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Costa Rica

Need An Adventure Vacation? Here’s Why You Should Look No Further Than Costa Rica

Why do we book vacations? This question is fairly open ended – the result will probably be different for everyone. No two trips away are the same and are dependant on a whole load of different factors; who you go with, where you go and how long for. But generally speaking, most people take a vacation to either relax, or to ‘get away from it all’ – which are essentially exactly the same thing. It can be nice to recharge your batteries overseas, lying on a sunbed with pina colada in hand. But what if that simply doesn’t interest you? Relaxing doesn’t just have to mean staying stationary and indulging in your hotel spa.

For many people, relaxing is just as much about burning off some steam as it is catching up on lost sleep. If you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie and need your vacation to be filled with the fast and the furious, look no further than Costa Rica. In order to have the action packed vacation you dream of, you will need a country that showcases a whole range of different terrains, and that is something Costa Rica truly excels at. Approximately 25% of the whole country is covered in national parks or protected areas, so you can be sure that there’s plenty of things to do.

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White Water Rafting

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White water rafting

Never really fancied white water rafting before due to not being keen on freezing temperatures? Well, you’re in luck. Costa Rica boasts some of the warmest natural waters. So even if you do end up taking an impromptu dip, you won’t come out a shivering mess! There are plenty of routes available all lead by experienced rafters and tour guides, so you don’t need to worry about your level of expertise. Challenge yourself with a Class 5 run or enjoy a lazy float along a calmer route, where you will be able to take in some of Costa rica’s stunning natural sights. Some of these require emergency conservation work, so if you are interested in helping to preserve them, why not volunteer in Costa Rica?


Zip lining

Costa Rica is blessed with some of the most dense forests on the planet, with rich rainforest canopies stretching for miles across the landscape. While for the most part these have been left in the care of the local wildlife, you can have your very own monkey experience as you swing from the treetops from a zipwire! There are plenty of wire locations to choose from, many offering gorgeous panoramic views.

mountain bike

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Mountain biking

Prefer being on two wheels rather than two legs? Make the most of Costa Rica’s mountainous regions by hiring a mountain bike and going for a cycle. You can either do this alone or in tours – but going with a tour means you will probably experience much more. Pass through the rainforest, up steep mountain paths and past some charming rural towns. Many trips don’t require a great deal of experience, so don’t worry if you haven’t cycled that much before.


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