Starting a Travel Blog From Scratch. How to Write a Travel Blog and Create Videos

How to Start a Travel Blog

Becoming a travel blogger is a dream job for many of us. It is an amazing experience to go and see incredible places and later share all your thoughts with your trustworthy audience.

So, if you are interested in how to start a travel blog and become a master in this craft, we prepared a little guide that can help you make your first steps in this world. It will not be easy, but with a dash of enthusiasm and confidence, you will get through this!

Why Start a Travel Blog?

We think that you need to start becoming the next star of travel blogging only if it is your passion. Everyone can travel, but only some of us can make an overhyped place look fresh and fantastic.

It is not enough to create a travel blog, make one or two mediocre pictures, edit them with free photo editing software like Canva and upload them.

To become a true travel blogger, you need a spark. If you have it, and your photos portray not just the beauty of nature but your personality, you are destined to become a successful blogger.

Live As a Travel Blogger

Your main job is obviously to go to places, find unique aspects of them, document them all, and tell about them on your travel blog later.

However, if you are new to this sphere, you can start with sharing your past experiences, writing about your hometown, or even just say a word about you.

But, how to know if this is right for you? Well, it is obviously up to you to decide if you believe in your ideas enough to share them. You need to grow a thick skin because people will be mean or even cruel sometimes.

We’re not going to lie: there will be difficulties you need to overcome to thrive in this field. Just get ready to some things:

  1. Your first pieces will not be as good as you imagined, so you need to learn the right way on how to write a travel blog post before you create your first one.
  2. It can hurt when people criticize you, but you can learn from this. A failure isn’t always a failure.
  3. You can’t just do a blog. You need to manage social media, create connections. For example, Twitter for travel bloggers is essential because it is an easy way to announce your next project, remind people about your content, and connect with fans and other travel bloggers.

Let’s Start Your Blog

The sea is full of fish and bloggers, so you just need to find your rightful place in this ocean of opportunities. When you find a travel niche that works perfectly for your blog, you will get success.

Right after deciding on your niche, you need to come up with a fun and memorable name for your travel blog.

People enjoy catchy names, but there are some rules to follow: avoid numbers and clichés because nobody likes them. Also, think about the future and try to create a timeless name that will work for your brand for years to come.

Now you are ready to start a blog. First of all, set up a blog’s hosting, create a website, and customize it according to your taste and current trends. Create all the needed social media, add contacts to your website and start writing a post or filming your first travel video!

How to Create Great Blog Content

A vibrant blog will always offer the audience many types of content. Upload travel videos, long-read articles, or just short updates. Try to develop a consistent schedule and share different things to find out what the audience likes.

Learn from others: for example, you can find out how to create awesome photos and videos. As for writing posts, follow your heart and tell everything you want. However, don’t be ashamed if you need some help: hire a professional editor to assist you with a couple of your first articles.

Promoting Your Blog

You can pay for promotion, make collaborations, promote your blog on social media, Google, and simply tell everyone around. Everything counts, and opportunities are endless here.

As for earning back your money, you can take sponsorships on your travel blog and social media once you have a decent audience. But remember to carefully choose who you promote: it is your reputation we’re talking about.


To have what it takes to become a one-of-a-kind travel blogger, you must never stop learning. Use every opportunity and make it a learning experience to make more of what you have.

Take a class on photography, a course on how to grow your blog followers, or just go check other successful travel bloggers to learn from their victories and failures.

In any case, your main goal is to enjoy your work, so until you have fun, you’re doing everything right!


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