Where to stay in Buenos Aires [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Living in Buenos Aires for a few months gave me a unique perspective on where to stay in the city. From my experience, I can recommend 2 of the best neighbourhoods – Palermo and San Telmo. I cover off a few of the main areas as well depending on why you’re travelling.

Palermo is known as the trendiest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, and it’s filled with attractions such as incredible bars, restaurants, and stores. It’s also home to some of the most iconic spots in the city like La Rural market and Palermo Soho.

San Telmo is known for its old-world feel. With cobblestone streets lined with attractive cafes, boutiques and antique shops, this neighbourhood maintains an old-school charm that can’t be found elsewhere. Every Sunday they hold an outdoor market where you can get great deals on everything from art to clothes.

Whether you’re looking for an interesting lifestyle or just want to relax in luxury, these neighbourhoods have something for everyone who wants to find out Where to stay in Buenos Aires Argentina!

Buenos Aires Argentina - The Obelisk at Plaza de la Republica built in 1936. is a major touristic destination in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Argentina’s capital city has been attracting travelers for years, with a thriving art scene, amazing restaurants and legendary nightlife.

Whether you are in the Buenos Aires area for one night, a week or months, this Buenos Aires neighborhood guide will help you decide where to stay in Buenos Aires.

Each of these Buenos Aires neighborhoods has something to offer travelers, and each has the perfect Buenos Aires hotel for your travel needs. Keep reading to find out the best place to stay in Buenos Aires.

Wondering what area to stay in Buenos Aires? This comprehensive guide covers off best neighborhood to stay in Buenos Aires.

We will also cover off all types of Buenos Aires accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Buenos Aires hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Buenos Aires 2024.

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Recoleta – Where to stay in Buenos Aires first time

Recoleta is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Buenos Aires, as it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and tourist friendly.

It’s one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, therefore you’ll find many interesting restaurants and some of the best luxury hotels of Buenos Aires.

If you want to know where to stay in Buenos Aires for first time visitors, Recoleta is it!

One of the most famous attractions here is Recoleta Cemetery, with intricately detailed mausoleums, including that of Eva Peron.

Other attractions include the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the Centro Cultural Recoleta.

Best places to stay in Recoleta Buenos Aires

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Recoleta:

Budget accommodation in Recoleta:

Mid range accommodation in Recoleta:

Family Friendly accommodation in Recoleta:

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Recoleta:

Buenos Aires Argentina - Monument at United Nations Plaza, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palermo – Where to stay in Buenos Aires for nightlife

Another of the best places to stay in Buenos Aires is the Palermo neighborhood. This is the cultural center of Buenos Aires, and is very popular with expats and travelers, because of everything this area has to offer.

It happens to be the best area to stay in Buenos Aires for nightlife, with many bars and restaurants centered around Plaza Serrano.

Nightlife isn’t the only reason this is the best area for tourists, as there are many cultural activities in Palermo.

Some of them include the Planetarium, Japanese Gardens, Museo Evita, the Eco-Park and several art museums.

The Palermo district is broken down further into neighborhoods such as Palermo Soho, Palermo Chico and Palermo Hollywood.

Where to stay in Palermo Buenos Aires

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in Palermo:

Budget accommodation in Palermo:

Mid range accommodation in Palermo:

Family Friendly accommodation in Palermo:

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Palermo:

Buenos Aires Argentina - People enjoy floating by boat at Palermo Park Lake, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Belgrano – Where to stay in Buenos Aires with family

One of the most family friendly neighborhoods of Buenos Aires is Belgrano, which is home to wealthy Argentines as well as many expats.

Avenida Cabildo is a main thoroughfare of Belgrano, with shopping opportunities for every budget, from designer to fast-fashion. Several local museums include Museum Sarmiento and Larreta Museum.

Belgrano is a very green neighborhood, with beautiful plazas and parks within walking distance of delicious pastry shops and cafes.

The area has a strong British history, as well as German, so don’t be surprised if you think you hear German while wandering the streets of Belgrano.

It’s called “Belgrano-Deutsch” and is exclusive to this neighborhood.

Best places to stay in Belgrano Buenos Aires

Budget accommodation in Belgrano:

Mid range accommodation in Belgrano:

Family Friendly accommodation in Belgrano:

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA Congressional Plaza the Argentine Congress in Buenos Aires Argentina .The Congress of the Argentine Nation the legislative branch of the government.

San Telmo – Where to stay in Buenos Aires on a budget

One of Buenos Aires’ oldest neighborhoods is San Telmo, home to impressive colonial architecture. This also happens to be one of the most budget friendly places to stay in Buenos Aires.

This barrio is full of lively, cobblestone streets lined with shops and cafes, and Sunday brings the huge street market which draws residents and tourists alike.

If you want to see tango dancers, head to Plaza Dorrego. San Telmo even has two beaches; Fornillo and Spiaggia Grande.

If you want to have a real cultural experience, with fun local attractions, minus the glitz of the upscale neighborhoods, then San Telmo is the best neighborhood to stay in Buenos Aires.

Best places to stay in San Telmo Buenos Aires

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in San Telmo:

Budget accommodation in San Telmo:

Mid range accommodation in San Telmo:

Family Friendly accommodation in San Telmo:

Affordable Luxury accommodation in San Telmo:

Buenos Aires, Argentina - : Feria De San Pedro Telmo, or the San Telmo fair a or market held on sundays in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Villa Crespo – Where to stay in Buenos Aires as a local

Another “local” area to stay in Buenos Aires is Villa Crespo, which is not far from the more popular Palermo neighborhood.

Villa Crespo is mostly residential, and is best known for leather goods, which you can buy in the area of Murillo Street.

Villa Crespo is also known for brilliant street art, so even if you stay elsewhere, it’s worth a walking tour to check out the various murals.

With a large Jewish population, this is the place to go in Buenos Aires for lox and latkes, or kosher delis.

Best places to stay in Villa Crespo Buenos Aires

Budget accommodation in Villa Crespo:

Mid range accommodation in Villa Crespo:

Family Friendly accommodation in Villa Crespo:

BUENOS AIRES Street art in La Boca neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. The walls of the Argentine city enlivened by murals, whimsical painted figures, graffiti and stencils

Las Cañitas – Where to stay in Buenos Aires for partying

Within Palermo lies the barrio of Las Cañitas, best known for food, nightlife and horse racing. The proximity to both Palermo and Belgrano make this a great place to stay in Buenos Aires.

The neighborhood is pretty quiet in the daytime, with few tourist attractions to draw any crowds.

Nighttime is when Las Cañitas really comes alive, with tons of bars and restaurants. For more nightlife options, Palermo Hollywood is just across Avenida Santa Fe.

If shopping is your thing, you won’t get bored in Las Cañitas, with a large shopping mall as well as many boutiques.

Best places to stay in Las Cañitas Buenos Aires

Budget accommodation in Las Cañitas:

Mid range accommodation in Las Cañitas:

Family Friendly accommodation in Las Cañitas:

Buenos Aires, Argentina - hippodrome in the region of Palermo in Argentina

Puerto Madero – Where to stay in Buenos Aires for first timers

The former port area of Buenos Aires is very popular with tourists, making Puerto Madero a great place to stay for first-time visitors.

If you are new to South America travel, Puerto Madero may be just what you are looking for, as you’ll see some familiar places in a safe environment, with the city center just minutes away.

Some of the things to do in Puerto Madero include the ecological reserve, ship museums, and restaurants.

Dining here skews toward the more expensive options, although some international chains like TGIFriday’s are also represented if you get homesick for familiar food.

Best places to stay in Puerto Madero Buenos Aires

Budget accommodation in Puerto Madero:

Mid range accommodation in Puerto Madero:

Family Friendly accommodation in Puerto Madero:

Affordable Luxury accommodation in Puerto Madero:

The famous neighborhood of Puerto Madero at night. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

El Centro / Downtown – Where to stay in Buenos Aires for foodies

If all of the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires appeal to you and you’re having trouble deciding where to stay, then En Centro may be the best choice for you.

There are many hotels to choose from, including the International brands you know and love.

There are many restaurants and bars, plus you are in the middle of the best parts of Buenos Aires: San Telmo neighborhood, Puerto Maderoneighborhood, Recoleta neighborhood and even Palermo neighborhood are not far away.

You can sample a new neighborhood each night!

Best places to stay in El Centro / Downtown Buenos Aires

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in El Centro / Downtown:

Budget accommodation in El Centro / Downtown:

Mid range accommodation in El Centro / Downtown:

Family Friendly accommodation in El Centro / Downtown:

Affordable Luxury accommodation in El Centro / Downtown:

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA -: paseo colon aveneu is one of the most important streets in the historical center of buenos aires.

Caballito – Where to stay in Buenos Aires for relaxation

Just south of Villa Crespo is the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito. This area once served as a weekend getaway for the wealthier residents of the city, and some of their mansions remain along Avenue Rivadavia.

Parque Centenario is a great place to relax, and the daily street market is a fun spot for browsing or shopping.

Caballito tends toward the quieter side, with less of the glitz and glamour of other barrios, but for travelers looking to settle in for a while, it’s a great place to get a good deal on a rental.

Best places to stay in Caballito Buenos Aires

Budget accommodation in Caballito:

Mid range accommodation in Caballito:

Family Friendly accommodation in Caballito:

Rivadavia Bolivar Avenue - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Almagro – Where to stay in Buenos Aires for long term travel

Continuing along Avenue Rivadavia from Caballito, you’ll arrive in the middle class barrio of Almagro. This up and coming area is full of cultural attractions, tango clubs, and cafes.

It’s largely a residential area, so hanging out here will give you a real local flavor, unlike some of the more touristic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

The flower market here is one of the largest in the world, and there’s a Sunday book fair also worth browsing.

If you are visiting Buenos Aires with family, and want a long-term apartment, then Almagro may be the right spot for you, as it has all the modern conveniences that the local residents require.

Best places to stay in Almagro Buenos Aires

Budget accommodation in Almagro:

Mid range accommodation in Almagro:

Family Friendly accommodation in Almagro:

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA - Tango Dancers in the street of La Boca Buenos Aires Argentina.

La Boca – Where to stay in Buenos Aires for music lovers

Near Puerto Madero and San Telmo is the colourful neighborhood of La Boca, a working class barrio with strong European influence.

Soccer fans know the area as the home of La Bombonera stadium, with an adjacent museum dedicated to the sport.

Music is also a big part of the culture in La Boca, with tango dancers at Feria de Artesanos Caminito, and Teatro De La Ribera.

For shopping and people-watching, don’t miss El Caminito, a pedestrian street filled with performers and vendors.

Best places to stay in La Boca Buenos Aires

Cheapest Backpacking Hostels in La Boca:

Budget accommodation in La Boca:

Mid range accommodation in La Boca:

Family Friendly accommodation in La Boca:

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, Traditional colorful houses on Caminito street in La Boca neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Barracas – Where to stay in Buenos Aires for an authentic experience

A lesser known barrio of Buenos Aires is Barracas, just south of San Telmo and La Boca. Street Art and Pasaje Lanín are the main attractions of Barracas, as visitors come to see the colourful mosaic homes.

While high rise homes are on the up in Barracas, the area still lacks the bars and restaurants one might expect in a residential area.

It’s a quiet barrio, and perfect for any travelers looking to get off the beaten path in Buenos Aires.

Best places to stay in Barracas Buenos Aires

Budget accommodation in Barracas:

Mid range accommodation in Barracas:

Family Friendly accommodation in Barracas:

Old vintage shed on the Tigre river Delta. Buenos Aires

Top 5 favorites accommodation options for Buenos Aires 

❤️ Best Area first timersRecoleta & Palermo or Puerto Madero
💸 Best Luxury HotelHilton Buenos Aires
👪 Best Hotel for For FamiliesCristal Palace Hotel
🏨 Best Mid-Range HotelDazzler by Wyndham Polo
🛏️ Best Budget HotelTelmho Hotel Boutique
✨ Best HostelAmerica Del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

FAQs About accommodation in buenos aires

what part of buenos aires is touristy?

The most popular touristy spots in Buenos Aires are the Palermo district, Barrio Norte, Recoleta Cemetery, and La Boca. Palermo is full of restaurants, gardens and parks, while Barrio Norte is where you can find chic shopping streets lined with boutiques and high-end stores.

The iconic 126 year old Recoleta Cemetery is a must-see for its opulence and sculpture-filled walkways. Lastly, La Boca is an artistic neighborhood known for its vibrant colors, cobblestone streets and tango houses.

what is the best neighborhood to stay in buenos aires?

The best neighborhood depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for. For a vibrant nightlife, Palermo is the spot to be, with its plethora of bars and restaurants.

If it’s culture and history that interests you, San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, dating back to colonial times. For those looking to explore nature, Puerto Madero has beautifully landscaped parks and walking trails.

Finally, if you want to experience traditional Argentinian cuisine and music, Recoleta is the place to go. No matter which neighborhood you choose, Buenos Aires will provide an unforgettable experience!

where to stay in buenos aires for couples?

When it comes to romantic getaways, Buenos Aires offers something for everyone. From luxury hotels with breathtaking views to cozy Airbnb apartments perfect for a romantic weekend, couples can find the perfect place to stay in Buenos Aires.

One of the top recommendations for couples would be the Faena Hotel, located right in the heart of the city’s arts district. This luxurious hotel offers amazing amenities and services, as well as some of the best décor and design you’ll see in all of Buenos Aires.

Plus, there are plenty of nearby attractions such as Palermo Woods and Castagnino Museum to explore during your stay.

Another great option for couples visiting Buenos Aires is Hotel Unique, located in Palermo. This boutique hotel features incredible rooftop views of the city skyline that are sure to take your breath away. It also has a chic dining area with local flavors that will make your stay extra memorable.

Final Thoughts: where to stay in buenos aires neighborhoods

When visiting Buenos Aires, travelers can find a place to stay that suits their budget and needs.

From luxury hotels with all the amenities to hostels and Airbnb’s located in the heart of the city, there is no shortage of options for accommodation. No matter which you choose, staying in Buenos Aires will be an unforgettable experience.

With so many wonderful places to stay, it can be difficult narrowing down your choices. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of great places to stay in Buenos Aires. Make sure to check out the city’s unique architecture, vibrant culture, and delicious food – all available from any one of these locations.

So if you’re looking for a great place to stay in Buenos Aires – look no further than here! We guarantee an experience like no other; book your accommodation today!

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