Where to stay in Bodrum [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

View of Bodrum Beach, Aegean sea, white houses, marina, yachts in Bodrum town Turkey at sunset light.

Planning a visit to the Bodrum Peninsula of Turkey? It’s a beautiful area along the Aegean Coast, particularly popular with British travelers. Many think this is the best part of Turkey for a holiday on the beach. Before you go, you’ll need to choose from several Bodrum neighborhoods to find the best area to stay in Bodrum.

We will cover off all types of Bodrum accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Bodrum hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Bodrum Turkey 2024, the best Bodrum hotels, best places in Bodrum to visit, the best places to stay in Bodrum, hotels near Bodrum attractions, Bodrum neighborhood guide and many more.

Whether you want a family-friendly hotel with a private beach or a budget-friendly area, let us help you find the best Bodrum beach hotels. The Bodrum Peninsula is very popular in the summer, so make sure you are making your reservations well in advance! 

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Downtown Bodrum – Where to stay in Bodrum for Nightlife

The best area for tourists looking for nightlife is in downtown Bodrum. The Bodrum city center is full of fun shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants, as well as a lively nightlife scene. The nearest beach is Bardakci Bay, just minutes from the town center.

There are also several destinations of cultural and historic interest, including Bodrum Castle, a 15th-century fortress overlooking the Bodrum Marina.

There’s also the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, a museum in the castle featuring shipwreck artifacts. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is another historic site near the Bodrum town center and dates back to 350 B.C.

Where to Stay in Downtown Bodrum

Budget Hotels in Downtown Bodrum
Mia Butique Hotel
Denizati Pension
Kilavuz Hotel
Oya Butik Otel

Mid range Hotels in Downtown Bodrum
Bodrum Boutique Rooms
Seckin Konaklar Hotel
Artunc Hotel Bodrum
Mucho Boutique Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Downtown Bodrum
Bella Mila Suit Otel
angora otel
Moonshine Hotel & Suites
Sade Butik Otel

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Downtown Bodrum
The Marmara, Bodrum – Adults Only
Voyage Bodrum– Adults Only
Regnum Escana Villas & Boutique Hotel
Azka Hotel

View of the marina of Bodrum, in the center is the castle of the hospitallers. Evening sky. Sunset.

Gumbet – Where to stay in Bodrum for Tourists

Outside of Bodrum central, Gumbet Bodrum is the most lively area of the Bodrum Peninsula. Best known for beach resorts, Gumbet is only three kilometers from Bodrum, making it easy to reach.

The Gumbet port is a popular place to catch a boat for day trips to explore the nearby coves and beaches along the coast.

Gumbet also has many restaurants, plus nightclubs and discos, which give it a reputation for having some of the best nightlife on the peninsula. For family-friendly travelers, there is a water park in Gumbet. 

Where to Stay in Gumbet

Budget Hotels in Gumbet
Toloman Hotel
Hotel Centro Bodrum
Emelce Apart
Bodrum Stone House Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Gumbet
Bodrium Hotel & You SPA
Ayaz Aqua Hotel
Salmakis Resort Bodrum
Myndos Hotel & Residence

Family Friendly Hotels in Gumbet
Olivias Group Hotel
Rose Residence
Tropicana Beach
Degirmenburnu Residence

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Gumbet
Hotel Karia Princess
Ha La Bodrum
Otium Senses Very Chic Bodrum Adult Only
Selectum Colours Bodrum

BODRUM TURKEY - Aerial view to the city. Bodrum is famous for housing the Mausoleum of Halikarnassus one of the Seven Wonders of the World

Turgutreis – Where to stay near Bodrum for Relaxation

About one hour from Bodrum town, Turgutreis Bodrum is the second-largest town on the peninsula.

With less than 20,000 residents, it’s no metropolis, but it represents a nice “middle ground” for tourists who want a bit of evening activity but aren’t looking to dance the night away or pub hop until the wee hours.

For those looking to island-hop, you can catch a ferry to the Greek island of Kos in less than one hour.

You can also charter a day trip along the rugged coastline, enjoying several coves and inlets, as well as dramatic coastal mountains. 

Where to Stay in Turgutreis

Budget Hotels in Turgutreis
Four Seas Apart Hotel
9Bodrum Hotel
One More Day Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Turgutreis
La Blanche Resort & Spa Ultra All Inclusive
Eco Farm Boutique Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Turgutreis
Bodrum – 5 bedrooms Villa with infinity pool
Swissôtel Resort Bodrum Beach

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Turgutreis
Eda evleri
Jaw-Dropping View Villa

Red and green lighthouses at entrance to D-Marin (Dmarin) Turgutreis. Flagship marina is located near Bodrum and features award-winning marina village and heliport, Turkey.

Ortakent  – Where to stay in Bodrum with Family

Located about 20 minutes inland from Bodrum, Ortakent does not have any of the beaches that travelers come to Bodrum to see.

However, the central location makes it a good choice for those who want to explore the entire Bodrum Peninsula and perhaps enjoy a different beach during each day of their vacation.

The best attraction in Ortakent is the Bodrum Aqua Park, a massive waterpark with 23 waterslides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and much more.

Even if you don’t stay in Ortakent if you are visiting Bodrum with children, you should definitely check out the water park! 

Where to Stay in Ortakent

Budget Hotels in Ortakent
Huzur bahçe

Mid range Hotels in Ortakent
Acropol Of Bodrum Beach Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Ortakent
Luxurious House with Shared Pool and Sauna in Bodrum

Bougainvillea frames a view across a bay in Ortakent near Bodrum, Turkey

Türkbükü – Where to stay near Bodrum with Kids

Along the northern shore of the Bodrum Peninsula, about an hour from Bodrum town is the luxury area of Türkbükü. This is home to some of the best resorts in Bodrum for families looking for a safe, relaxing beach vacation.

The hills surrounding the protected harbor house luxury resorts and villas catering to elite travelers who like to be spoiled.

Along with the resorts, there are restaurants, shops, and nightclubs, all targeting luxury travelers. By day, you’ll find plenty of beach clubs where you can rent a lounger for the day and enjoy a seaside lunch. 

Where to Stay in Türkbükü

Budget Hotels in Türkbükü
İmera Fera
Villa Oliva Butik Hotel
Bodrum gundogan house with sea view
Bella Sombra Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Türkbükü
Gizem Villa
Kuum Hotel & Spa
The dream house
Baia Bodrum Hotel

Family Friendly Hotels in Türkbükü
villa in göktürkbük
Bella Sombra
Divan Bodrum Palmira
Villa House Turkbuku

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Türkbükü
Cape Bodrum Luxury Hotel & Beach
Lovely Suite Close to Beach in Bodrum
Mare Deluxe Residence
Modern Suite Close to Beach in Bodrum

Pink Bougainvillea Flowers and Old Blue Door at Bodrum. Mugla, Turkey

Torba – Where to stay in Bodrum for Small Town Lovers

Just ten minutes north of Bodrum town is a quiet retreat called Torba. This small village is becoming more popular thanks to the Voyage Torba Resort, but still retains small-town charm, which is perfect for tourists looking to go off the beaten path.

There are ruins here for history buffs to explore, as well as island-hopping tours and several beaches.

Buses run back and forth to Bodrum all day, so you can easily get around and visit Torba as a day trip, or stay in Torba and visit Bodrum as a day trip. 

Where to Stay in Torba

Budget Hotels in Torba
Bodrum Oscar Hotel

Mid range Hotels in Torba
Toka Bodrum Hotel & Beach Club
Torbahan Hotel
Villa Alear

Family Friendly Hotels in Torba
Alya Sierra Villa Bodrum
Villas Bodroom Torba

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Torba
DoubleTree by Hilton Bodrum Isıl Club Resort
King Tekne (Boat Hotel)
Susona Bodrum, LXR Hotels & Resort

A boat in the Aegean Sea. Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey

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Where to stay in Bodrum
Where to stay in Bodrum
Where to stay in Bodrum


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