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Travellers know so little about Greece.

Travellers know so little about Greece.

A recent survey among travellers from around the world on Top European islands showed us some interesting facts about the lack of knowledge about geography, gastronomy and language of the Hellenic islands that exists.

We bring you some relevant details that will help you make up your mind and want to choose Greece as your next holiday destination. 

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What’s for dinner?

The rivalry between Greek and Italian cuisine is known by everyone, and that’s because so much of Italian food is based on Greek ideas.

Internationally, Greek gastronomy has offered to the world some of the most delicious dishes. From lasagne, wine, olive oil to pizza, it all has Hellenic influences.

And the doughnut would be a good example of it too!

Travellers who took our survey, know that they are going to find the best flavours in these islands. Particularly, cheese lovers have no doubt that Feta cheese, Mizithra or Galotiri, are present in all the delicious sauces, pastas and salads.

So if you want to discover all the wonders of the gods’ cuisine, take a cooking holiday course during your stay in Greece. Most of these programs include ingredient-shopping and then the preparation.

Where are we now?

Survey results show that half of the travellers believe that Mediterranean Sea are the waters surrounding all the islands, which is probably due to its proximity.

Even though every Greek island has great beaches, it’s good to bear in mind that Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea are also there. In this latter one we can find some of the most touristic islands like Mykonos, Santorini and Ios.

If you are wondering which Greek islands to visit, choose somewhere less well-known. We selected some of the best ones for you. Check them out and you’ll see all the amazing things they have to offer.

You won’t find it difficult to get there by ferry and plane from Athens and other places in Greece. Maybe in this way you will be able to recognise the shape of some of the islands, which is something most of the travellers find hard to remember. Maybe it’s because there are more than 1,000 island to choose from!

But we are sure that by walking across some hiking trails, outlining the islands, it can be sort out.


White and blue …

Simple and conservative, but beautiful and unique. All travellers recognise the aesthetics of the local architecture, especially windmills, whitewashed houses and blue domed churches. Their love is so devoted that lots of couples decide to celebrate their weddings in one of these islands and invite all their loves ones to enjoy some luxury holidays in Greece.

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