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10 Backpacking Basics

Backpacking Basics

If you’ve decided to grab your travel backpack and take off for that once in a lifetime trip, you already understand that you’ll need the essentials such as passport and money. But what some of the things that you may forget, that makes travelling just a little nicer?


Don’t be that person who returns to the dorm room late at night and switches the main lights on; As well as being helpful when crossing Dormland, it’s also good for trekking and exploring any caves.


Wet wipes are a gift from the travel Gods. Use them for everything from cleaning up scrapes and scratches to mopping dust of your flip flops.


Use it to patch up any tears in your backpack! Secure your mosquito net with it!


Are you either a student, under 26 or a teacher? You’re eligible for a discount card that you can use all around the world on up to 40,000 discounts; including things like eating out and guidebooks.


Can be used from stopping your bag from rubbing, to soothing your skin, to keeping your hair clean,


Despite your good intentions to start a blog, by the time you get round to typing it up, you’ll have forgotten loads. Nothing beats lying on an isolated beach with a notebook in your hand, writing about your latest travel adventures and capturing how you’re feeling. It would be a shame if all those amazing things will be forgotten so I write them down!


This essential is exactly that. It’s so important and you can’t get it once you’ve already departed of your trip. Don’t let getting your iPod stolen or having to fork out for medical travel treatments ruin your trip. You can buy insurance from only pennies a day – especially designed with the young and adventurous traveller in mind.


Or a similar smartphone with music-listening capabilities. Travelling without music on long bus journeys is no fun; plus, the songs you listen to will forever remind you of your travels. In addition, you can use your smartphone to access wifi  Apps such as Google Maps is invaluable when travelling. Before moving to a new town load the map area so you already have the upper hand and know the lay of the land. Especially useful when arriving somewhere late at night. Do remember to turn data roaming off, to avoid being landed with a massive phone bill.


Take a couple of padlocks. They’ll keep your backpack secure, and you can also use them on lockers in some hostels.


Stick some loo roll in your bag, particularly if you’re travelling around Latin America or Asia, where the public toilets may be notably void of hallowed roll. On a toilet-related note; start practising your crouching skills, as the public loos will probably be lacking in seats. You’ll soon get used to them and think of the workout your thighs will get!

Check out a fellow bloggers guide on cheap places to travel here! Will has worked out the best places to travel on as little as $10 a day!

The key to successful backpacking is planning. The freedom that this type of travelling offers is so much more enjoyable when the little things are taken care of first. So plan ahead and go ahead!

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