The Best Paddle Boarding Destinations In Europe

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What’s better than a European vacation? A European vacation where you can SUP, of course! When you know how to paddle board or find a great Inflatable paddleboard, you’ll get to see every travel destination from a whole new angle – while fitting in fun and exercise along the way. Here are 5 fantastic places to SUP in Europe. Your passport is calling!

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1. Canary Islands, Spain

Hop over to the Canary Islands for sunshine, sand, and a whole lot of SUP. You’ll find plenty of launch spots on Tenerife, the archipelago’s largest island, but you’ll also want to make sure you visit the island of Fuerteventura.

The Canary Islands are volcanic, so the rugged coastline gives way to fast-paced waterways you’ll love to explore on your board. SUP surfers will especially enjoy the epic waves and summer trade winds.

2. Lake Bled, Slovenia

If you’ve ever wanted to step into a real-life fairytale, Lake Bled is your chance to do it. The peaceful blue lake has become a fixture on travel Pinterest boards around the globe over the last few years, but it’s still relatively uncrowded compared to other coveted destinations in Europe.

Soak in that calm and quiet energy as you paddle through the serene waters. In the center of the lake is Bled Island, a tiny land mass with a historic church. It’s definitely worth paddling up to!

3. Lake Como, Italy

This massive 56-square-mile lake in northern Italy is the place to see and be seen. The lake is surrounded by mountains and centuries-old buildings, and receives more than 700,000 visitors every year.

Instead of taking in Lake Como’s beauty from the confines of a boat like most travelers, why not explore the area from your SUP?

Beautiful Pescallo Bay in the center of the lake is an ideal spot to paddle. Get excited for the bay’s crystal clear water, gorgeous Italian views, and like-minded paddlers!

4. Loch Ness, Scotland

Yes, that Loch Ness! This famous freshwater destination is known for the alleged presence of the Loch Ness Monster, but it’s also a straight-up paradise for any nature lover who doesn’t mind a bit of a chill.

Far north in the Scottish Highlands, the 22-mile loch is surrounded by rolling green hills, lighthouses, and historic Urquhart Castle.

The water here gets incredibly cold, so it’s important to dress accordingly and put your safety first. That said, a SUP adventure through Loch Ness promises unreal natural scenery – and of course, plenty of opportunity to search for Nessie.

5. Arctic Norway

Skip Oslo and instead take yourself far, far up north. Travel all the way up past the Arctic Circle to the Lofoten Islands, a charming archipelago known as one of the northernmost communities in the world. You’ll find breathtakingly bright blue water, quiet fishing villages, and larger-than-life fjords.

Outdoorsy types of all stripes flock to Lofoten, and paddlers are no exception. You can SUP in calm waterways next to Lofoten’s tiny towns, or in the choppy Norwegian Sea. This is another place where you’ll want to make sure you wear the right SUP gear for the weather. Don’t forget to rock a wetsuit if you need it!

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