5 things to prepare you for travelling to Vietnam

Travelling is the one and only for all wanderlusts with itchy feet and enthusiastic heart. If your next destination is Vietnam, then this article will help you decide on what you should arrange in advance to have a great trip.

Plan your trip?

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A visa into Vietnam should be the first thing you prepared. Thanks to the opening and welcoming policy from Vietnam Immigration Department, Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA), which has been given birth for those who travel by air, bringing tons of advantages compared to the visas you get from an Embassy.

VOA can be applied for online to have approval letter without any inconvenience then have visa stamped onto your passport at the arrival airports and procedure-related things are released there.


Second thing to plan for is of course “powerful papers” aka money. Vietnam uses “Dong” as the official currency so just make sure you exchange your own currency into “Dong”.

You can exchange it in your own country or there are available exchange counters at Vietnam airport so it’s your choice.

Actually the local currency is Dong (VND) but USD is also widely accepted but you won’t buy everything here without VND then. Keeping safe is also important, you can use ATM or debit/credit cards which you can withdraw money at any international bank in Vietnam – easy peasy.


The climate in Vietnam changes depending if you travel from the North to the South. North of Vietnam has 4 seasons including Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter while the South has rainy and dried seasons only so please be well prepared if you are travelling to a wide range of places.

Check out the climate situation of each destination you are going to beforehand. Another thing tourists should take it into consideration is what to wear at certain place.

Like many other countries in the world, local residents are highly appreciative if visitors are trying to abide their traditional customs and cultural norms, especially when you come to a place of worship, make sure to take notice and dress properly.


Welcome to a country of various travelling types from luxury trips to outdoor energetic activities so depend on your own journey, make your health a top priority.

Being a nation of tropical climate, Vietnam may differ from your own home country and at times be inconvenient for you as it can be difficult to know what and where to eat, to drink and how to enjoy as much as you can while still stay healthy. Don’t panic! Train and keep your physical and mental life at the best.


Traveling doesn’t mean you are moving house so just leave all big, heavy stuff that you don’t need on your holiday back at home but the most important thing you should pack is your camera. Such a small piece of equipment but it plays as a key role in keeping and saving every previous moment during your trip.

So now, there’s no more to think about but lift your suitcase and let’s go to Vietnam!


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