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Three Reasons For Visiting New York City

NEW YORK CITY -Times Square, featured with Broadway Theaters and LED signs, is a symbol of New York City and the United States, in Manhattan, New York City.

Some cities sit on a bucket list like no other, they demand our attention and we give in to their allures by our millions. Places like Paris, London, and New York. It is the last of these cities that we are going to take a look now and consider just what makes it so special. There is something about NYC, so let’s breakdown so of the things that make tourists flock to its embrace.

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When you think of New York City, there is a very high chance that the first image that comes to mind will be of a skyline of skyscrapers. Some of the most impressive feats of human engineering have been built in New York and it is the desire to see the biggest buildings and to climb them which attracts so many people to this part of the world.

The most famous of the structures is without doubt the Empire State Building, standing at some 443 meters and with 102 floors this iconic building has visitors ascending to its viewing deck in numbers that outshine almost any other human-made thing in the world. Your view from the top will be of other remarkable buildings such as Rockefeller Center, home of NBC and the infamous Saturday Night Live.

The Empire State Building and New York City Skyline


The second thing that will likely come to mind when you think of New York is the world-famous Broadway. Every tourist that visits Manhattan is going to be seeking NYC show tickets whether that is a production of a classic like Oklahoma or something from the modern hits collection like Book of Mormon.

There is a little something for everyone in this iconic theatrical world that sits just off of Times Square – iconic in its own right. While you’re in the city, consider paying a visit to shows that are off-Broadway. These smaller productions might capture your imagination in a way that you wouldn’t have thought possible and is just another fine example of how this part of New York is oozing talent.


We have already touched upon some of the attractions in New York by discussing architecture, but there is so much to this city that it seems only right to dedicate a section solely to attractions. We have talked about images that come to mind when you think of NYC and some you may have noticed the lack of mention for the Statue of Liberty. This symbol of the US sits in the water just off of New York and is a must visit. If you think it is impressive as you approach it, you will be blown away when you stand at the bottom of Lady Liberty’s feet.

Attractions are a dime a dozen in New York, for the natural beauty fans there is Central Park. An incredible piece of green space in a city famous for buildings and town living. For those of you with a financial flair, there is Wall Street, the home of finance in the US. And finally any trip to New York would be incomplete without a visit to the most famous arena on the planet, Madison Square Garden; concerts, sports, and many other events take place in this testament to entertainment.

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