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From Moscow to St. Petersburg on a Sapsan Train

High-speed train Sapsan rides on the route Moscow-St. Petersburg.

Moscow and St. Petersburg are by far the most visited cities in Russia hosting over 17 and 7 million tourists per year respectively. Indeed, they both have a lot to offer, starting from the iconic landmarks of the capital of Russia, including the renown Kremlin, spectacular Red Square, and colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral, all the way to magnificent palaces, fortresses, and cathedrals of St. Petersburg.

With the visa questions always being there, when you do finally travel to Russia, visiting both Moscow and St. Petersburg is a must. After all, it is only 700 kilometers separating them, it is nothing, or is it?

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700 kilometers is an only 1,5-hour flight, which is fast and even cheap if you fly with a local low-cost airline Pobeda. Despite that, flying between Moscow and St. Petersburg turns out to be a timewaster. If you have ever been to either of the places, you should know about horrible traffic that is there regardless of the time of the day, month, or year. Moreover, the airports are located quite far from the cities, and it takes about 45 minutes to get there even without traffic. With the traffic, the travel times double.

St Petersburg, Russia. Cathedral of Our Savior on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg, Russia, closeup facade view framed by autumn leaves. Autumn view of St Petersburg Russia landmark

A few years ago, high-speed Sapsan trains came into the picture, becoming the primary means of transport for Russian businesspeople who have to travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg a few times a week. Sapsan trains depart from Leningradsky station in Moscow 12 times a day every day, and the journey at the average speed of 210 km/h takes only 3,5 – 4 hours. The trains are air-conditioned and equipped with WiFi as well as TVs, while all cars are wheelchair-accessible. For the passengers traveling with kids, there is a car with a children’s zone. Sapsan is also equipped with a dining car where travelers can order both cold as well as hot meals, while snacks can be purchased from the special carts.

Apart from onboard services, Sapsan stuff can also book a hotel, transfer, taxi, city tour or even airplane ticket for their passengers during the trip. No wonder Sapsan trains gained their popularity so quickly.

Another benefit you can’t argue with is the central location of the arrival/ departure stations in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. Fun fact: Leningradsky station in Moscow is the exact copy of Moskovsky Station in St. Petersburg. The ticket offices are open 24/7 on both stations, and booking is also available online.

Moscow Kremlin. Towers of the Moscow Kremlin. The bell tower of Ivan the Great and the Annunciation Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin. Moscow Kremlin against the background of a cloudy sky

To summarize, Sapsan train is the most convenient way to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg currently available. Modern trains, fully equipped with everything one might need during their 4-hour journey, run 12 times a day every day, arriving at and departing from the centrally located train stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg. All of the above, as well as convenient online booking services, helps the travelers to save their time and rather spend it on sightseeing as every second spent in both Russian capitals is special.

Tip: For more choices and availability, we recommend booking in advance.

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