Where To Stay in Zermatt [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Zermatt, Switzerland - Aerial view of snowcapped village with background of iconic mountain peak Matterhorn, some hotels are closed in winter.

Switzerland has dozens of ski resort areas and towns throughout the mountainous Alps region in the southern part of the country. Zermatt, in the country’s Valais canton, has to be one of the best and most popular. Not only for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports but also for hiking during the summer months too. Since it’s so popular, figuring out where to stay in Zermatt isn’t too difficult as there are lots of options.

One of the reasons why Zermatt Switzerland is a top choice for those looking for a winter vacation is the Matterhorn. This mountain, known as Mont Cervin in France and Cervino in Italian, is the 12th largest in the European Alps.

Its unique and distinctive pyramid shape has made it an icon of the Swiss Alps and heading up the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car is a must-do in the area. This mountain is even featured on the box of Toblerone chocolate!

Zermatt offers a fantastic range of accommodations to suit every type of travel style and budget. There are social ski hostels, budget hotels, cosy apartments and luxurious chalets with mountain views available both in the resort area of Zermatt itself or in one of the surrounding towns.

This guide breaks down all of the top Zermatt neighbourhoods to stay in as well as those to avoid. It also lists the best accommodation in Zermatt in each area so you can have a fantastic trip to Zermatt whether you are visiting in winter for skiing or summer for hiking!

Below are 6 of the best neighbourhoods in and around Zermatt to help you make the right decision when trying to work out best areas to stay in Zermatt for you or the different styles of accommodation in Zermatt Switzerland. We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible. We have also included some things to do or places to visit within in Zermatt so you can use this as a go to guide.

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Zermatt Town – Where To Stay in Zermatt for First Timers

Zermatt Town is the heart and soul of the entire area of Zermatt. It’s where you’ll find Zermatt railway station, lots of bars and restaurants, the largest range of Zermatt hotels and other types of accommodation. 

Not only is it a convenient place to stay while you’re in Zermatt as everything you could need for your trip is no more than a one-minute walk away, but it’s also a beautiful town. It leans towards the pricey side of the spectrum but it’s still the absolute best place to stay in Zermatt for first-time visitors!

One of the top things to do in Zermatt Town includes the Matterhorn Museum just off the main street. This is a regional museum with exhibits on the history of the area including all the mountaineers that have climbed the Matterhorn mountain. You’ll find the Zermatt Matterhorn viewpoint here as well as the picturesque Kirchbrücke bridge.

You’ll also find the train station for the Gornergrat railway in Zermatt. This is an alpine railway that rises 10,000 feet into the Alps where you’ll see glacier lakes and wildlife right outside the train windows. Paragliding, hiking shops, and ski shops are also dotted around the town.

Some of the best hotels in Zermatt for skiing are luxury chalets which charge around €300 per night during the peak ski season. Some of the more luxurious hotels can cost as much as €1,000 per night. You can also find 3-star Zermatt accommodation options and hostels that are further to the €150 per night mark.

Best places to stay in Zermatt Town

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in
 Zermatt Town
Zermatt Youth Hostel

Budget accommodation in
 Zermatt Town
Petit Helvetia Budget Hotel
Hotel Bahnhof

Mid range accommodation in
 Zermatt Town
Petit Chalet Schönegg
Naco Aparthotel, by Arca
Swiss Alpine Hotel Allalin
la couronne Hotel & Spa

Family Friendly accommodation in
 Zermatt Town
Hotel Butterfly, BW Signature Collection
Hotel Parnass
Hotel Derby
Hotel Daniela

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Zermatt Town
Mont Cervin Palace (hotel in Zermatt with best view of Matterhorn)
Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
SchlossHotel Zermatt Active & CBD Spa Hotel
Backstage Boutique SPA Hotel

Zermatt town and Matterhorn mountain aerial panoramic view in the Valais canton of Switzerland

Zermatt Resort Area – Where To Stay in Zermatt With Family

The Zermatt Resort Area covers the rest of the region of Zermatt that isn’t Zermatt Town. Zermatt is a huge resort that encompasses dozens of mountains, slopes and trails and some of the best hotels in Zermatt are in this region.

It does not have the huge amount of nightlife, attractions or amenities of Zermatt Town but it is closer in proximity to the slopes and has a quieter, more relaxed vibe. This is why the Zermatt Resort Area is perfect if you are travelling to Zermatt with your family and young kids. It’s also ideal if you’re looking for where to stay in Zermatt for skiing and therefore where to stay in Zermatt in winter.

It’s slightly more challenging to choose a place when you’re determining where to stay in Zermatt Resort Area. Zermatt is car-free so you will need to ensure you can reach your accommodation with all your luggage by electric taxi or public transport. 

Most of the hotels and chalets in the Zermatt Resort Area are mid-range, three-star or four-star hotels. During the peak ski season, these hotels could cost around €300-€400 per night. You can find better deals by booking in advance. 

Best places to stay in Zermatt Resort Area

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in
 Zermatt Resort Area
Hotel Schwarzsee
3030 Gandegg, Gandegghütte

Mid range accommodation in
 Zermatt Resort Area
Riffelhaus 1853

Family Friendly accommodation in
 Zermatt Resort Area
Riffelalp Resort 2222m – Ski-in, Ski-out
Piccolo Fiamma by Pizzo Fiamma
3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat

Zermatt, Switzerland - Town main street view in famous swiss ski resort, colorful traditional houses, mountains and people

Täsch – Where To Stay in Zermatt on a Budget

No matter which season you visit Zermatt in, it’s an expensive place! If you want to know where to stay in Zermatt on a budget, you might be better off looking outside of Zermatt in the surrounding areas. Luckily, there are lots of small towns and villages that are accessible to Zermatt via public transport that offer much cheaper accommodation. 

Täsch is just 5 km north of Zermatt and is only 11 minutes on the tram away from Zermatt Town train station. Trams leave to and from Täsch around every 15 to 20 minutes so you never have to wait too long for transport. All of these reasons and more are why Täsch is a great choice if you want to know where to stay in Zermatt on a budget.

Like Zermatt, Täsch covers a large area but there is also a town in the centre where most of the restaurants, bars and other amenities are located. There are hiking trails, charming churches and viewpoints that even offer unobstructed views of Matterhorn mountain.

If you want to know where to stay in Zermatt with a car, Täsch is also the best choice. It is the go-to place for people to park their car and leave it if they are staying in Zermatt which is car-free.

Täsch mostly offers mid-range and budget hotels and even some apartments. Most of Täsch’s accommodation options do not charge more than €150 a night even in the peak season which is already a massive reduction from Zermatt Town and Zermatt Resort Area’s prices.

There are far fewer accommodation options here than in Zermatt, however, so book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Best places to stay in Täsch

Budget accommodation in
Täschalp Restaurant&Lodge
Petit Paradisli
Apartment Castor und Pollux-2
St Martin Apartments

Mid range accommodation in
Hotel Mountime
Matterhorn Inn
Appartementhaus Crystal
Modern Rooms by Täscherhof

Family Friendly accommodation in
Appartements Monte Rosa
Casa Cervino 45
Apartment Hubertusheim-3
Apartment Arbgrat

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Täsch
“alti Post” zentralgelegene, stilvolle Dachwohnung
Typically Swiss Hotel Täscherhof

Winter night view with clear sky of the tasch valley the gate to Zermatt Switzerland

Randa – Best Area To Stay in Zermatt Off the Beaten Path

Randa is the area just north of Täsch along the main highway that runs north of Zermatt. This means that Randa is still very close to Zermatt Town, only around 9 km north.

It’s also on the same tram to Zermatt as Täsch. Although trams do not travel between Zermatt and Randa as often as they do between Täsch and Zermatt (roughly every 40 minutes), the journey only lasts 15 minutes.

Randa is a smaller, less built-up alternative to Täsch which is why it’s a great option if you want to know where to stay in Zermatt a little off the beaten path. There are still some accommodation options and places of interest (viewpoints, hiking trails, churches, etc.) but not as many and very few tourists choose to stay here. 

What you get in return for staying in a more obscure place is a chance to connect with locals and enjoy a slower pace of life. Like Täsch, Randa’s hotels are mostly mid-range and budget chalets that won’t break the bank.

Best places to stay in Randa

Budget accommodation in
Hotel Klein Matterhorn
Chalet Blettner
B&B Matterhorn Golf

Mid range accommodation in
Ferienwohnungen Wallis – Randa bei Zermatt
Chalet Moos
Haus Royal

Family Friendly accommodation in
Ferienwohnung Slavica Dorfstrasse 94
Haus Alpentraum
Ferienwohnungen Haus Alte Bäckerei

Charles Kuonen suspension bridge in Swiss Alps. With 494 metres, it is the longest suspension bridge in the world in summer landscape in blue sky

St Niklaus – Where To Stay in Zermatt for Hiking

Beyond Randa to the north is an area and town called St. Niklaus. It’s in the beneficial position of still being close enough to Zermatt for it to be totally doable to travel there every day but far enough out of the alps to have generally warmer weather.

Trams travel between St Niklaus and Zermatt just as often as they do Randa, every 40 minutes. The journey only takes 35 minutes to travel the 18 km between the towns!

St Niklaus is a great place for skiing as it’s close to the ski slopes in Grächen as well as Zermatt, but these mountains are also ideal for hiking in the warmer months. St Niklaus has some great hiking trails such as the Riedgletscher, Üssers Barrhorn and Crossroads Rundweg hiking areas.

There are fewer hotels and chalets in St Niklaus than in Zermatt Town or Zermatt Resort but the ones it does have are highly rated and reasonably priced. It’s unlikely that hotels will charge more than €150 per night during the peak season.

Plus, you have the added bonus of St Niklas being a bigger town than Randa or Täsch so there are more bars and restaurants.

Best places to stay in St Niklaus

Budget accommodation in
 St Niklaus
Spacious Apartment in St Niklaus near Mattertal Ski Area
Cool water Ranch

Mid range accommodation in
 St Niklaus
Hotel Heimatlodge
Alpia 26 – Zwei Zimmerwohnung in traditionellem Walliser Haus
Panorama – Cozy Place in Nature

Family Friendly accommodation in
 St Niklaus
Hotel La Reserve
B&B Alpenrösli
Chalet Clair de Lune Gasenried bei Grächen VS

View of Pfarrkirche St.Niklaus with forest and mountains on background from panoramic train. Station St.Niklaus in canton of Valais.

Visp – Where To Stay in Zermatt in Summer

The town of Visp is the furthest town away from Zermatt Town and Zermatt Ski Resort Area on this list as it’s 35 km north. Trains leave Visp towards Zermatt and vice versa every 60 minutes and the train journey lasts just over one hour. 

Due to the fact that Visp is a little further away from the heart of the Swiss Alps and the extremely high and impressive mountains, this is a fantastic place to stay if you are visiting Zermatt in the summer.

Visp is one of the larger towns in this guide with more hotels, cafes, restaurants and stores. It’s also a very pretty town during the warmer weather in particular. The Rhône River, a major river that flows through France and Switzerland, cuts through the centre of Visp.

There are lots of hiking trails like the Berg-Adventure, Weinwanderungen and Stolleneingang Suonenwanderung that start in the town or just outside it. Exploring the local scenery is super easy from Visp!

This town also has lots of hotels and has a better range of budget and mid-range accommodation options. You could easily find hotel rooms in budget hotels for €80 a night here. Or, you could get a three or four-star hotel for around €150.

Best places to stay in Visp

Budget accommodation in
Elite Visp

Mid range accommodation in
Baxter Hotel
Hotel-Restaurant Eyholz

Family Friendly accommodation in
Hotel & Bildungshaus St. Jodern
Hotel Zur Traube
Central Apartment – culture & nightlife in one

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Visp
Nice view and only the rush of the river below to lull you to sleep

Landscape Countryside Village at Visp, Switzerland, Cityscape and Natural Scenery Hill of Swiss Alps, Travel Destination and Europe Vacation Traveling in Springtime. Nature and City Land Background

Added Extra: Areas To Avoid in Zermatt

There are very few areas that you should avoid in Zermatt due to the risk of crime and danger. Zermatt, and Switzerland in general, is a very safe place for visitors.

The only areas you should avoid near Zermatt are small villages like Staffa, Zinal, and Saas-Fee. If you look at these villages on a map, you might think that they are very close to Zermatt. You might assume that, just like Täsch, you’ll be able to hop on public transport and reach Zermatt in no time.

When you look at maps of mountainous regions, you need to consider that there might be no direct roads and a huge mountain between two places.

Zermatt only has one main road heading north, which means Staffa is over two hours drive, Zinal is a 90-minute drive and Saas-Fee is a 45-minute drive.

Only stay in the neighbourhoods recommended in this guide!

Zermatt, Switzerland. Gornergrat red tourist train on the bridge and Matterhorn peak panorama in Swiss Alps

FAQ for Where To Stay In and Near Zermatt

Where To Base in Zermatt?

Base yourself in Zermatt Town if you are visiting Zermatt for the first time. If you are travelling to Zermatt with family and young kids, base yourself in the Zermatt resort area.

If you are on a budget and travelling to Zermatt, choose the nearby town of Täsch as your base. Stay in St. Niklaus when travelling to Zermatt for hiking or stay in Visp which is the best town closest to Zermatt to stay during the summer months. If you’re wondering where to stay in Zermatt off the beaten path then try the nearby town of Randa

Avoid staying in Staffa, Zinal, or Saas-Fee as these towns may look close to Zermatt on a map but they are inaccessible to Zermatt via road.

How Many Days in Zermatt Is Enough?

When planning your itinerary and figuring out how long to spend in Zermatt, consider how many days you want to dedicate to outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing. You could easily spend a week or more in Zermatt if you wanted to spend most of your time skiing, snowboarding or hiking. 

Two days in Zermatt is enough to do all the top things in the area. There are activities such as riding the cable car up the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, touring Zermatt town and hiking or skiing along some of the trails but you will have to rush from place to place. Spend at least three days in Zermatt if you want to explore everywhere at a more leisurely pace.

However, it is one of the more expensive ski areas. You will need to work out whether you have the budget to stay here longer as well as work out if you can spare the time.

One of the most iconic alpine peak, Matterhorn. Mountain view from the Stellisee lake at dawn, Zermatt, Canton of Valais, Switzerland, Europe

Is Zermatt Worth Staying?

Zermatt is absolutely worth staying and worth visiting! It has some of the most stunning mountain views out of anywhere in the Swiss Alps and that’s saying something. 

Zermatt has lots of fantastic accommodation options for all travel styles and budgets. There are also plenty of hiking trails and ski slopes here that justify staying here for a few days rather than just passing through. 

Is It Better To Stay in Täsch or Zermatt?

Choosing whether to stay in Täsch or Zermatt will largely depend on your budget and transportation options. 

Zermatt Town and Zermatt Resort Area are more expensive places to stay than Täsch. Plus, there are trams between the two towns which depart every 20 minutes and only take 11 minutes. You also cannot take a car into Zermatt so if you have one, you should stay in Täsch.

If you want to be closer to the iconic mountains and ski areas then it’s better to stay in Zermatt rather than Täsch. If you have the cash to splash then you should stay in Zermatt.

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Where To Stay in Zermatt
Where To Stay in Zermatt
Where To Stay in Zermatt


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