Where to Stay in Bern [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

Switzerland’s capital city, Bern, is a great place to base yourself for exploring the beauty of Switzerland. With roots dating back to the 12th century, Bern is blessed with both natural beauty and history.

Using our guide to the best neighborhoods in Bern Switzerland, you can narrow down your selections and find the perfect Bern accommodation for your travel tastes and budget. Although Switzerland is notoriously expensive, it’s still possible to find budget-friendly hotels in Bern. 

We will cover off all types of Bern accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Bern hotels as well as how to decide where to stay in Bern 2024, the best Bern hotels, places in Bern to visit, the best places to stay in Bern, hotels near Bern attractions, Bern neighborhood guide and many more.

City of Bern. Aerial cityscape image of the capital city of Bern, Switzerland at twilight blue hour.

Below are 5 of the best neighbourhoods in Bern to help you make the right decision when trying to work out best places to stay in Bern for you. We have tried to make the guide as easy to follow as possible.

We have also included some things to do or places to visit as well as some eatery suggestions of either our favourite places or some funky places to eat at within the areas in Bern so you can use this as a go to guide.

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Old Town – Ideal for Tourists

Bern has one of the largest medieval city centers in Europe, and unlike many capital cities, the Old Town, or Altstadt, remains the city center. 

With so much well-preserved history, Old Town Bern has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Old Town is best area to stay in Bern Switzerland for tourists as most of the main sights are located here.

Bern city was founded at a curve in the Aare River, which forms a peninsula containing the Altstadt. The train station sits as the western edge of Old Town, offering easy transportation throughout Switzerland and the rest of Europe. 

Altstadt is the best area for tourists who are looking for hotels in Bern Switzerland near the train station.

Why Stay in Old Town

When you think of Switzerland you envision the Swiss Alps and skiing but when you are looking for a medieval vacation, Old Town in Bern is where you want to be. With the 12th and 13th-century architecture preserved so well, you will think you stepped back in time.

Visit the Zyglogge, a clock tower built in 1405, The Cathedral of Bern with its stained glass and ornate entrance.

Walk the streets of this ancient town to truly appreciate the complex and stunning architecture built so long ago. Old Town Bern will give your vacations lasting memories for a lifetime. 

Things To Do in Old Town  

  • Zyglogge (The Clock Tower)

In the center of Old Town stands Zyglogge (The Clock Tower). Its beginning began out of the ashes of what was once a prison. In May of 1405, there was a devastating fire in Bern. The Clock Tower was the first building rebuilt to announce a new time for Bern and its inhabitants.

As you admire the ornate architecture of this structure that truly has stood the test of time, watch as the golden bell rings on the hour and the figurines dance to the music. Take a tour and learn all of its interesting history through the ages. 

  • The Catherdral Of Bern

The Cathedral of Bern is the largest church in Switzerland. The foundation was laid in 1421 by Master Builder Mattaus Ensiger but would not be completed until 1893.

The beauty and design of the Cathedral will have you in awe from the moment you walk up to the entrance. Take a guided tour and learn the history of the Cathedral, as well as tour the bell towers and discover how and why the bells ring throughout the city.

Be amazed at the detail in the stained glass that is demonstrated throughout the Cathedral. The Cathedral of Bern is a must-visit while staying in Bern.

  • Walk the Streets of Old Town

The best way to take in the medieval feel of Bern is to stroll through Old Town. Its cobblestone streets and covered arcade sidewalks with small boutiques, quaint restaurants and small cafes will have you mesmerized with the feel of medieval times.

Stop at On Tap Craftgallery for great food and a nice selection of craft beers, enjoy the cozy atmosphere at Marta Cafe and see a show at the Schlachthaus Theater. Old Town in Bern will give you a stroll that you will talk about for years to come.

Places to Stay in Bern Old Town

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Main street through the old town of Bern - BERN, SWITZERLAND EUROPE

Lorraine – Ideal for a Local Experience

To the north of Bern City Center, Lorraine occupies a narrow strip of land along the Aare River. From the center of Lorraine, one can reach the Old Town in about 30 minutes walking. 

This residential area has fewer hotels than other parts of Bern, but apartment rentals are available.

This is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Bern if you want to have a more “local” experience and explore the parks and grocery stores like a resident. Lorraine Bad is a public swimming pool set along the river, and the Botanic Gardens are just to the south. 

There are several restaurants and parks scattered throughout the neighborhood, offering plenty of opportunities for leisurely exploration. 

Why Stay in Lorraine

Feel the ambiance of Bern in this quiet neighbourhood of Lorraine. Wander the streets and shop at the boutiques that are lined throughout the streets. Stop and dine at the cafes and restaurants that are offered in this hidden gem beside the Aare.

Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day at the park or stroll along the riverfront. Lorraine is a great place to stay when choosing a more laid-back Switzerland vacation. 

Things To Do in Lorraine

  • Dine in Lorraine

A plethora of cafes and restaurants to choose from are in Lorraine for you to enjoy. Stop in at Cafe Kairo for some burgers, falafel and craft beer at this hip cafe.

Hosting live music as well as serving a great international menu, it is guaranteed to be a meal you will remember.

Feeling like a little Italian cuisine? La Carbonara will fill you up with wood-fired pizza on the terrace. Lorraine has food options for every taste.

  • Shop in Lorraine

From fishing stores to sports stores, clothing and artisan stores, you can find what you are looking for shopping in Lorraine.

Stroll the streets and peruse the antique shops such as Mobile Vintage or Trodelecke, or go clothes shopping at RRRevolve Fair Fashion & Eco Design.

Are you looking to grab some new fishing tackle? Stop in btackle and find that perfect lure. There is something for everyone when shopping in Lorraine.

  • Relax in a Riverbath in Lorraine

Take a swim in the Aare in these beautiful outdoor pools on the river. Lorraine Bad is an outdoor pool facility on the Aare River.

Located on the Riverside Path, it is an inviting way to experience the blue waters of the Aare. With the option of a small children’s pool and playground, this relaxing water experience is fun for all ages.

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Lorrainebrucke and Lorraineviadukt bridges in Bern - Switzerland

Kirchenfeld – Ideal for Family

Just south of Old Town lies the affluent neighborhood of Kirchenfeld. From top to bottom, the whole neighborhood can be walked in 20 minutes, with an additional five-minute walk to arrive in Old Town Bern. 

This is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Bern for those seeking family-friendly apartment rentals.

Kirchnefeld is known as the museum district of Bern, as the northern half of the neighborhood is filled with museums, including the Kunsthalle, History Museum, Natural History Museum, the Alpine Museum of Switzerland, and the Museum of Communication. 

Tierpark Bern is not to be missed if you are visiting Switzerland with kids. This historic animal park contains an aquarium, petting zoo, and a bear exhibit. 

Why Stay in Kirchenfeld

When travelling with family, an apartment rental is often a great choice for accommodations. Creating a home away from home in a family-friendly atmosphere makes for a wonderful vacation for everyone.

With family-friendly activities in the area, such as Tierpark and a great selection of museums with interests that everyone can enjoy, Kirchenfeld is a excellent choice when staying in Bern with family.

Things To Do in Kirchenfeld

  • Enjoy a Day at Tierpark

There is nothing better than a day at the zoo. Tierpark is not only an educational and fun way to learn and experience the different animals but is also steeped in history.

The first bear pit was built in 1515 when Bernese mercenaries fighting at the Battle of Novara led a captured bear into the city. In 1871, an idea for a zoo at this site was created, but was not realized until 1930.

Since then, it has expanded into educational conservation of the animals within its walls. Visit Puffin Hall and see the bears at the bear park.

Watch the seals getting their lunch and see the colourful birds of Jungle Aviary. It promises to be a wonderful day at the zoo in Tierpark.

  • Visit the Museums in Kirchenfeld

Kirchenfeld is Bern’s Museum District. Museums are a wonderful way to learn about the history of the area, as well as give you insights into things you are interested in.

Visit the Museum of Communication, founded in 1907, this museum gives you a glimpse into the development of communications in Switzerland. Take a tour through the History Museum, which has been around for 125 years.

Learn about the history of Albert Einstein and explore the relics from the stone age of the Celts and Romans.

Grab a souvenir at the gift shop and a fine dining experience in the restaurant of this museum located in a castle. A museum experience or three is achieved when staying in Kirchenfeld.

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Beautiful aerial view on the old town with historical buildings in Bern city in Switzerland

Breitenrain – Ideal for Business Travellers

East from Lorraine is the neighborhood of Breitenrain. This is perhaps best known as the home of Bern’s Football Club, FC Bern Breitenrain. 

The Stade de Suisse, a 30,000 seat football stadium is here, as is BernEXPO, Bern’s exposition center.

These two attractions ensure plenty of Bern hotels in the area, making this one of the best places to stay in Bern Switzerland for business travelers and sports fans. 

From the center of Breitenrain, it’s about a 30-minute walk to the center of Old Town, or you can take public transportation in about ten minutes.

Why Stay in Breitenrain 

When travelling to Bern for business Breitenrain gives you all the amenities you need for a great day of work at the entertainment for a relaxing, fun-filled evening.

Take in a game at the Stade de Suisse or an event or concert at BernEXPO. After a long day, no matter where you are working, a good meal and a great beer is the perfect ending to the day.

In the Breitenrain neighbourhood of Bern, there are a plethora of places to do that. When travelling to Bern on business, Breitenrain has everything you need.

Things To Do in Breitenrain

  • See a Game at The Stade de Suisse

Staying in Breitenrain allows you to be close to The Stade de Suisse or Wankdorf Stadium, as it is also called. This massive football stadium can hold up to 30,000 people and offers several different lounge options.

Watch an exciting game of football from the Sky Lounge located on the fourth floor, or be pampered in the Champions VIP Lounge. Have a wonderful meal at the year-round restaurant at the stadium, or have a stand-up lunch.

Charter an event with your team or attend a game on your own. It will be a night to remember when you watch a game at The Stade de Suisse.

  • Attend a Concert or Event at BernEXPO

BernEXPO is a state-of-the-art convention center located in Breitenrain. The convention center hosts an array of events and concerts throughout the year.

With festivals, concerts, various trade events, and entertainment venues, there is always something fun happening at BernEXPO. Make sure to check out their website for what is happening while you are there.

  • Wine and Dine in Breitenrain

After a long day at work, it is nice to sit and unwind with a nice dinner and a relaxing drink. Stop in at Barbiere for a nice craft beer and a great local atmosphere, or go for a rustic Italian dinner at Restorante Dolce Vita Berna.

Enjoy fine dining at Restaurant Ludmilla, and do not forget to stop for ice cream at Gelateria di Berna for a legendary ice cream experience. There is a place for every palate while staying in Breitenrain.

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"Lorraineviadukt" - Railway bridge over the over River Aare. Bern, Switzerland

Länggasse – Ideal on a Budget

Further west of Altstadt, and across the river from Lorraine is the area called Länggasse. This is the university district as it’s home to the University of Bern, so there is a large student population and a younger vibe to the neighborhood. 

Where there are students, there is usually cheap and tasty food, so this is a budget-friendly neighborhood for going out.

The area has slowly gentrified from an industrial center on the river to a trendy neighborhood making great use of historic buildings. 

The train station separates Länggasse from Altstadt, so this is another good place to find hotels in Bern Switzerland near the train station.

Why Stay in Langgasse

When staying in Bern and travelling on a budget, Langgasse is a great choice. While centrally located and the train station within walking distance, this area gives you accessibility to all the great attractions and a wallet-friendly price.

Within the neighbourhood is a young trendy vibe that sweeps you into its vibrance. Dance the night away at ISC Club Bern and attend an event at Bierhubeli. Enjoy an affordable and trendy stay while staying in Langgasse.

Things To Do in Langgasse

  • Dance and Party in Langgasse

In this neighbourhood of university students, you know that a party is happening somewhere. At Bierhuebeli you can find events from Latin dance parties to stand-up comedy.

Go clubbing and dance the night away at ISC Club for an adrenaline-fueled dance party. Fun is to be had when staying in Langgasse.

  • Shopping and Dining in Langgasse

Shopping and dining options are plenty in Langgasse. Peruse the shops in Welle7 Shopping mall where you will find everything from designer dresses to great food. Stroll the streets to visit the multiple small shops that line this great neighbourhood.

Dining in Langgasse has its own variety for the palate, as well as the atmosphere. Great cafes such as Bakery Bohnenblust AG where you can get a great cup of coffee and a delicious pastry.

Stop for a little sushi at Jinny’s Sushi or enjoy some fine dining on the terrace at Casa d’Italia. Staying in Langgasse gives you many options for shopping and dining.

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Bern, Switzerland - the main building of the University of Bern, people on the lawn in front of it. The University of Bern is a university in the Swiss city of Bern, founded in 1834.

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