bed to accommodate an extra guest. The property also offers free parking, bike and car rental, and great WiFi.

Mykonaki Hotel – Best Family hotel In Ano Mera

With plenty of different room options, Mykonaki Hotel is suitable for couples, friends or families. During the warmer months, the 3-star hotel offers a gorgeous seasonal pool surrounded by sun loungers, a bar, a fitness centre, and a breakfast buffet. There is a 24-hour front desk, plus free onsite parking.

Mykonaki Hotel

Koukoumi Vegan Boutique Hotel – Best Luxury hotel In Ano Mera

Koukoumi Vegan Boutique Hotel

Even meat-eaters will enjoy a stay at the luxe Koukoumi Vegan Boutique Hotel. The 5-star hotel includes a seasonal outdoor pool, a fitness centre with a personal trainer, and a restaurant offering delicious multiple-course vegan dining experiences. The white, contemporary suites fit two to three guests, with soundproof walls, tea and coffee facilities, and a smart TV with streaming services. The staff are amazing and do everything they can to ensure you have a memorable stay.

Mykonos Greece - A fully colored and decorared typical house with bougainvillea in Ano Mera area

Kalafatis – Where to stay in Mykonos for relaxation

Kalafatis is a quiet coastal village in Mykonos, perfect for travellers who want to be able to relax. Known for its lovely beach, it’s a spot that offers both water activities and chilled out moments.

Who is Kalafatis Ideal for:

  • Families with children looking for a less crowded beach
  • Water sports lovers, especially windsurfing fans
  • Anyone looking for the best place to stay in Mykonos for singles or honeymooners

What’s Good About Kalafatis:

  • Large beach area with golden sand and clear waters
  • Natural shade from trees, offering a cool retreat
  • Less crowded compared to other Mykonos beaches
  • Opportunities for sailing, windsurfing, and scuba diving

Why Stay in Kalafatis:

The beach is spacious and not too crowded, making it ideal for relaxing days by the sea. Also, the option to try water sports like windsurfing added an exciting touch to the stay.

Kalafatis is a fantastic choice for those looking for a calmer beach experience in Mykonos. Whether you’re a single traveler, a couple on honeymoon, or a family with kids, Kalafatis offers a perfect mix of relaxation and activities by the sea.

Things to Do in Kalafatis:

  • Enjoy the beautiful beach at Kalafatis and nearby Frangias Beach
  • Visit the charming Saint Anna church
  • Try water sports, particularly windsurfing
  • Explore the area with Mykonos Eleftheriou Yachting for a different perspective of the island

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Kalafatis

Map of Kalafatis

Mykonos Pantheon – Best Budget hotel In Kalafatis

Mykonos Pantheon is a boutique hotel perfectly positioned on Kalo Livadi, one of the longest beaches on the island. It offers lovely double, triple and quadruple rooms with views of the sea, plus a two-bedroom suite with a private pool. Considering the affordable price, you get great amenities like an infinity pool, a snack bar, a leisure room with board games and movies, room service, free breakfast, and airport transfers.

Mykonos Pantheon

Villa Aquadise by Ethos Hospitality – Best Mid-range hotel In Kalafatis

Villa Aquadise by Ethos Hospitality

Steps away from Kalafatis Beach, Villa Aquadise by Ethos Hospitality is a three-bedroom property with amazing views of Mykonos and the Aegean Sea. The authentic stone villa has three bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a living room and a washing machine. Yet, the highlight is the relaxing infinity pool and laid-back outdoor terrace. For extra convenience, airport transfers and car rentals are available, and yoga classes are even offered at the villa.

Myconian Platinum Villas – Best Family hotel In Kalafatis

Located in the best area to stay in Mykonos for relaxation, Myconian Platinum Villas offers an elegant and family-friendly stay. The property has two-bedroom villas with private pools, one of which includes a living area and a sofa bed to allow an extra guest. The villas have private kitchens with everything you’d need for cooking, two bathrooms, sun loungers and an outdoor dining table on the terrace by the infinity pool, and boho decor throughout. Make use of the free airport shuttle and bike or car rental.

Myconian Platinum Villas

The Wild by Interni – Best Luxury hotel In Kalafatis

The Wild by Interni

The Wild by Interni is the best location in Mykonos to stay for a relaxing and luxurious holiday. This 5-star boutique accommodation sits on the top of a cliff overlooking the sea and offers a range of different rooms and suites with warm, bohemian decor. Honeymooners can book a romantic suite with a plunge pool or an intimate garden-view suite, and families or friends will enjoy the spacious two-bedroom option with a private pool. The hotel also has a tavern, serving both traditional and modern Greek dishes.

View of Kalafatis beach in Mykonos city, Greece

Agrari – Where to stay in Mykonos thats popular with the locals 

Agrari is a peaceful location in Mykonos, favored by locals for its wide sandy beach and calm waters. It’s a bit more secluded, making it a great spot for those who want a less crowded experience.

Who is Agrari Ideal for:

  • Travelers looking for a quiet beach away from crowds
  • Visitors who enjoy both free and paid beach areas with sunbeds
  • People interested in nudist-friendly beaches
  • Anyone looking for where to stay on Mykonos for a more authentic local experience

What’s Good About Agrari:

  • Spacious sandy beach with ample room for relaxation
  • Options for both free and more affordable paid beach areas
  • Crystal-clear water, perfect for swimming
  • Quieter atmosphere compared to other Mykonos beaches

Why Stay in Agrari:

Agrari is a refreshing change from the busier parts of Mykonos. It’s great for a peaceful day at the beach. The clear water and the choice between free and paid beach areas.

Agrari is a fantastic choice for those looking to experience a quieter side of Mykonos. It’s ideal for visitors who want to enjoy the island’s natural beauty in a more relaxed and less crowded setting.

Things to Do in Agrari:

  • Spend a relaxing day at Agrari Beach, enjoying the sun and sea
  • Visit the neighboring Elia Beach for a different beach experience
  • Enjoy the local restaurant for more reasonably-priced meals
  • Explore the area for a quieter, more laid-back side of Mykonos

Here’s My List Of Places To Stay In Agrari

Map of Agrari

Ethereal Apartments – Best Budget hotel In Agrari

Only a three-minute walk from sandy Agrari Beach, Ethereal Apartments offers a budget-friendly stay in traditional Cycladic-style apartments. The colourful, beachy units can fit two, three or four guests, and include a private kitchen. The property has a newly built swimming pool, surrounded by umbrellas and comfy sun loungers. A free airport shuttle is also offered.

Ethereal Apartments

Cova Mykonos Suites – Best Mid-range hotel In Agrari

Cova Mykonos Suites

For sustainability and exclusivity in one of the more local towns in Mykonos, look no further than Cova Mykonos Suites. 300 metres from Elia Beach, the modern and minimalist suites fit between two and four people. Upon waking up, step out onto your private patio and admire the views of the sea. There is a shared pool, an a la carte breakfast, and car rental is available.

Elia Mykonos Resort – Best Family hotel In Agrari

Elia Mykonos Resort is a 5-star accommodation with a beachfront Mediterranean restaurant, a swimming pool, a spa, a gym, and even a boutique. There are lots of room options, including luxury two-bedroom apartments and family suites with private terraces. The resort also has a beautiful garden full of palm and olive trees.

Elia Mykonos Resort

Myconian Avaton – Design Hotels – Best Luxury hotel In Agrari

Myconian Avaton, a Member of Design Hotels

Myconian Avaton is one of the best places to stay in Mykonos all inclusive. This luxury accommodation is located on a hilltop overlooking Elia Beach and is packed with plenty of facilities and amenities, including a thalassotherapy wellness centre, two outdoor pools, a bar, and a Mediterranean restaurant offering fine dining. Couples will love the relaxed atmosphere, although the modern two-bedroom apartments with high-end touches are ideal for families as well.

View of the Agios Ioannis beach at the area of Mount Pelion in Thessaly, Greece in summer

FAQs About the best places to stay in mykonos greece

This guide as created to help break down 8 different areas in Mykonos, each of the areas covers different budgets or travel styles, whether you are on your honeymoon or traveling with family.

Located on the island’s southern coast, there’s a plethora of packed pubs and clubs where people party all day and all night. Mykonos Town likewise has a nonstop party vibe.

The best way to experience Mykonos is for five days, which will give you enough time to explore the island’s beaches with their lively beach bars, discover its historic architecture, and pop into quaint stores, bars, and restaurants.

Final Thoughts: where to stay in mykonos greece

As we wrap up our journey through the island of Mykonos, it’s clear that this Greek paradise has something special for every traveler.

From the pulsating nightlife and charming streets of Mykonos Town to the serene and family-friendly shores of Agios Ioannis, each area offers its unique blend of beauty, excitement, and relaxation. Whether you’re basking in the sun at Ornos, savoring local flavors in Platis Gialos, or seeking tranquility in Agrari, Mykonos promises an unforgettable experience.

Remember, your choice of where to stay can transform your Mykonian adventure. Do you want to dance the night away, immerse yourself in local culture, or simply soak up the sun on pristine beaches? Mykonos caters to all these desires and more. Each location we’ve explored is more than just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to new experiences, memories, and connections.

So, as you plan your Greek island getaway, consider what you want to take away from your trip. Mykonos isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey through diverse landscapes, cultures, and lifestyles. Choose the spot that resonates with you, and let the magic of Mykonos unfold. Safe travels, and may your stay be as enchanting as the island itself!

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