A Weekend Guide to Florence – 10 things to see and do in Florence

A Weekend Guide to Florence - 10 things to see and do in Florence

You’ve got just two days to create and carry out your dream travel itinerary in Florence. Here are 10 things that you simply must do and the places that you have to see in the city.

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The Mall

Florence is great for lots of things, from history, to food to sightseeing, but it’s also a nice place to go shopping. Its out-of-town fashion outlets are popular with tourists and locals, and The Mall, which can be accessed via Europa 8, Leccio Reggello, is one of the best.

Go to the Uffizi gallery

The Uffizi gallery is perhaps the most famous gallery in Florence, and it’s absolutely bursting with Renaissance art. There are audio tours available in six languages. Since the collection is so big, you’ll need to set aside three hours or more to really appreciate everything in the building.

Visit the Basilica del Santa Maria del Fiore

Locally known as the ‘Duomo’, this massive gothic cathedral dominates the Piazza del Duomo in the heart of Florence. Once you get there, climb to the top of the dome for spectacular views of the city, or join a guided tour to appreciate the intricate designs that cover the interior of the building.

Gorge on gelato

If you love ice cream, then Florence city breaks will be heaven, because it has awesome gelato. Head straight to Grom (via del Campanile), which is often credited as being Florence’s best gelateria and order one of the monthly specials, which change according to the season and are as delicious as the city itself.

Climb Giotto’s Tower

Also found on the Piazza del Duomo is Giotto’s bell tower, which stands at 84.7 metres tall and is considered to be the most beautiful campanile in Italy. Visitors must climb the 414 steps to the top of the tower, but the views are worth the work.

Visit the tombs of late celebrities

If you want to see the tombs of famous dead people, go to Santa Croce church. This is the final resting place of a number of famous Italians, including Galileo, Rossini and Michelangelo.

A Weekend Guide to Florence - 10 things to see and do in Florence

Admire the view from Pizzale Michelangelo

There are lots of places to admire the view in Florence, but for the first time visitor, the Pizzale Michelangelo offers stunning views and a replica of Michelangelo’s David. .

Visit the Battistero

This is the oldest building in the city, with historians dating parts of it back to the 5thcentury. Tourists flock here to see the Gates of Paradise and other religious symbols by designer Lorenzo Ghiberti.

Buy leather goods at Scuola del Cuoio

Florence is also famous for its leather markets, head to the one next to San Lorenzo Church, which is home to lots of leather stalls and leads to the indoor market, Mercato Centrale.

Explore the artisan shops of the Oltrarno

Cross the Ponte Vecchio and get lost in the maze of shops of sculptors, carvers, goldsmiths and everything in between.

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