Where to stay in Porto [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

After Lisbon, Porto is Portugal’s second largest city. With over two million people, Porto is quite large to navigate. The strategic location where the Duoro River meets the Atlantic Ocean gives Porto quite a lengthy and interesting history.

Known best for port wine cellars and a plethora of bridges, Porto dates back to 300 BC and later became an important part of the Roman Empire, centuries before becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Porto, Portugal: view over Porto old town with colorful buildings and red roofs. Promenadein Cais de Ribeira along Duoro river on a sunny day.

Visitors to Porto today come for the wine, the colourful architecture, and picturesque bridges. Porto is relatively easy to get around, but it’s a bit hilly, so keep this in mind when choosing where to stay in Porto. Using our guide to Porto neighborhoods, you can choose the best Porto hotel for your travel style.

We will cover off all types of accommodation in Porto; options from Hostels to luxury Porto hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Porto Portugal 2024, the best Porto hotels, best places in Porto to visit, the best places to stay in Porto, hotels near Porto attractions, Porto neighborhood guide and many more.

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Baixa – Where to stay in Porto Portugal for tourists

Centered on the Avenida dos Aliados, Baixa Porto may be the best area for tourists visiting Porto for the first time, as it’s centrally located and one of the trendier, more modern neighborhoods of Porto.

If you are planning any day trips from Porto, the Sao Bento railway station is located here, as is the Trindade Metro station for each access to other areas of Porto. Wonder where to stay in Porto for first-timers, Baixa is perfect for newbies and tourists!

This historic centre of Porto is filled with winding narrow streets lined with 19th-century buildings which house cafes, shops and boutique hotels.

Travellers will pay a premium for the central location of Baixa, but if you want to know what’s the best neighborhood to stay in Porto, this is it. That said, you’ll have a large range of Porto hotels to choose from in Baixa.

Best places to stay in Baixa Porto

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Baixa Porto

Budget accommodation in Baixa Porto

Mid range accommodation in Baixa Porto

Family Friendly accommodation in Baixa Porto

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Baixa Porto

Porto, Portugal - Facades of houses on the Rua dos Clerigos street.

Boavista – Where to stay in Porto on a budget

A bit northwest of the Baixa city center is Boavista, a thriving artistic neighborhood full of museums and performing art centers.

Avenue Boavista stretches out from the Praca Mouzinho de Albuquerque and is home to many restaurants, rooftop bars, and hotels in Porto Portugal.

Boavista is said to be the best neighborhood to stay in Porto Portugal for those on a budget.

Some of the best attractions in Boavista include the City Park, the Planetarium, the Museum of Modern Art and Casa Musica.

Travelers looking for a budget-friendly hotel in Porto will find some good options in this area, as it’s just enough out of the city centre to make it affordable.

Best places to stay in Boavista Porto

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Boavista

Budget accommodation in Boavista

Mid range accommodation in Boavista

Family Friendly accommodation in Boavista

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Boavista

PORTO PORTUGAL - View of Casa da Musica - House of Music Modern Oporto Concert Hall the first building in Portugal exclusively dedicated to music designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas in Porto Portugal

Ribeira – Where to stay in Porto for nightlife

If you’ve seen photos of colorful buildings along the waterfront, you’ve seen photos of Ribeira. This historic residential area is the part of Porto that has earned UNESCO World Heritage status.

It’s while it’s quite popular with tourists, there are still Porto residents who live here and carry on their daily activities amidst the tourism.

If you are looking for a boutique hotel in Porto, there are many in Ribeira’s historic buildings. The best area to stay in Porto for nightlife is Ribeira which also happens to be a popular nightlife spot in Porto, so the streets are quite lively.

Making this one of the areas to avoid in Porto if you are traveling with young children and prefer a more quiet environment.

Best places to stay in Ribeira Porto

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Ribeira

Budget accommodation in Ribeira

Mid range accommodation in Ribeira

Family Friendly accommodation in Ribeira

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Ribeira

Porto, Portugal - Old town Ribeira promenade view and people

Masserelos – Where to stay in Porto for foodies

Just west of Baixos is the university area of Masserelos. Foodie travelers will absolutely have to visit the Mercado do Bom Sucesso.

Porto’s culinary market hall which has a produce market, food court, cafes and even a boutique design hotel. Closer to the University of Porto, you’ll find budget-friendly cafes and bars brimming with students.

Masserelos is also a family-friendly area of Porto, with lots of green space including the Jardim Botanico and the Jardins Palacio de Cristal. Along the river, you can take a stroll on the promenade for beautiful views.

Best places to stay in Masserelos Porto

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Masserelos

Budget accommodation in Masserelos

Mid range accommodation in Masserelos

Family Friendly accommodation in Masserelos

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Masserelos

OPORTO, PORTUGAL - : The Central Parterre, with water as its main element and principal theme, is the garden located in front of the Villa in Serralves, Porto, Portugal

Cedofeita – Where to stay in Porto with family

Adjacent to both Masserelos and Boavista is another area popular with students called Cedofeita, named for the Sao Martinho da Cedofeita, a medieval church (the oldest church in Porto!) and National Monument.

The main thoroughfare, Rua Miguel Bombarda, is also known as the arts districts of Porto as it is lined with galleries and boutiques.

If you want to know which is best area to stay in Porto Portugal with family, Cedofeita is a good choice with many nice apartment rentals, while couples visiting Porto will find many romantic boutique hotels also.

Best places to stay in Cedofeita Porto

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Cedofeita

Budget accommodation in Cedofeita

Mid range accommodation in Cedofeita

Family Friendly accommodation in Cedofeita

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Cedofeita

The Church Igreja do Carmo dos Carmelitas in Ribeira - the old town of Porto, Porugal

Vila Nova de Gaia – Where to stay in Porto for couples

Across the river from  Foz do Douro is the home of Port wine, Vila Nova de Gaia. If you want to stay near as many port wine cellars as possible, then this is the Porto neighborhood for you.

Beach lovers will also find some nice beaches here, and the view of Porto across the river is magical. Vila Nova de Gaia is one of the best areas to stay in Porto for couples due to it’s super relaxed romantic hotels in Porto.

Access to Porto is pretty easy and you can even take a ferry for a fun transportation mode.

The Porto Gaia cable car is another fun way to get around, and a great way to get amazing views over Porto without having to drag yourself up a hill. The Telerifico is a must when visiting Porto!

Best places to stay in Vila Nova de Gaia Porto

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Vila Nova de Gaia

Budget accommodation in Vila Nova de Gaia

Mid range accommodation in Vila Nova de Gaia

Family Friendly accommodation in Vila Nova de Gaia

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Vila Nova de Gaia

View of Ribeira and overview lifts from Villa Gaia de Nova with the roofs of port wine warehouses in the foreground, Porto, Portugal.

Foz do Douro – Where to stay in Porto for beach lovers

Along the Atlantic coast in the far west of Portugal, Foz do Douro is the best place for beach lovers who are more interested in a laid-back atmosphere than a fast-paced urban experience.

Easily reached by tram, there is much to explore in this area.

From the beautiful waterfront promenade to the waterfront bars, restaurants, and hotels, Foz do Douro has something for everyone.

At Mercado da Foz, take a stroll through several stalls and sample traditional local food before checking out one of several Michelin-starred restaurants in the area.

Best places to stay in Foz do Douro Porto

Budget accommodation in Foz do Douro

Mid range accommodation in Foz do Douro

Family Friendly accommodation in Foz do Douro

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Foz do Douro

Sunset over Atlantic Ocean seen from beach in Foz do Douro parish in Porto city, Portugal

Top 5 favorites accommodation options for Porto

❤️ Best Area first timersBaixa Porto
💸 Best Luxury HotelHotel das Virtudes
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesOporto Comfort Charming Cedofeita
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelBessaHotel Baixa
🛏️ Best Budget HotelVanzeleres 285
✨ Best HostelRosalma Hostel

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