Comfy Outfit Ideas For Travelling In

The festive season is right around the corner, which for many of us means travelling to and fro to visit family and friends. Delays and long journeys mean comfy clothes for travelling in is essential, and so it’s important you choose well.

The last thing anyone needs when they’re sat upright in one spot for hours with a load of luggage is a dodgy bra wire digging in, tight waistbands or a top that they can’t move in properly!

Save yourself the hassle and choose clothes that are suitable. Here are some outfit ideas to consider.

Comfy Outfit Ideas For Travelling In

A dress, tights and ballet pumps

This is a good one if you want to stay comfy, but still look quite put together too. A skater or swing dress in a jersey material is flattering while still being soft and comfortable to wear. Exactly what you want when you’re sat for ages on a plane, coach, train or bus!

Throw on a jacket or cardigan over the top. You could even put a couple of accessories in your bag such as a statement necklace or bracelet and put this on once you reach your destination- if you want to look nice when you arrive.

Slouchy Jumper, Leggings and Uggs

For something a little comfier, this little combo always makes a good choice. It’s also a good one if you’re travelling through the night or it’s going to be cold too.

Fur lined Uggs are ideal for keeping your feet toasty, and a slouchy knit jumper will feel comfortable while still keep you warm.

Wearing layers is a good idea- you could go with a cami, a thin top or t-shirt and then the jumper over the top. Then you can take a layer off or put one on depending on how warm or cold you feel during your journey.

Comfy Outfit Ideas For Travelling In

Sportswear or Loungewear

The comfiest of all clothing! Some stretchy yoga pants or jogging bottoms with a jacket and some casual trainers are perfect travelling attire. Sportswear allows you to look cute while still staying comfy.

Loungewear sits somewhere between sportswear and pyjamas. If you have an exceptionally long or uncomfortable journey ahead, something like this is well worth considering. The benefit of loungewear is you feel like you’re in your PJs but without attracting any funny looks.

If you’re a bit conscious of wearing loungewear in public, go for a plain, dark shade like black. Then sit back and prepare for a super comfortable journey.

Be sure to try on your outfit before you leave so you can check that everything sits nicely. Tops that ride up or hang down too low, trousers that fall down or material that’s restrictive or gets creased easily are all things to be avoided when you’re travelling!

Throwing a hat, scarf and gloves into your bag isn’t a bad idea either if you experience any delays at least you won’t end up getting too cold.

What sort of clothing items do you usually wear to travel in?

Comfy Outfit Ideas For Travelling In

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