8 of the Best Volcano Tours in Iceland 2024

Have you been wondering the Best Volcano Tours in Iceland? I’ve got you covered!

Iceland is known for its stunning landscapes, and its active volcanoes are some of the most unique geothermal attractions available worldwide. The country has over 30 active volcanoes, which can be explored through guided tours.

For those who want to witness the incredible power of nature, these tours offer an unbeatable experience. From the picturesque natural beauty to the roaring eruptions, a volcano tour in Iceland creates memories that will last a lifetime.

I’ve travelled to Iceland several times and have been lucky enough to see some of these active volcanoes. For any traveller unsure which volcanic tour in Iceland to take, this article will provide you with several options depending on your budget.

My Top 3 Picks: the Best Volcano Tours in Iceland

#1 Top Pick
Iceland Volcanic eruption 2021. The volcano Fagradalsfjall is located in the valley Geldingadalir close to Grindavik and Reykjavik. Hot lava and magma coming out of the crater.

Volcano Tour- Litli Hrútur

  • 6-8 hours
  • Best viewpoints
  • Max of 19 people
#2 Pick
View into the crater of an active volcano with strong lava flow at the beginning of an eruption. Landscape on the Reykjanes Peninsula of Iceland. dark magma rock cooled around the volcanic crater

Volcanic Helicopter Tour

  • 30 to 40 minutes
  • Pass over Reykjavik 
  • Private Flight
#3 Pick
Aerial view landscape of Landmannalaugar surreal nature scenery in highland of Iceland, Europe. Beautiful colorful snow mountain terrain famous for summer trekking adventure and outdoor walking.

Landmannalaugar Hiking Tour

  • 5 Hours
  • Small Group
  • Natural hot springs

8 of the Best Volcano Tours in Iceland

Iceland Volcanic eruption 2021. The volcano Fagradalsfjall is located in the valley Geldingadalir close to Grindavik and Reykjavik. Hot lava and magma coming out of the crater.

1. Volcano Tour- Litli Hrútur, Reykjanes Peninsula, Icelandic Snacks

⭐️ RATING: 4/5 Stars | ⏳ LENGTH:  6-8 hours |📍 LOCATION: Fagradalsfjall | ✅ Book it!

The Fagradalsfjall Volcano began erupting in early 2021, and its fiery display continued for around six months. Despite the eruption ending, the sight of the fresh lava fields and newly formed craters shaped by volcanic activity remains a fantastic sight to behold. Suppose you are intrigued by this natural phenomenon.

In that case, an exciting tour departing from Reykjavik offers an excellent opportunity to explore these wonders up close. This tour takes you to the most advantageous viewpoints, allowing you to see the impressive Fagradalsfjall crater and the expanse of lava flows. However, this tour is not just limited to the volcanic sights.

In addition to seeing the volcano, the tour includes visits to nearby locations with geothermal activity. During the tour, you will have the chance to learn from your knowledgeable guide about the fascinating underground heat processes that shape Iceland’s unique landscape.

One of the places you will visit is Seltún, a location renowned for its bubbling mud pools and incredibly hot springs.

These natural wonders give you a firsthand glimpse into the powerful forces beneath the Earth’s surface. It is an experience that can help you appreciate the dynamic processes that have shaped Iceland’s environment over thousands of years.

Emily says: “Brilliant tour with absolutely stunning views! Johannes was our tour guide, and he was really friendly and informative. A few stops on the way, of which the scenery was beautiful. A good hike up to the volcano (I didn’t realise how much of a hike!) and you could see all the formed lava, still smoking! All in all, the views, tour and Johannes was amazing and would definitely recommend.”

This Volcano Tour Iceland begins with a hassle-free and efficient pick-up service. You will be conveniently picked up from a hotel in the centre of Reykjavik or from various other pick-up spots around the city. This eliminates the stress of finding transportation and ensures a smooth start to the adventure.

Throughout the tour, knowledgeable guides share their insights into the geological and geothermal features of the region. The tour takes you to the volcanic landscapes of the Reykjanes Peninsula. This region is situated along the Mid-Atlantic Rift, a significant geological boundary between tectonic plates.

The experience of witnessing this unique landscape, shaped by tectonic forces, offers a deeper understanding of the Earth’s dynamic processes. You will then get to see the aftermath of the Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption that occurred in 2021. This eruption was remarkable because it had been 800 years since any volcanic activity had been recorded in the area.

You can see the aftermath up close, observing the black, twisted lava still warm to the touch (please don’t actually touch it!). This provides a rare opportunity to witness the power of nature. One of the tour’s highlights is the opportunity to see a live volcanic eruption and molten magma at the Litli Hrutur Active Volcano.

The journey to the eruption site might be physically demanding, but the reward is insane. You get to experience sceneries of vast lava fields and ongoing volcanic activity. The tour also includes visiting the Seltún Geothermal Area, where you can witness bubbling mud pools and boiling hot springs.

You will also drive by Kleifarvatn Lake, the largest lake on the Reykjanes Peninsula. In summary, this tour offers a combination of educational experiences and sights, allowing you to witness the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, explore geothermal wonders and learn from expert guides.

Important details

  • Start time and location: 8:30 am from one of the hotels in the center of Reykjavik or from one of the many pick up spots dotted across the city.
  • Duration: approximately 6 to 8 hours
  • Includes: Parking fees and fuel surcharge

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View into the crater of an active volcano with strong lava flow at the beginning of an eruption. Landscape on the Reykjanes Peninsula of Iceland. dark magma rock cooled around the volcanic crater

2. New Volcanic Eruption Area: Helicopter Tour in Iceland

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 Stars | ⏳ LENGTH:  30 to 40 min |📍 LOCATION: Fagradalsfjall | ✅ Book it!

When you find yourself in Reykjavik, prepare for an extraordinary experience by taking a helicopter ride over the Fagradalsfjall Volcano. This adventure promises an up-close encounter with some of the most vigorous and dramatic fissure openings Iceland offers.

As you embark on this 20-minute flight, the helicopter will lift you above the heart of the volcanic activity, granting you a bird’s eye view. Your journey will also include the insightful commentary provided by your expert guide.

They will share their knowledge about the geological forces and the region’s volcanic activity history. This educational element adds a layer of depth to your experience.

Not only will you witness the raw power of the volcano itself, but you will also have the privilege of admiring the cityscape of Reykjavik from an entirely new perspective.

With its distinctive architecture, the urban landscape takes on a different charm when viewed from the air. Lastly, you will fly over Faxafloi Bay, an expanse of aquamarine waters stretching out to the horizon.

The helicopter ride will carry you over this natural wonder, offering a unique vantage point to appreciate its beauty.

As you prepare for this unforgettable journey, ensure your cameras are ready. The sights you will encounter during this helicopter ride are the stuff of dreams and the makings of exceptional photographs.

Carmen says: “Flying next to the area where the volcano erupted was simply amazing! My granddaughter and I (9 yo & 75 yo) had an incredible experience. Everything worked well with ground operations team. Despite changing weather conditions and closure of air-space we managed to get on the air and enjoy the view! Thank you team!”

On this Fagradalsfjall Volcano tour, you can witness the Fagradalsfjall Volcano Eruptions of 2023, 2022 and 2021. You will soar over Iceland’s most sizzling fissure openings, where you can take in the striking panorama of the cone-shaped tuya, recent streams of molten lava and traces of cooled magma.

On your 20-minute-long helicopter flight, you can also fly over Reykjavik and Faxaflói Bay. It provides you with many insights into Iceland and its different types of landscapes. Do not miss the opportunity to capture some stunning Instagram-worthy shots of the aftermath of the August 2022 eruption.

Important details

  • Start time and location: Book your time and head to Ace FBO Reykjavík
  • Duration: approximately 30 – 40 minutes in total
  • Includes: Fuel surcharge

🤩 Check Prices and Availability!

Aerial view landscape of Landmannalaugar surreal nature scenery in highland of Iceland, Europe. Beautiful colorful snow mountain terrain famous for summer trekking adventure and outdoor walking.

3. Landmannalaugar Hiking Tour – Highlands of Iceland

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 Stars | ⏳ LENGTH:  5 Hours |📍 LOCATION: Landmannalaugar | ✅ Book it!

Join a full-day Landmannalaugar hiking excursion and Volcano tour from Reykjavik, where an accredited hiking expert will accompany you.

You will get to hike across rugged trails through the heart of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, where you will admire sprawling lava fields, glacial lakes, and peaks that have formed high into the sky.

On your journey, you will go through the Vondugil Canyon, a striking passage that leads you further into the heart of the reserve before then ascending the slopes of the Brennisteinsalda Volcano. This iconic summit is where vigorous geysers send columns of scorching steam soaring into the air.

Next, you will explore the Grænagil Canyon as you descend towards the base of Mount Bláhnúkur. Here, the option to climb this ancient volcano is presented, provided that time and weather conditions permit.

Afterwards, you will enjoy a moment of well-deserved rejuvenation as you indulge in a soothing soak within the natural hot springs of Landmannalaugar. You will get to soothe your muscles after the memorable hike.

Darya says “We had an awesome hike in Landmannnalaugar! Our guide Biggi offered fantastic information throughout our drive down from Reykjavík, and guided us on a great and beautiful hike throughout the region. It takes about 4 hrs to get there, with 2 on the highway and the other 2 on a bumpy lava field, which had great views too! The soak in the hot springs at the end provided a great ending to the hike.”

Embark on a 4-hour hiking experience leading you through Landmannalaugar’s highland area and nature reserve. The landscape you will encounter is like an artist’s canvas brought to life, where vibrant colours blend and merge, creating a beautiful visual that you will not forget.

Landmannalaugar has long held its place as a magnet for adventurers and nature enthusiasts. Its reputation is well deserved for a world worth exploring within its borders. The terrain offers both challenge and reward, with each step leading to a new view.

You can enjoy a natural hot pool after your hike and adventure through the rugged terrain. The sensation of the warm water against your skin is both rejuvenating and relaxing, a perfect ending to your experience.

Important details

  • Start time and location: Meet at 11:30 am in front of the Main Hut in Landmannalaugar Camping. Please note that you will require a 4×4 Jeep that is permitted to drive on F-roads to drive to Landmannalaugar. Alternatively, you can request a pick up from several locations.
  • Duration: approximately 5 hours
  • Includes: Small group guarantee, transport to and from Reykjavik and an expert hiking guide

🤩 Check Prices and Availability!

Heimaey Island of the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago. Iceland

4. Volcano ATV Tour

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 Stars | ⏳ LENGTH: 1 Hour |📍 LOCATION: Heimaey Island | ✅ Book it!

This ATV tour is an exciting adventure where you explore the Eldfell Volcano and the scenic Heimaey Island coastline. Alongside a small group (14 participants max), you will also be accompanied by an experienced guide.

You will be taken on a comprehensive journey across the island, uncovering its hidden gems and unique features. Witness the beauty of Prestvik Beach and learn about the founding tale of these islands.

The ATVs that are used are comfortable, and each accommodates two riders. They are easy to drive and therefore offer an accessible driving experience that does not require advanced driving skills.

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license to take the wheel. This excursion is suitable for ages six and above, making it a family-friendly adventure.

Miroslav says “Awesome tour. Island is pretty small and this ride let us explore the most recent volcanic activity. Our guide Christof was great and shared funny stories. Recommend to all visitors as one of the most fun things to do in Heimaey”.

This ATV tour takes you to Prestvik Beach, where you will see the stranded fishing ship Pelagus. You will learn the story of its fate and how it stands as a testament to maritime history.

Additionally, you will explore the site where Guðlaugur Friðþórsson’s remarkable story unfolded after he had to swim 5-6 km through the dark and cold sea after the sinking of Hellisey VE 503.

The main event of the adventure is driving through the lava fields and delving into the heart of the Eldfell volcano, where you can drive right into the middle of it.

This tour is an ideal fit if you seek a blend of historical exploration and thrilling ATV riding. The automatic and user-friendly ATVs require no prior experience, making them accessible to all.

Important details

  • Start time and location: Book your time slot and meet at Strandvegur 65. This is located 2-3 minute walk from the ferry Herjólfur.
  • Duration: approximately 1 hour
  • Includes: Overalls, gloves and helmet
Lateral flow of lava from the crater from the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Crater from Fagradalsfjall volcano at night to the blue sky. Volcano on the Reykjanes peninsula in the GeoPark

5. Litli Hrutur active Volcano

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 Stars | ⏳ LENGTH:  10 Hours |📍 LOCATION: Geldingadalur | ✅ Book it!

Experience the adventure of a lifetime on this Iceland Volcano trip and see an active volcanic eruption and flowing molten lava! Your expert guide will greet you in Reykjavik before you leave for the trip.

The trek to the Litli Hrutur Active Volcano is challenging due to its considerable distance of up to 9 kilometres each way. So ensure you are physically fit enough to endure this hike and enjoy it. However, the rewards are tremendous.

Once you reach the volcano’s summit, you can witness expansive lava fields and a continuously erupting volcano. Upon reaching the volcano’s location, you will see the lava fields, where you can observe fresh lava coming out of the Earth and cascading everywhere.

While spending time at this natural wonder, your guide will take you to a safe spot to sample some Icelandic chocolate called Hraun, which translates to “lava.”

It’s advisable to bring ample snacks and water for the trip to ensure your comfort. It is also mandatory to wear sturdy hiking boots. These are available for rental if you do not have any.

A Trip Advisor reviewer says “Quite possibly the highlight of my trip. 11+ miles round trip to see it erupting. We parked at Parking 2 but this may change. Great views. The hike had a lot of flat spots but one particular incline was a bit tough because it was dry. Definitely take hiking poles if you have them for this part of the hike. The view from the very top is well worth it! We could see the volcano erupting – when we first got there it was good, but we spent about ½ hour or more there and it increasingly got higher. You couldn’t hear anything but you could smell it. A lot of people on the hike but because the hike is so long they are spread out. This was amazing to experience.”

Prepare for a truly once-in-a-lifetime encounter as you step into the extraordinary realm of Geldingadalur. It’s home to the magnificent Litli Hrutur Active Volcano. In the middle of untouched natural beauty, you will have the privilege of witnessing a real-time volcanic eruption that will leave you with incredible memories.

As you stand on the threshold of the volcano, you will be greeted by the sight of red magma and flowing lava. You might even be able to feel the Earth beneath your feet hum with the energy of the molten lava as it makes its way down the slopes.

On this tour, you will be accompanied by a guide who will be well-versed in the stories behind the volcanic landscapes. Therefore, you will not only witness the eruptions but also delve into the science behind the eruptions

Important details

  • Start time and location: Pick up will be at 9:00 am and will be from either hotels or bus stops
  • Duration: approximately 10 hours
  • Includes: There is WiFi on board, snacks and a first-aid kit is available

🤩 Check Prices and Availability!

Aerial view of the crater opening from Fagradalsfjall volcano. Crater with strong lava flow on Iceland in the GeoPark. Daytime volcanic eruption on Reykjanes peninsula. Clouds and steam in the sky

6. Small Group Volcano Hike with a Geologist

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 Stars | ⏳ LENGTH:  6 Hours |📍 LOCATION: Fagradalsfjall | ✅ Book it!

Embark on this fun adventure to Iceland’s freshest volcano with this small group tour (max 6) from Reykjavik. Accompanied by an experienced geologist and volcanologist guide, you will explore the fascinating story of the 2021 eruption at Fagradalsfjall.

Walk across the lava-strewn landscape and observe the forming of new terrain from the lava flows. You will gain insights into how the lava’s composition moulds the characteristics of the rocks it forms.

During the group hike, you will ascend to the vantage point of the crater, where you will see breathtaking views of the sprawling lava.

This unique Iceland volcano tour – Fagradalsfjall presents the chance to stand at the foot of Iceland’s most recent volcano while learning comprehensive knowledge about the eruption from your knowledgeable geologist guide.

With the group size limited to a maximum of six participants, you will receive a truly personalised trip.

Benjamin says “Aside from being a highly educated geologist, Jasmin was extremely friendly and personable. The tour was absolutely breathtaking, and very educational about the volcanic history of Iceland and recent events. We highly recommend this tour to anyone, as well as any other tours Jasmin offers.”

On this trip, you will learn about Fagradalsfjall Volcano’s eruptions across multiple years, including 2023, 2022 and 2021. The journey to the eruption site on the Reykjanes peninsula goes through ancient lava fields, offering an initial glimpse into the creation of Iceland and the gradual shaping of the local terrain.

The hike commences with an overview of the volcanic history within the Reyjanes peninsula and the initial indications of renewed activity at this site. Within the lava field, you will then admire the creation and composition of the different lava rock formations before you hike to the volcano vantage point.

You will then get to admire the views of the extensive lava fields in front of you and get an idea of how expansive they are. The return journey to Reykjavik does not mean the tour is over, as you travel through landscapes flanked by hot springs, lakes and mountains.

Please note that the eruption’s activity can swiftly change, so the visibility of the molten lava’s radiant glow cannot be guaranteed. Please ensure you have approximately 2 to 3 hours to enjoy this experience.

Important details

  • Start time and location: The tour starts at 10:00 am with a pick up in Reykjavik at Bus stop 8 (Hallgrimskirkja).
  • Duration: approximately 6 hours
  • Includes: Air-conditioned vehicle and parking fees. Crampons and headlamps are available if needed.

🤩 Check Prices and Availability!

Heimaey town aerial view from Eldfell volcano. Iceland landscape. Westman Islands

7. Puffin and Volcano Tour in Vestmannaeyjar

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 Stars | ⏳ LENGTH:  1.5 – 2 Hours |📍 LOCATION: Vestmannaeyjar | ✅ Book it!

This guided tour takes you on a fun journey through Iceland’s Westman Islands, where you will learn about its rich history, vibrant culture and charming wildlife. Your first stop is the picturesque Herjólfsdalur and Kaplagjóta, where a lovely and peaceful puffin colony will greet you.

Next up, explore the surrounding landscape by heading into the heart of the Eldfell crater, a site once transformed by the volcanic eruption. Continuing the wildlife encounter, witness another delightful puffin gathering at Stórhöfði.

The tour does not stop there; you also enter the exclusive Herjólfstown, the original Viking settlement. Here, you will gain access to learn about the island’s early inhabitants and their fascinating way of life.

Other elements of the Icelandic Volcano tour include going to Elephant Rock, where you can capture photos and watch your knowledgeable guide demonstrate the art of Sprangan, a traditional rope swinging technique.

Maryellen says “One of the best tours we have ever taken. The local operator is EYJA Tours. Be sure that they are running your trip. The gentleman who was our driver guide, I think his name was EMMY, is so authentic and so knowledgeable, and so devoted to his island. We had seven or eight different stops in our two hours, and he really could tell us about each place and he’s personally devoted a couple of years to restoring some of the sites you will see. Highly highly recommend this tour.”

You will make unforgettable memories on this tour as you explore the destinations of Herjólfsdalur and Kaplagjóta. These picturesque locations, known for their natural beauty, also host a small puffin colony.

Next up, your adventure takes you to the heart of Eldfell, the volcanic crater that serves as a powerful reminder of the island’s fiery past.

Spend time amidst the rugged terrain, where you will stand on the very ground where the eruption once began. As you journey, you will reach Stórhöfði, a cape renowned as Europe’s windiest spot. This wild and untamed landscape is home to the largest puffin colony in all of Iceland.

Find yourself surrounded by this natural wonder’s beauty and witness these beautiful creatures’ lively interactions. One of the tour’s highlights awaits you in Herjólfstown, where you will get to step back in time to the days of the first Viking settlers.

Gain exclusive access to this historic site, where you will learn about the history of the island’s earliest inhabitants. This privilege is only available through Eyjatours, making your experience even more special.

As you continue, your guide will showcase a local sport, Sprangan, adding cultural insight to your journey. Watch as your guide skill-fully demonstrates this traditional rope activity. On tour, you will also catch sight of the famous Elephant Rock, a natural formation that has captured the imagination of many.

Important details

  • Start time and location: Book your time slot and then you need to take a ferry to get to Vestmannaeyjar. Then head to Eyjatours – Puffin Tours in Iceland.
  • Duration: approximately 2 hours
  • Includes: Admission to Herjólfstown, the first Viking family that settled in Vestmannaeyjar. Plus a local guide and an air conditioned vehicle.
Eruption of an active volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula. strong lava flow from a volcanic crater in Iceland. liquid magma from crater at day in sunshine with clouds and blue sky

8. 7-Hours Hiking Tour in Geldingadalir Volcanoes in Reykjanes

LENGTH:  7 Hours |📍 LOCATION: Geldingadalir | ✅ Book it!

On this Geldingadalir Volcano tour, you will get to experience volcanic activity’s influence on Iceland’s landscape. You will create memories on this unforgettable journey through the Reykjanes Peninsula, a short drive from Reykjavík.

Positioned along the mid-Atlantic ridge’s fissure line, this peninsula has been shaped by eruptions, earthquakes and seismic activity for centuries.

The focal point of this tour is undoubtedly the exploration of the Fagradalsfjall and Meradlir volcanoes within the Geldingadalir Valley, where recent eruptions have occurred.

You will get to witness Iceland’s most recently active volcano up close. This remarkable opportunity has only presented itself due to the scarcity of easily accessible and safe-to-visit active volcanoes in the country’s recent history.

This tour a new tour on Viator and is Idea for groups of up to 7 People

The first activity on the tour includes taking a stroll between the American and Eurasian continental plates at the Bridge Between Continents before heading over to discover the mysteries of Kleifarvatn Lake, the third largest and one of the deepest lakes in the South of Iceland.

The southern part of the lake is subject to geothermal heat, rumored to be the dwelling place of a worm-like monster. Next up on this tour, you will pass the Seltún Geothermal Area, filled with mud pots and fumaroles.

The vibrant hues stem from mineral deposits left by geothermal solutions, creating beautiful colours. Afterwards, you will drive over to the Reykjanes Peninsula, where you will explore the mid-Atlantic ridge’s fissure line.

Witness the incredible history of the region’s most recently active volcano, Fagradalsfjall, which has erupted in recent years, including 2023, 2022 and 2021. You will also encounter the fascinating Gunnuhver Hot Springs, where steam from geothermal reservoirs combines with surface water.

This gives birth to mud pools and accompanying gases like carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. The last part of the tour showcases the history of the Reykjanes Lighthouse.

The first lighthouse stood on Valahnúkur in 1878, yet earthquakes and powerful waves destroyed it. Since then, a new lighthouse has been built on Bæjarfell Hill, serving as a testament to resilience and change in the area.

Important details

  • Start time and location: 10 am pick up time most hotels in Reykjavik.
  • Duration: approximately 7 hours
  • Includes: Snacks, lunch and free Wifi

FAQs About visiting volcanoes in iceland

What is the best time of year to visit a volcano in Iceland?

The best time of year to visit a volcano in Iceland is usually during the summer months, from June through August. During this period, the weather is warmer and more stable than other times of the year, making volcano visits easier and more comfortable.

How do I get to an Icelandic volcano?

The easiest way to get to an Icelandic volcano is by car or bus. Many tour companies offer trips that will take you right up to the edge of a volcano.

If you don’t have your own vehicle or don’t want to join a tour group, there are also public transportation options available. Buses and taxis can take you directly from Reykjavik to many major volcanoes in Iceland.

Are there any safety regulations when visiting an Icelandic volcano?

Yes, it’s important to follow all safety regulations when visiting an Icelandic volcano. Visitors should stay on marked paths and trails at all times, as off-trail exploring can be dangerous due to unstable ground and hazardous gases emitted from the volcano.

Additionally, visitors should keep a safe distance from lava flows and volcanic craters for their own safety.

where to see lava in iceland 2024

Iceland is a land of geothermal power and active volcanoes. In 2024, you can visit some of the most remarkable volcanoes in the world. Reykjanes Peninsula, located near the capital of Reykjavik, is home to several active volcanoes.

You can visit two hiking trails on the Peninsula—Krýsuvík and Seltún—which will provide you with amazing views of the mountains and bubbling lava fields.

Mýrdalsjökull glacier in the southern part of Iceland also has an active volcano underneath it—Katla Volcano—a must-see for adventurous travelers. For those looking to take things a step further, there are helicopter tours available that will take you right above these volcanoes!

do you need a tour to see the volcano in iceland?

Yes, a tour is necessary to see the volcano in Iceland. Hiring a licensed tour guide or joining an organized tour is the best way to safely view the sights and learn more about the volcano.

Tour guides are knowledgeable and can provide insight into the geological environment around you as well as offering helpful safety tips when exploring up close.

With their help, you can get an unforgettable experience of this incredible natural wonder.

EYJAFJALLAJOKULL, ICELAND -  The volcano Eyjafjallajokull erupting in Iceland on May 12th 2010, Ash cloud rises into the air wreaking havoc in international flights

Final Thoughts: volcano tours iceland

You’ll discover the incredible power of nature as you make your way to the volcanoes of Iceland. With these amazing day tours, you will be able to explore a landscape that is both unique and mesmerizing.

Along with stunning landscapes, you will also witness incredible eruptions from active geysers and hot springs. These experiences are nothing short of spectacular!

The beauty of Iceland’s volcanoes is something that should not be missed. So don’t wait – book one of these great tours today and explore the wonder and power of these majestic places for yourself! Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures, because these memories will last a lifetime.

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