5 ways to make money while travelling

5 ways to make money while travelling

We’re all familiar with the basic budgeting advice that you’re given before you head abroad. “Stick to a daily budget” and “Don’t spend more than you need to” are two of the big ones. But when you’re actually travelling for an extended period of time and running low on funds, is there a way to make some extra cash on the side? Here are a couple of ways that you can earn an income while travelling. There are plenty of other ways to make money while you travel as well, check out a few suggestions below:


There are a heap of platforms available for those trying to earn some extra money while travelling, especially if you’re skilled in traditional business functions. This means that if you have experience in copywriting, blogging, producing, editing or even if you’re handy with Excel, you’ll probably be able to find a bit of work.

Check out websites such as Freelancer and Upwork and scroll through the list of available digital nomad jobs. The more high ratings and positive reviews that you get, the more work you’ll get. And the good thing is that you can freelance from anywhere in the world.

Work in a hostel

Many hostels will offer free accommodation in exchange for a bit of work. Typically, this means manning the front desk, helping visitors check in and out of their rooms and helping out with the general upkeep of maintenance and admin.

They may not pay you, but you’ll save a lot of money on accommodation costs and you’ll probably have access to free meals from the hostel as well.

5 ways to make money while travelling

Join the sharing economy

If you’re not keen on being a freelancer, there are still lots of odd jobs you can pick up on the go while you travel. Through platforms like Fiverr and Airtasker, people will pay you to do just about anything.

Whether it’s breaking up with someone’s girlfriend on their behalf, filming yourself doing a happy birthday dance or just picking someone up a coffee, it’s a bit of extra cash on the side that could definitely come in handy.

Don’t let yourself pay extra

To get the most out of your trip, it’s important to be cost-savvy. This means that you need to make smart decisions about your finances and how you’ll be dealing with money while you’re abroad.

You need to make sure you’re receiving the best value for your travel money card, any international money transfers you make and for your travel insurance. You may not directly be making money from this, but you will definitely be saving money on fees, premiums and interest payments.

Travel insurance is especially important. You only have to pay for it once but it can really save you from having to spend thousands of dollars on unexpected medical bills or lost luggage if something goes wrong.

Go remote

If you have a job with flexible working hours and a laid-back boss, you may be able to get away with working remotely. All you really need is a strong Internet connection and a laptop and you’re good to go.

There are plenty of white-collar roles that you can upkeep from overseas, and this works especially well if you’re planning to stay in one location for a while.

You’ll be able to work a few hours per day before going out on an adventure or to explore at night. Make sure you have good access to communication tools like Skype and Slack so that you don’t lose touch.


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