Budget Guide to Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok is stunning, an untouched paradise.  Around every corner there are millions of palm trees cascading down the tropical mountains to meet the ocean.  Many of the beaches are completely undeveloped without a soul on them.

Lombok is the place to go if you love spectacular mountainous landscapes and breathtakingly beautiful beaches and islands. But first, here is how you get to Lombok from Bali.

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Kuta Beach

When to go in Lombok 

Lombok is ideal to visit at any time of the year. All year round you can expect Lombok to be tropical, warm and humid, although there are two distinct seasons – Dry and Wet. Year around you can except temperatures to be around the high 20’s c to low 30’s c with minimum temperatures not really getting below the mid 20’s.

October through to April is the wet season – but don’t be put off travelling during this season – basically it rains fairly heavily for short periods of time each afternoon – almost on queue. 

How to get around in Lombok 

On the mainland of Lombok the best way to get around is via motorbike, taxi or car.

Where to stay in Lombok

Most people visiting Lombok either stay on the mainland or on one of the Gili Islands.

On the mainland, the main tourist hubs are Senggigi or Kuta.  Whilst Senggigi has nicer resorts with first class facilities, Kuta is better located for all the fun things to do in Lombok.  It is recommended that you base yourself in Kuta when exploring Lombok and Senggigi when you want to have a few days relaxing.

In Kuta check out Yuli’s Homestay (around 500, 000 IRD per night); whilst in Senggigi the Holiday Resort is a gorgeous resort (around 1,000,000 IRD per night).  Of course there are various other options as well.

If you stay on the Gili Islands you will need to choose between the quiet Gili Meno, party island of Gili Trawangan or the somewhere in between Gili Air.  If staying on Gili Air check out Turtle Beach Hotel.

Gili Air

Check out more about where to stay in Lombok here.

Things to do in Lombok

1 – Explore the Beaches

Lombok is all about under developed, gorgeous beaches.  The main tourist beaches are Senggigi and Kuta but for absolutely stunning beaches – think white powdery sand and crystal clear turquoise water – head to Tanjung Aan Beach, Selong Belnak Beach or Mawun Beach.  Hire yourself a beach lounge for the day and just enjoy this paradise.

Beach chairs can be hired on most beaches for around 50,000 IRD per day.

If you are arriving by your own motorbike you will need to pay for parking on the beaches which is around 10,000 IRD for as long as you like.


2 – Explore the local Islands

The best thing to do whilst visiting Lombok it to get off the mainland and explore it stunning islands.

The most famous Lombok islands are 3 tiny islands collectively called the Gili Islands.  Located only 20 minutes by boat from the mainland, spending a few days on one or all of the Gili Islands is a must. 

The Gili Islands is made up of Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan; whilst all islands are very similar in their landscape and the activities they provide, each island has its own personality.  Popular activities on the Gili Islands include swimming, snorkeling and relaxing.

It is super easy to get from Lombok to Gili Islands via a fast boat from Bangsal Harbour.  Just turn up and find yourself a fast boat which leave regularly throughout the day.  Alternatively, you can do an organised day trip.  You can book a day trip from the various tour operators in Senggigi or Kuta.

Less well known but far superior in its beauty is Gili Nanggu.  This island is absolutely heaven on earth, with water so clear you can see your toes when standing in shoulder deep water.  There are so many colourful fish here you will think you are swimming in an aquarium. 

To get to Gili Nanggu you can join tour or get yourself to Tawun Harbour and arrange for a local to take you over in their fishing boat or alternatively you can join a day trip which can be booked from Senggigi or Kuta.

Be sure to also check out the nearby islands Gili Sudak and Gili Kedis – this is one day trip not to be missed.

Tanjung Aan Beach

3 – Explore Waterfalls 

As well as gorgeous beaches, Lombok has some wonderful waterfalls to explore in the north of the island. 

The most popular waterfalls to visit are Tiu Kelep Waterfall and Sendang Gile Waterfall.  These waterfalls are close to each other so you can easily explore both.

These waterfalls aren’t just for admiring, so take your swimmers and jump in for a closer look!

Gili Nanggu

4 – Go on your own Adventure

Lombok is an island full of spectacular natural beauty.  One of the best way to explore the island is by hiring a motor bike and setting off on your own. 

As you ride around the windy mountain roads on the exterior of the island you will be rewarded with spectacular views across the ocean and lush palm trees as far as your eyes can see.

You can hire a motorbike for around 50,000 IRD per day and petrol costs around 10,000 IRD a litre.

If you aren’t keen on riding a bike or you have a few kids– other transport in Lombok options include hiring a car, or a car and driver for the day.

Check out places like Sasak Village, Pusuk Monkey Forest, and one of the many gorgeous inland restaurants high up in the mountains with spectacular views across the ocean.

Find more information about things to do in Lombok here.

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