48 hours in Bergen – A 2 day Itinerary

Bergen is an urban city that is full of life but also has plenty to offer those looking for a more peaceful experience.

The city is steeped in history and has a lot to offer those who want to learn more about Norway’s past. With its natural beauty, friendly people, and great food, Bergen is one of the best cities in the world to visit.

Bergen street at night with boats in Norway, UNESCO World Heritage Site

48 hours in Bergen has something for everyone. If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the scenery, then you should visit the mountains and fjords. But if you are more interested in culture, history, and cuisine then there are plenty of museums and restaurants to explore.

The best month to visit Bergen Norway is from May to September. The weather is mild where temperatures average 19 degrees Celcius and you still have plenty of daylight hours. The city is popular with tourists and locals alike, so you will never feel lonely.

The city has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful places in Norway. It is located on the western coast of Norway near mountains that surround the city and fjords that run through it.

By purchasing one of the four Bergen Cards—24-hour, 48-hour, 72-hour, or 96-hour—you can enter museums, attractions, events, or sightseeing excursions for free or at a reduced price. Additionally, you can travel for free on buses across the region and receive excellent discounts on food outlets and parking.

If you’re wondering how many days in Bergen is ideal or how many days do you need in Bergen? Well it all depends on what your plans are? You could easily spend a few weeks or even months in Bergen and still not see or do everything.

Below is a great guide on what to do in Bergen for 2 days because sometimes 2 days in Bergen Norway is all you have, especially if you’re spending a weekend in Bergen or you’re travelling to Bergen on short stop over trip and want to be able to tour some of the main areas within Bergen.

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Where to stay for your 48 hrs in Bergen

The location of your hotel should be a top priority. If you plan to explore the city, it is best to find accommodations close to the main attractions and transportation hubs. Staying in the centre of Bergen is beneficial for your 48 hours in Bergen itinerary.

Some hotel recommendations include Hotel Norge by Scandic. This four-star hotel has an exquisite glass exterior, is centrally located and offers comfortable and modern rooms. Inside the hotel, you can find amenities such as a high-end restaurant, a gym and a patio.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, there are also lots of hotels in Bergen. The City Hostel Bergen AS is a great place to stay if you are on a budget. The hostel offers dorm-style rooms with shared kitchens and includes free Wi-Fi.

A great way to explore Bergen is by walking. The city centre is quite compact, so you can easily walk from one place to another. The main attractions of Bergen are located in the centre and within walking distance from each other, meaning you will easily be able to get around during your Bergen trip.

Bergen, Norway. Tourists People Visiting Historical Landmark Houses In Bryggen - Hanseatic Wharf In Bergen, Norway. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous Landmark. Destination Scenic

Overview Of 2 Days In Bergen Itinerary

Day 1 in Bergen:

  • Mount Fløyen
  • Bergen Fish Market
  • Fjord Cruise
  • Bergen Nightlife

Day 2 in Bergen:

  • Festplassen & Lille Lungegårdsvannet
  • Bergen Segway Tour
  • Bryggens Museum
  • Bergen Urban Zoo
  • Bergenhus Fortress
  • Magic Ice Bar Bergen
BERGEN, NORWAY - : View of historical buildings in Bryggen- Hanseatic wharf. Bryggen has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979.

Day 1 in Bergen

For your first day in Bergen, you will immerse yourself in nature and the great outdoors that the Fjords have to offer.

We recommend spending time exploring some of these natural wonders. Spend the morning up a mountain and an afternoon on the water going through scenery like no other.

The city is surrounded by fjords and large forested areas, which makes it easy to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Mount Fløyen

Start your day early in the morning, and head to Mount Fløyen. This is a mountain that overlooks Bergen city and offers spectacular views of the hustle and bustle below. There are two ways you can get there, by funicular or by walking up. Both offer different experiences so it is best to try both if you have the time.

The Fløibanen Funicular is a unique and fun tourist attraction that offers mountain views. Great for those who cannot manage to hike or who simply do not have the time. It is one of Norway’s most visited attractions and a great way to see Bergen from above.

The Fløibanen Funicular takes you up Mount Fløyen, which is the highest point in Bergen. At the top, there are restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy freshly made food and drinks while enjoying the magnificent views. Take a walk over to Fløien Folkerestaurant or Skomakerstuen Cafe.

During your time on top of the mountain, revel in the breathtaking scenery, marvel at the wildlife and take lots of pictures from this Bergen viewpoint. There are plenty of walking routes at the top, so you can explore Bergen from above at your leisure.

Why not walk over to Revurtjernet viewpoint or Tippetue viewpoint for an alternative point of view. You will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself as the Fløibanen Funicular runs regularly and quickly through the day.

Bergen, Norway panoramic cityscape with colorful traditional houses and Mount Floyen

Bergen Fish Market

Once you have finished with your morning up Mount Fløyen, head over to the Bergen fish market for a spot of lunch – an amazing spot if you are a seafood lover! The outdoor market is popular with tourists and locals as everyone gathers to sample delicious food.

Eat along the waterside after walking around the stalls that sell lots of vegetables, fruit and fish. The fish market is open all year round, so you can go at any time of the day. It is a great place to visit if you want fresh seafood and want to see how it is prepared locally.

Traditional Norwegian fish include the prince fish, crayfish and mountain trout, see if you can spot them! Whilst you are here try to also sample some other traditional Norwegian cuisine from one of the stalls.

Look for Norwegian cinnamon buns (sweet pastry in a spiral shape covered in sugar and cinnamon) and Raspeballer (boiled potato dumplings).

Bergen, Norway - People buy fish at the fresh seafood stalls in outdoor Fish Market in Bryggen - Hanseatic wharf, Bergen, Norway.

Fjord Cruise

For your afternoon hop onto a boat that will take you for a Fjord tour where you can see the unique and special landscapes. The boat will take you to some of the most picturesque spots around Bergen.

It is a great way to get an overview of the city and its surrounding areas, as well as learn about its history. You can get on board at Zachariasbryggen Quay and the trip will last three hours.

The Mostraumen Fjord Cruise provides you with the chance to see lines of mountains, waterfalls and wildlife such as seals and eagles. Expect to see fjords such as Zachariasbryggen and waterfalls including Hardangerfjord.

A key highlight of the trip is being able to get so close to the waterfall, you may feel some spray! The captain of the boat also collects some of the waterfall water for you to taste. The boat also has a sundeck where you can enjoy refreshments such as wine and beer.

Cruise Ship, Cruise Liners On Geiranger fjord, Norway. The fjord is one of Norway's most visited tourist sites. Geiranger Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Bergen Nightlife

To end your first day for your 48 hours in Bergen, dine in one of the many highly-rated restaurants. There are many cuisines to choose from including Italian, Indian and Mexican.

Some highlights include Boccone Ristorante, an Italian with aged wines and saucy pasta and La Taqueria, a spicy Mexican restaurant that serves burritos, tacos and enchiladas. Both have a lovely vibrant atmosphere and great service.

Even though Bergen is small and is not necessarily known for its vibrant nightlife it still does have many bars and places to go late into the evening.

In the city centre, you will find TRE 23 BAR, a fancy cocktail bar with a cosy atmosphere and dimmed lights as well as Muskedunder which has an extensive drinks list and friendly staff. It also stays open as late as 3 am on weekends.

Bergen, Norway - Photo of Bergen Waterfront on a rainy evening. The coastline of the port of Bergen

Day 2 in Bergen

On the second day of your weekend trip in Bergen, you will do some Bergen city sightseeing. The city is famous for its scenic landscapes and Fjords but the city itself also has plenty to offer.

Tick off as many sites as you can on a segway tour, visit historical landmarks and museums plus spend a few hours at the zoo! It will be a full day of activities so make sure you are well-rested before heading out.

Festplassen & Lille Lungegårdsvannet

Start your day by heading over to this scenic city centre spot. Lille Lungegårdsvannet is a lake in the middle of Bergen that has pleasant surroundings and a fountain.

The beautiful park and lake complex are great places to relax and enjoy the scenery. Festplassen is located on the East of the area and is a large open-plan square that regularly holds fun entertainment and events.

The square is popular with locals and tourists alike, who come here to enjoy the fresh air, take in some live music or just hang out with friends. It is a great place to enjoy your morning coffee before your second day!

Bergen landscape with Floyen Mountain, colorful houses, fountain and Lille Lungegardsvannet or Smalungeren Lake in Hordaland county in Bergen, Norway

Bergen Segway Tour

Get around quickly and see the city at your leisure with this Best Views of Bergen – Segway Day Tour! The tour takes around two hours and you get to see some of Bergen’s most famous streets, spots and parks.

Whizz through Nordnesparken (a scenic park) and Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf (a UNESCO World Heritage site that contains colourful wooden buildings). Your tour guide will ensure you are safe and having fun at all times, whilst providing you with insight and knowledge into what it is like to live a day to day life in Bergen.

This tour is super flexible and laid-back, you can take a break at any point, and there are plenty of stops along the way.

After your exciting segway city tour, grab some lunch down by the waterfront. Bryggeriet Restaurant and Bryggeloftet & Stuene Restaurant offer some excellent Norwegian cuisine with outdoor dining and sea views. Expect to see lots of seafood on the menu and do not forget to try their famous Bergen fish soup.

BERGEN NORWAY - The Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf a UNESCO World Heritage site with shops hotels and restaurants in Bergen Norway.

Bryggens Museum

The Bryggens Museum is really fascinating and a must-see during your 2 days in Bergen. Full of historic artifacts from Bergen and the whole of Western Norway, you can really delve into medieval history.

There are numerous exhibitions within the museum, with the main attraction being called Below Ground. Within this, you will see items that have been preserved from medieval times, some even a thousand years old!

Bergen Urban Zoo

Spend a couple of hours at the Bergen Urban Zoo. A small zoo specialising in tropical wildlife and domestic animals. Get up close and personal with snakes, scorpions, lizards and spiders.

In the domestic animals section of the park, you will find rare breeds of rabbits, chickens and pigs. It will be a great few hours, especially if you are travelling with family. The zoo is situated in the heart of Bergen, just a short walk from the city centre.

Detail view of tiger drinking from the river

Bergenhus Fortress

Take a short walk over to the waterfront castle, Bergenhus Fortress. This 13th-century stone building overlooks the water and served as a fortified stronghold for centuries.

It was built back in 1261 and hundreds of years later it is still standing and is now open to the public. Inside there is also a museum that relays Bergen’s history during the second world war.

Take a guided tour inside where you can learn about the history surrounding the fortress and Bergen as a whole. This venue is open until late.

Bergen, Norway- Bergenhus Fortress and Rosenkrantz Tower in the historical part of Norwegian city.

Magic Ice Bar Bergen

To finish off your two days in Bergen, it is time to relax for the evening. The Magic Ice Bar is a fantastic experience and definitely fits with the cold theme of Norway.

The bar is made of ice, and you get to wear an overcoat and gloves provided by the bar staff when you enter. Not only can you drink cool icy drinks in the bar but there is an ice sculpture art gallery. Listen to music and relax as you enjoy the ice bar experience.

Afterwards, head back over to the main waterfront and continue your night in the bars and restaurants until late. Some great bars near the Fish Market include No Stress Bergen, Salong Bar & Billiard and LAST monkey.

All of them have long lists of cocktails to try, music and good vibes. This is a fun and exciting way to end your two days in Bergen and will help you to remember your time in Norway forever!

Bergen is a city and municipality in Hordaland on the west coast of Norway.

Bergen, Norway is full of culture, breathtaking views and landscapes which means it has gained its name as a UNESCO world heritage site.

A weekend in Bergen will solidify itself in your memories for life. Bergen is a small city with a big heart. It is a place where history, culture and nature collide to create one of the most beautiful cities you will ever see.

With its picturesque scenery, charming architecture and energetic vibe, it is no wonder that Bergen has been voted Norway’s most popular destination for tourists year after year!

Recommended tours in Bergen

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48 hours in Bergen - A 2 day Itinerary
48 hours in Bergen - A 2 day Itinerary
48 hours in Bergen - A 2 day Itinerary


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