Honeymoon itinerary for Bordeaux – A 5 day Itinerary

Bordeaux is a city in the southwest of France, at the heart of the Bordeaux wine region. It is renowned for its architecture and culture, but most importantly, it is known for its extraordinary winemaking.

The city has a long history of winemaking, and its reputation as one of the best places in the world to taste wine is well deserved. This makes it a great place to go for a honeymoon! If you are looking for a 5 day Honeymoon Itinerary for Bordeaux, then you have come to the right place.

It is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to spend some time exploring the French culture and way of life. It offers a wide array of activities including museums, shopping, and entertainment spots.

Bordeaux aerial cityscape . Panorama of old french town . Aerial view of red tiled rooftops in the city

As well as a variety of unique restaurants or cafes. The city is also a great place to visit if you are an architecture buff, this is because Bordeaux has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status. This is due to its classical and neoclassical buildings from the 18th century, which make up much of the city’s old town.

Bordeaux France has so much to offer and therefore it is an ideal holiday destination for couples, especially on their honeymoon. The best time to visit Bordeaux is between May and November due to the warmer and more pleasant weather.

The ideal time within these months is September as that is when the grapes are ripe for the picking! The grape harvest begins for all of the winemaking and wine tasting.

Within this 5 Days in Bordeaux itinerary, we suggest staying within Bordeaux city centre itself. This way you will be close to many of the main attractions and things to do. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore further afield and take a day trip or go on a day tour.

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Day 1 in Bordeaux

Upon arrival for your Bordeaux honeymoon, you will want to spend a few hours walking around the city centre and admiring all that it has to offer.

There are plenty of beautiful buildings and architecture to view as well as markets and shopping streets to explore. You can comfortably walk around the city and view the below attractions on your first day.

The Miroir d’eau

The Miroir d’eau is a reflecting pool in the city centre of Bordeaux and is the largest such body of water in the world.

It stands before Place de la Bourse and has become one of France’s most significant tourist attractions. Also named ‘The Water Mirror’ it is one of Bordeaux’s most photographed spots, this is because of the reflection of the buildings and sky.

The water adds a layer of depth and illusion to the photo making it look incredible! The mirror effect is produced by a thin layer of water on the large granite surface beneath.

Many fountains help enhance its beauty. You can walk around the edge of Miroir d’eau to see all its different angles. The Water Mirror measures 3,450 square metres and was built in 2006.

The Miroir d'eau fountain in Bordeaux - France

Grosse Cloche

The Town Hall of Bordeaux has something very special located inside of it, the Grosse Cloche. Also named ‘Big Bell’ it is only rung a handful of times throughout the year. It weighs 7.7 tonnes and was first made back in 1775.

Spend 30 minutes of your day going inside and taking a tour of the popular monument. A tour costs 6 euros per person. Immerse yourself in history, culture and a scary experience, as the old dungeons that are located underneath the building are included in the tour.

Grosse Closhe Bell tower gate in Bordeaux in a beautiful summer day, France

Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas Bridge

Whilst wandering the streets of Bordeaux, make sure you take your time to walk past the Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas Bridge. This large bridge is 110 metres in length and 77 meters tall, making it the largest vertical lift bridge in not only Europe but the world.

It is located on the east side of the city and helps people cross over the Garonne River. It was built back in 2013 in honour of prime minister Jacques Chaban-Delmas.

It is marvellous to stay and watch the bridge in action, as it lifts itself up to help ships pass below it. The bridge only takes 11 minutes to completely rise up and allow this to happen.

If you go on an evening you will also notice that the bridge is lit up and looks beautiful on the Bordeaux skyline. A very romantic photo opportunity is to be had!

Bordeaux Gironde FRANCE - View of La Cite du Vin Building and Bridge Chaban Delmas in Bordeaux

Pey Berland Tower

To finish your day of sightseeing head over to the Pey Berland Tower. This is a very famous historical landmark in Bordeaux and has been awarded the status of being a UNESCO world heritage site. This is due to its history, which starts with Saint-André cathedral.

The tower was constructed back in 1440 to house the huge tenor bell that weighed 11 tonnes. The weight of the bell was too much for the old structure of the cathedral, meaning it could no longer hold the very important bell.

Fast forward to the present day and Pey Berland Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Bordeaux city centre and offers a wonderful view over the surrounding area.

Spend some time climbing to the top of the tower (if you can climb all 229 steps). It only costs 6 euros to enter, so it is well worth the money, time and effort for the view.

View on the square with saint Pierre cathedral and tram station in Bordeaux city, France

Opéra National de Bordeaux

Spend the first evening of your 5 Days in Bordeaux, with dinner and a show! There are several high-end restaurants in Bordeaux that you can choose from.

Then afterwards head over to Opéra National de Bordeaux. This large building is a great example of neoclassical architecture that was built back in 1780.

Inside you will find it is furnished to an extremely high standard including an attractive chandelier and grand decorations.

There are hundreds of performances throughout the year, so you can choose if you would prefer to watch a ballet or a classical music concert. There is something for everyone’s artistic tastes and it is a great way to spend a romantic evening.

BORDEAUX, FRANCE - Grand Theatre de Bordeaux is a main theatre in the centre of Bordeaux city in France

Day 2 in Bordeaux

There is much more to Bordeaux than just the city centre. The Bordeaux wine region is sensational and will make up your second day on your french countryside honeymoon.

There are dozens of vineyards that you can visit and many offer wine-tasting sessions. You will be able to see why Bordeaux is such a popular place for wine lovers!

Saint Emilion

Take a day trip over to the small village of Saint Emilion. Located in a small commune it only has a small population of approximately 2,000 people but it is filled with a rich history.

It has played a huge role within the wine region of Bordeaux and the production of wine. The village dates back to the Middle Ages as you will see by the old style buildings and medieval architecture that lines the winding streets.

You can explore the local vineyards and fields of Saint Emilion and go wine tasting as all part of many package day tours.

St Emilion, France - Panoramic view of St Emilion, France. St Emilion is one of the principal red wine areas of Bordeaux and very popular tourist destination.

Day 3 in Bordeaux

Your third day will consist of more sightseeing and in-depth exploration of Bordeaux. You will enjoy learning in The Natural History Museum, gaining an alternative perspective on a boat tour and finishing the day with more wine tasting. After all, you are in Bordeaux on your honeymoon!

The Natural History Museum

Start your third day by spending a few hours a the Natural History Museum. You can explore the museum’s many objects on display for hours, as they have 1 million different specimens and artefacts. It is a fantastic activity for those who enjoy history and museums.

Currently, the museum has exhibitions that cover the ‘Aquitain Coast’ and ‘Nature as seen by mankind’. The museum costs 8 euros per person to enter and is open every day bar Monday.

Plassac, France - large bourgeois house used by the association "Les Ateliers du Mascaret" in the city center on an autumn day

Boat Cruise

Being on a honeymoon means you will want lots of romantic activities. Taking a boat cruise along the Garonne River will help you achieve just that. The Garonne River is a majestic and romantic river that runs through the Bordeaux region.

Hop on a guided boat tour that will take you along the water and help you to see many of the sights that Bordeaux has to offer from a different perspective.

The boat tours are both informative and help you to get a better understanding of what makes this area so special. This tour will not take anymore than two hours, so it is perfect for honeymooners who have limited time in Bordeaux.

It offers a great chance to sit and rest, whilst sipping on a drink and admiring the view. The boat tour will pass by buildings such as La Cite du Vin and Pont d’Aquitaine.

Bordeaux, Gironde / France - Garonne river riverside with red boat in Bordeaux city, France

Wine Tasting

Have a romantic evening as newlyweds with some wine tasting. With Bordeaux being such a huge wine region, there are approximately 8500 wineries in the area. This means there are numerous possibilities for fun wine tasting activities.

Having an evening of wine tasting means you can also pair the wines with appetisers or your evening meal to mark the special occasion.

This wine tasting class is a great option to sample a variety of wines from the region. You can also take this opportunity to learn how to pair wines with different foods and you also get to make your own blend of wine.

Glasses with white and red wine and grape berries on the wooden table in the vineyards, winery with green leaves background in sunset light. Wine tasting, Degustation. Selective focus, Copy space

Day 4 in Bordeaux

Nearby The city of Bordeaux is the small town of Arcachon. This is set on the coastline of France and in Arcachon Bay.

You will be able to explore this beautiful coastal area and one of the many famous attractions that reside here. Take advantage of one of the many day trips that operate out to this area.

Dune du Pilat

The highest and largest sand dune in the whole of Europe, Dune du Pilat is a great place to spend a day exploring. You can take a walk up the dune itself, or you can just walk around the base of it and enjoy the scenery.

If you want to get out onto the dune, be sure to wear appropriate footwear such as sturdy shoes that offer good grip. There are manmade steps that help you climb to the top if you are unable to walk up the sand.

This natural phenomenon is really something to marvel at and fantastic if you like to do things off the beaten track. It attracts over 2 million tourists every year who want to experience nature’s natural beauty. The sand towers high at 110 metres tall and is over 2.7 kilometres long.

Why not try hiking around the whole circumference to get a view from every angle? It really is a unique experience.

There are many day trips to the Bay of Arcachon that will help with your transport over to the area and back for the day. Most of these day tours also have many added benefits such as a personal tour guide and refreshments included.

The Dune of Pilat (Grande Dune du Pilat) tallest sand dune in Europe, in La Teste-de-Buch in the Arcachon Bay area, France, 60 km from Bordeaux

Day 5 in Bordeaux

On the final day of your Bordeaux honeymoon, you will spend the morning strolling around the parks and squares of the city, followed by a food tour where you will sample the local delicacies.

Place des Quinconces

Grab a coffee and take a morning stroll around Place des Quinconces. This is a main town square in Bordeaux and comprises of many fountains, statues and tall columns.

It sits upon the Garonne River and is the perfect place for a romantic walk in the fresh air. There are many eateries and cafes nearby so you can grab a bite to eat for breakfast too.

Bordeaux, France - Esplanade des Quinconces, fontain of the Monument aux Girondins in Bordeaux. France

Jardin Public

During your walk around town, you can also visit the Jardin Public. This quiet park is a lovely place to relax as you are surrounded by attractive flowerbeds, fountains and other monuments.

Take a stroll around the small lake that is situated in the centre of the public park. Here you can also take a small romantic boat ride.

Bordeaux, France - Public garden along Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux France, with a canopy of green trees.

Food Tour

For lunch consider taking part in a food tour! French cuisine is delicious and there are many authentic dishes to sample during your stay.

Taking a French food tour is an excellent activity to take part in should you wish to learn more about French food and French cooking.

This tour will fill your afternoon with hours of fun and food, specifically you will get to try mussels, charcuterie, focaccia and much more.

Wooden board with different snacks for red wine. Cheese assortment, ham, grapes and crackers. Wine snacks set background.

La Cité du Vin

Spend your final evening in Bordeaux at La Cité du Vin before wining and dining with each other.

The museum takes you through 20 different themed rooms to discover and learn all about the world of wine. There are many interesting, fun and interactive exhibits that carry you through a journey.

During the experience, you will also get to try some wine and climb up to the 8th floor of the building. From here you gain a 360 degree panoramic view over Bordeaux. It is a breathtaking and romantic sight.

Bordeaux France - Tram rolling next to La cite du vin the Wine museum of Bordeaux near to Garonne river. Bordeaux Aquitaine. France.

Honeymoon Tour Ideas

There are many day trips and tours available in Bordeaux that you can take advantage of to make your honeymoon run smoothly.

You can choose a tour that will take you to some of the most beautiful vineyards and wineries in Bordeaux. You can also go on several walking tours of the city, which will give you an insight into its history and culture.

The French have a reputation for being excellent hosts and it is no different here. They will make sure that your time in Bordeaux is enjoyable and memorable.

Cheese and Wine Tasting

Fine wine and tasty cheese are delicacies in France, so experience professional cheese and wine tasting during your stay.

This activity lasts around one and a half hours and gives you the chance to taste some of the most popular and classic French cheeses with their accompanying wines.

You will learn all about the flavours and the pairings of the cheeses, plus have the chance to take a look around a cellar filled with 100 different types of cheese.

French cheese on wooden board with crackers, perfect snack for red wine. Cheeseboard background.

Bordeaux at Night

There is much more to see and do in Bordeaux after dark than there is during the daytime.

The city has a vibrant nightlife and you can experience it all with a tour group if you choose. There are many bars, clubs and restaurants to pick from, all offering different types of entertainment.

Alternatively, you can see the city from a different perspective when it is all lit up and illuminated. There are many night walking tours available where a guide will show you the best sights at night.

Photo of the Pierre Bridge in Bordeaux at the Blue Hour

If you are looking for one of the best honeymoon destinations in France or even one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, then Bordeaux should be on your list!

There are many things to do in Bordeaux for couples so you will not be bored or left with any free time! The region is also home to many different types of cuisine, so you can enjoy trying new things and experiencing French culture.

Bordeaux is a beautiful city that offers many attractions for visitors. The region has many different wine estates, so you can enjoy tasting different wines from around the world. There are also several museums and monuments that tell the story of this area’s rich history.

Recommended honeymoon tours in Bordeaux

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Honeymoon itinerary for Bordeaux - A 5 day Itinerary
Honeymoon itinerary for Bordeaux - A 5 day Itinerary
Honeymoon itinerary for Bordeaux - A 5 day Itinerary


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