Best Day Trips from Mykonos 

Situated in the Aegean Sea, between the islands of Naxos, Paros, Syros, and Tinos Island, the Greek island Mykonos is worldwide known for its extravagant summer parties, vivid atmosphere and beautiful beaches.

The many dance clubs of Mykonos attract world-renowned DJs, and even when it is dawning, the parties go on! Mykonos is also a great place for sightseeing and cultural activities!

Port of Pothia on Kalymnos island, Greece

One of the most remarkable landmarks is a row of windmills from the 16th century, which you can see situated on a hill above Mykonos town. We also want to encourage you to explore sites and sights (and islands!) around Mykonos!

Follow our guide to best day trips from Mykonos; whether you are looking for relaxed boat tours or organized day trips from Mykonos to other islands, we have the best tour suggestions for you!

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Day trip from Mykonos to Delos Island

The Cycladic island of Delos is mostly known as the mythological birthplace of Apollo. Apollo was believed to be the son of Zeus and Leto, and the goddess Artemis was his twin sister. Apollo was the god of healing and medicine as well as music and poetry. 

Because of the mythological beliefs connected to the island, it was an important religious centre and a bustling port during the 1st millennium BCE. The island continued to thrive as a vivid trading centre in the 2nd and 1st centuries CE.

Nowadays tourists visit Delos Island to see the old ruins and explore the many archaeological sites (some of them still feature ancient decoration and ornaments).

If you want to know more about the archaeological work on Delos Island, we recommend visiting the archaeological museum. Apart from sharing information about the archaeological discoveries, it displays a range of statues excavated on the island.

Also, make sure to stop by “The Terrace of Lions”! It is the most photographed site on Delos. The impressive terrace is facing the Sacred Lake, lined with stone lions (the lions are replicas, as the originals are in the museum).

There is a lot to see on Delos, and if you want to make sure to check out all the most important sites, we recommend booking a Delos guided tour!

Day trip from Mykonos to Delos Island

Delos, Greece - Ruins on the Island of Delos, archaeological site near Mykonos in the Aegean Sea Cyclades archipelago, tour boats docked on the background. Selective focus.

Day trip from Mykonos to Tinos Island 

Located only 20 minutes by boat from Mykonos, Tinos is a very authentic Greek island. The island is still protected from mass international tourism, but it is a popular religious site for Greek Orthodox pilgrims.

Every year, the pilgrims come to the island to walk on their knees up to the Church of Panagia Evangelistria (an emblematic monument of the Tinos Island) to celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Try visiting the Volax village on Tinos Island too, it is surrounded by magnificent hills and unique rock formations. The geological scenery is so unique that in the past, people believed that the rocks around the Volax Village came from a meteor shower!

Even though Volax is small, you will still find plenty of charming local tavernas and a few souvenir shops too. You can also admire the basket weavers at work – Volax is famous for local crafts!

Villages of Kardiani and Isernia are popular among tourists too; both are very picturesque and offer breathtaking views of the Tinos Island and the Aegean Sea!

Tinos Island is among the best islands for day trips from Mykonos. You will arrive on the island by boat, and make sure to carve out some time to wander along the waterfront. There are many tavernas and cafés where you can energize before further island-explorations!

Day trip from Mykonos to Tinos Island 

Tinos island aerial view. Tinos is a Greek island situated in the Aegean Sea located in the Cyclades archipelago Greece.

Day trip from Mykonos to Naxos 

Naxos Island is known for traditional villages, even more sandy beaches and fascinating spots for travellers interested in Greek history, culture and mythology. 

On your Naxos day trip from Mykonos, make sure to visit Portara- “The Great Door” (it is only a short walk from the Naxos harbour). Known for its magical atmosphere, Portara is especially popular at sunset.

Save some time to explore Naxos Old Town too! Prepare to see a classic Greek white village; many locals still live in the Old Town, so you are in for a very authentic experience!

The Bourgos area of Naxos Old Town is where the Old Market is located. With a large variety of boutiques and restaurants, it is a great place to shop and eat on Naxos.

Day trips from Mykonos to Naxos would be incomplete without some leisure time at the beach! Some of the most popular beaches are Agia Anna, sunbeds are provided, and there are quite a few bars around.

Palaka Beach located in the south-west of the island, this beach is especially popular among water sports’ enthusiasts; it is great for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Get to Naxos by joining one of the Mykonos boat tours and enjoy the cooling breeze as you embark on one of the best islands for day trips from Mykonos!

Day trip from Mykonos to Naxos 

NAXOS, GREECE -Beautiful whitewashed Greek style architecture in Naxos (Chora) town on Naxos island, Cyclades,

Day trip from Mykonos to Rhenia Island

Ready to discover yet another (slightly hidden) paradise island in the Aegean Sea? Head to Rhenia Island that is little known even to Greeks! A getaway to Rhenia Island will be a calming escape into a very tranquil environment, it might be a much-needed break from the parties and touristic bustle of Mykonos! 

Rhenia Island has only been inhabited for about 7000 years; for a long time, it has been under the shadow of Delos Island – the spiritual centre of the Aegean Sea.

Even nowadays, Rhenia Island remains very pristine, and it is one of the few places in the world where you can admire the ruins of many ancient temples in the same natural surroundings that they were built in, thousands of years ago.

During the past century, on the other hand, several churches have been built around the island; architecture enthusiasts will surely want to add those to their Rhenia Island itinerary! Not to be missed are also the beaches of Rhenia Island; the island is famous for its surrounding clean, clear waters.

Because of its low-key feel that is so different from the vivid atmosphere of Mykonos, Rhenia Island is one of the best islands for day trips from Mykonos. There are no public boat services, so look for organized Mykonos boat tours with agencies on-site or book online!

Day trip from Mykonos to Rhenia Island

Mykonos, Greece - Famous Mykonos town colorfull little venice, Mykonos island, Cyclades in Greece

Day trip from Mykonos to Paros 

Paros might be the most well-balanced of the Cycladic islands; it combines the traditional Cycladic architecture with vivid nightlife and beautiful beaches.

You will also find enchanting rural villages as well as historical sites, monuments and countless museums. It is a perfect spot for visitors longing for some island relaxation, but also those who seek thrills or are excited about water sports. 

The most popular villages on the island are Parikia and Naoussa; wander around their narrow alleyways, discovering the small quirky shops or stopping for an espresso in one of the many atmospheric cafés.

Make sure to check out at least one of the many museums on Paros Island! Skorpios Folklore Museum is situated Aliki and it houses a collection of crafts made by the artist Benetos Skiadas.

The Folklore Art Museum of Lefkes is showcasing expositions of everyday objects from the past, re-telling stories of the traditional life on Paros.

In the fishing village of Naoussa, you will find a wine museum. It is located in an old building that used to belong to the local winemaker Ioannis Boutaris. If you want to join creative workshops, check out the sculpture museum in Marpissa village; sculpture courses are offered in the summer!

Day trips from Mykonos to Paros are extremely popular, book one with an agency or online to make your excursion smooth and comfortable!

Day trip from Mykonos to Paros 

Greek fishing village Naousa on Paros island, Cyclades, Greece.

Mykonos Town and Island Half-Day Tour

If you are looking for suggestions for Mykonos tours, and want to see as much of the Greek Island Mykonos as possible, we recommend taking a Mykonos Town and Island Half-Day Tour. You can easily book this guided tour online before your arrival in Mykonos or on-site with one of the local tourist agencies.

Even if you are staying on Mykonos Island for longer, hiring a guide for a half-day tour might be a great investment if you want to learn more about the island’s past and see spots that only locals know of!

See Mykonos for more than its party-scene; enjoy the views of the pristine beaches (Mykonos’ south coast is filled with hidden beaches!), walk around the whitewashed villages and let your guide introduce you to the historic monuments and museums of Mykonos. 

On this guided tour, your guide will bring you around the island’s highlights starting in the beating heart of Mykonos Town, the Fabriqa Square.

Your guide will also take you to the famous Ano Mera village, known for the Panagia Tourliani Monastery that dates back to the 16th century.

This tour includes some driving around, but there will also be leisure time for you to enjoy delicious Greek coffee, or have a sweet bite at one of the seafront cafés around Kalafatis beach. 

Mykonos Town and Island Half-Day Tour

Port of Pothia on Kalymnos island, Greece

Mykonos Cooking Class

Fun and engaging experience, a Mykonos Cooking Class is one of our top recommendations for Mykonos tours from cruise ship!

Many cruise routes around the Aegean Sea include a stop in Mykonos, and if you have a full day in the city, joining a Mykonos Cooking Class will not only be a tasty experience but a playful and enriching one too!

With the warm, welcoming Greek culture and the locals’ passion for food, a cooking class in Mykonos is much more than just a food preparing experience.

The session will take approximately 6 hours, and during the time you will, of course, make some of the traditional Greek dishes, but also learn about the Greek culture and the art of cooking. As they say “it is not about what you do, but how you do it”!

During a Mykonos Cooking Class, you will not only taste the food but have a first-hand experience of the traditional Greek way of life. You will feel how it is to join family members in the kitchen, sit together, care for the food, enjoy the process and truly see food making as an art! 

When you arrive, the cooking ingredients will be readily available in the kitchen area, ready for the menu preparation, so come as you are, curious and hungry!

Mykonos Cooking Class

Cooking. Chef slices avocado, in the process of vegetarian salad in the home kitchen. Light background. Restaurant menu, menu, recipe book. Healthy nutrition, detox

Mykonos Town Walking Tour

On the lookout for more Mykonos tours from cruise ship? We recommend a leisurely paced walking tour around Mykonos town.

Unlike the half-day Mykonos Island exploration tour, this one is slow-paced, focusing on Mykonos town centre. It is a great option for travellers seeking mild activity and wanting to learn more about the destinations they reach while cruising on the Aegean Sea.

During Mykonos Town Walking Tour, you will wander the narrow streets led by a local guide, explore Little Venice, admire the famous blue-and-white architecture.

Do not forget your camera, as your guide will also make sure you catch sights of Mykonos’ windmills.

Your guide will also bring you to the Church of Panagia Paraportiani Construction; in fact, this incredible religious site consists of 5 separate churches which are joined together. 4 churches are constituting the base at ground level, and the fifth church is built above.

The walking tour around Mykonos will take approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, so you can be sure to get back to your cruise ship on time. 

Mykonos Town Walking Tour

MYKONOS, GREECE - Beautiful view of Mykonos town in Cyclades Islands. There are white houses and boats in the old harbour.

Mykonos Catamaran Sailing

Why not take a tour from Mykonos into… the sea? Depending on what time of the day you set sail on the Aegean waters, you can either choose to visit and do some sightseeing around the adjacent islands.

If you are looking for day trips from Mykonos to other islands, a Mykonos Catamaran tour is a great option!) or choose a sunset sailing with food and drinks and enjoy a relaxing evening at sea. 

Water-sports’ enthusiasts wanting to add some activity to their day tour can be looking forward to the snorkelling and swimming stop at a pristine beach cove, weaved into the tour itinerary. Enjoy a leisurely paced swim or explore the Aegean underwater world with provided snorkelling equipment.

You can also stay on the boat and simply enjoy the views of stunning beaches of Mykonos’ south coast.

This tour will also include a meal, so make sure your guides know of any dietary requirements that you may have and get ready to savour on traditional Greek dishes. Make room for salads, grilled prawns and calamari in white wine sauce, and abundant servings of meats and vegetables too.

Depending on your budget you can also look into booking a yacht cruise from Mykonos; many agencies offer special deals for groups; perfect for travelling families or groups of friends.

Mykonos Catamaran Sailing

Fteri beach, Cephalonia Kefalonia, Greece. White catamaran yacht in clear blue sea water. Tourists on sandy beach near azure lagoon

Recommended Best Day Trips from Mykonos

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Best Day Trips from Mykonos
Best Day Trips from Mykonos
Best Day Trips from Mykonos


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