What to Pack for a Ski Holiday

When travelling to on a ski holiday, it can be hard to work out what to take as you are freezing cold outside in the snow and hot inside the apartment!

Hopefully our list of “What to pack for a ski holiday” comes in handy as there have been many years of snow trips where we have forgotten things!


Ski pants and jacket to wear out on the slopes, make sure to take 2 pairs of each so that if one of them gets wet you can go back and get changed.

Ski goggles and also sunglasses, as crazy as it sounds it can be incredibly bright in the snow, not only form the sun but the reflection off the snow.

snowboard goggles

Ski/Snowboard gloves or mittens (mittens are easier for snowboarding and keep your hands warmer!) its important to have good gloves as your fingers will be some of the first parts of you to get cold and trust me, when your fingers get freezing they KILL (hurts a lot) when they start to warm up, its more painful than I thought it would be.

Warm clothing to wear under your ski clothes. Eg: comfy pants (trackies), skivvy and jumpers(jacket) or thermal clothing.

Safety equipment – Helmet, wrist guard, knee pads. Think safety first, you don’t want to get up to the snow, hurt yourself and spend your whole holiday sitting inside unable to do anything.

Snowboard/ski boots and snow boots (for walking around)

Nice clothes for pubs, bars and restaurants, its just as important to look good off the slopes as it is on the slopes.

A beanie to have while walking around or to wear under your helmet, too keep your head nice and warm.


Random other things such as Emergency blanket (in case you are lost or injured), Screwdriver (for fixing snowboard / ski bindings, it surprisingly happens more often than not and the ones from the lifities are welded together!), sunscreen (very easily get sunburnt face in the snow), energy bars/ chocolate/protein bar and water (to have for energy while out on the slopes).

Pack your mobile phone, most ski mountains have fantastic reception,if you are worried bout it getting wet or damaged you can always put it in a zip lock bag and in a pocket closest to your body, under all your layers of clothes. (not in “natures pocket” heheh)

Oh and probably the most important, your Snowboard or Skies! (what kind of Ski Holiday would it be without them!!)


It is possible to hire these things while up on the mountain or at the base town but personally, I don’t want a jacket 40 people before me have sweated in (no matter how often they are washed!).

With that said, it is sometimes the best option if you are not planning to go on  ski holiday often as ski gear can be expensive but ebay is always an option for cheaper clothing and equipment, we have bought jackets and goggles from ebay and have used them for years!

Note: Jeans are not the best to wear in the snow for a day trip as they don’t keep you warm, even if you are sight seeing. Ski clothes are always the best option.

Always carry a bit of food and water at all times in case you get lost overnight, which is very unlikely to happen on Australia slopes but more likely for larger mountains eg Canada, New Zealand etc

We usually carry a small backpack with food, water, a screwdriver, mini first aid kit and emergency blanket.

 What do usually pack for a Ski Holiday?


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  1. I’ve never been skiing so I wouldn’t have a clue of what to pack. I’d love to try though, it looks like fun! 🙂

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