9 Reasons Why Traveling to the Bahamas is a Must

The Bahamas.

If there is one thing that I must tell you about the Bahamas, it’s this:

The Bahamas is especially good at luring in millions of tourists with its white-washed shores, crystal clear waters, and countless activities that involve fun in the sun.

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The Bahamas has become the most popular destination in the Caribbean for the wrong reason.


Because the Bahamas has an abundant amount of local culture that’s waiting to be experienced.

So here are the 9 reasons why traveling to the Bahamas is a must!

Junkanoo’s Breathtaking Culture

Junkanoo’s Breathtaking Culture

If there is one festival that’s known by every single Bahamian local, and the world, it’s this.

Junkanoo Festival is the Mardi Gras of the Bahamas!

With a large street parade marching down the streets of downtown Nassau, the hypnotic rhythms played by their traditional drums, breathtaking costumes, soulful music, and colors that represent the joyful and cultural life of the everyday Bahamian is the dazzling energy of this festival.


There won’t be a moment you won’t be on your feet and dancing the day away under the sun that shines on the Bahamas!

Junkanoo is the liveliest, most sensational party parade in the Bahamas that’s celebrated by every Bahamian!

The best part?

Partaking in the Junkanoo festival is FREE!

Yes! You can enjoy the rush at no cost at all.

The Straw Market: Cheap Prices, Rich Culture

The Straw Market: Cheap Prices, Rich Culture

One of the oldest and most beloved buildings in the Bahamas is the Straw Market.

The Straw Market is a hidden gem in plain sight.

Yes, that’s an oxymoron!

Here’s why:

What everyone will tell you is that it’s the best place to go to buy traditional handcrafted souvenirs, gifts, crafts, ranging from handwoven straw materials to the famous conch shells that glisten in the sun.

The Straw Market is the best place to buy gifts at a cheap price, especially if you are a good negotiator, for you can purchase humongous conch shells for as low as $5!

But here’s what no one will tell you:

It’s the best place to meet locals that have some of the most captivating stories you’ll ever hear.

They share their struggles, their personal stories, their past.

They will become your friend even if they just met you that day. They will open up to you, and before you know it, you’ll forget about the cheap souvenirs and start adoring the rich culture and stories.


If there is one place that you must visit in the Bahamas, it’s the Straw Market.

The People: Only in the Bahamas

The People: Only in the Bahamas

What a lot of people overlook about the Bahamas is the people.

When you think of the Bahamas, the first thought that comes to mind is the famous crystal waters and white-sandy beaches.

But there’s more to that than those Instagramable photos.

The Bahamian flag is a combination of colors that represent the Bahamian past, present, and future: black for the united people, aquamarine for the ocean, gold for the sun, and the triangle for the determination.

The people are the biggest part of the culture.

If it weren’t for the Bahamian people, the Bahamas wouldn’t be the Bahamas.

Every single local has a story to tell and every single local is just as friendly as the next. It’s the best combination!

They would take you to have breakfast, they will help you if you are lost, they will drive you to wherever you need to go, and they will happily show you around their island.


You must talk to the locals! You won’t regret it.

Atlantis: The Fantasy Comes Alive

Atlantis: The Fantasy Comes Alive

If there’s one thing that every tourist knows about the Bahamas, it’s the Atlantis Water Park and Resort.

It’s the largest water park I’ve ever seen!

The Atlantis is the portal to entering a world full of fantasy and imagination.

It’s where the thrill of fast waterslides meet the calm relaxing activities with marine life.

But it gets better:

It’s where even the most solemn adult can become that excited and energized child we all have in our hearts.

The Atlantis is known for its amazing, one-of-a-kind waterslides, large pools, beautiful aquariums, engaging activities, and its prices.

To be honest:

Atlantis will take a nice size chunk out of your wallet.

But here’s how to get around it, so that you can enjoy the best waterpark in the Bahamas without having to spend a cent:

  • Book a hotel room at one of the hotels near the Atlantis, specifically the one to the left of the resort.
  • Once you book a room, you will be given free tickets to the Atlantis. You don’t even have to stay at the hotel, you can just book a room for a night.

The amount of money you save from buying the Atlantis day pass is worth it!
And yes, that’s right! FREE tickets!

It’s a secret told to me by a Bahamian local!

Bahamian Cuisine: The Tastiest Part of the Bahamas

Bahamian Cuisine: The Tastiest Part of the Bahamas

Food is the gateway into people’s cultures.

And that holds true for the Bahamian cuisine.

Bahamian food has so many levels of flavor that it will all explode in your taste buds resulting in a heartwarming, mouthwatering taste of the Bahamas.

Traditional dishes range from seafood such as fish, lobster, and crab to other foods such as pork, pigeon peas, rice, and potatoes.

Those who absolutely love seafood will be in heaven!

However, Bahamians have no problem with spice in their food. Get ready to grab your cold drink and pant like a dog because it will get spicy!

But that’s not all:

Their beverages will give you a taste of tropical paradise!

Conch: The Delicacy of the Bahamas

Conch: The Delicacy of the Bahamas

Bahamian cuisine is amazing but if there is one local dish you must have, it’s conch.

Pronounced “konk,” it’s one of the weirdest yet oddly the tastiest dish.

Coming straight out of the Caribbean Sea, it serves as the main delicacy and is the most indigenous dish in the Bahamas.

It can be seared, fried, and even made in a salad.

It’s not only adored by locals, but tourists as well!

The Beaches that Make the Bahamas so Unique

The Beaches that Make the Bahamas so Unique

The Bahamas has beaches that can make you stop and just admire the beauty.

Beaches, beaches, and more beaches!

It’s the place where the crystal-clear waters tease the white-sandy beaches. It’s where the lushes palm trees provide shade from the sun that shines over the Bahamas.

To be honest:

The beaches in the Bahamas are like no other.

There is no way to explain it, but it will make your heart flutter with excitement and make your eyes drawn to the waters like a magnet.

But that’s not all:

The water is so warm that it feels like your body was meant for that ocean.

It’s so comfortable that leaving the ocean will seem like a sin.

Exuma Cays: Where Man Meets Wildlife

Exuma Cays: Where Man Meets Wildlife

Miraculous beaches and friendly, cute pigs.

Sounds like the perfect duo, right?

Well, you can have that!

The Exuma Cays is home to the pig beach where travelers can swim with wild pigs in knee high water.

The pigs are so friendly that they will swim in the water with you and sometimes even let you scratch their belly.

It’s quite the experience, because you can enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas while playing and swimming the animals that call that beach their home

And while the price may not be pleasing, the experience is 100% worth it. Here’s the best advice I can give you:

Take a flight to Exuma, NOT a boat. Flying is cheaper and faster.

No Language Barrier

Communicating and interacting with the Bahamian locals Bahamian locals is as easy as making friends in the U.S.


Because they speak English!

It’ll be easy to share stories, meet new people, and even have a normal conversation with them without having to struggle.

Because not only are the people super friendly, but talking to them is effortless.

That’s what makes traveling to the Bahamas a must!

The Bahamas is more than just an archipelago that’s home to extraordinary beaches.

It’s home to the most exciting culture, warm-hearted people, and unique experiences you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Bottom line?

Traveling to the Bahamas is more than just 9 reasons, in fact, there are endless amounts of reasons as to why the Bahamas is a must visit.

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9 Reasons Why Traveling to the Bahamas is a Must. The Bahamas is especially good at luring in millions of tourists with its white-washed shores, crystal clear waters, and countless activities that involve fun in the sun.



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