Where to Stay in Berat [Best Places to Stay for 2024]

The central Albanian city of Berat is best known for the National Ethnographic Museum and proximity to Tomorri Mountain National Park. With over 2,500 years of history and a prime location on the Osum River, Berat is well worth a stop on your Albania trip.

With a population under 150,000, the city is a decent size but not overwhelming for first-time visitors. Staying in “the city of a thousand windows” will allow you to experience traditional Albanian culture

When deciding the best places to stay in Berat, you’ll have a few choices of neighborhoods, and a good range of hotels in Berat for all price ranges, although Albania is known to be a very budget-friendly destination.

In this guide, We will cover off all types of Berat accommodation options from Hostels to luxury Berat hotels to help you how to decide where to stay in Berat in 2024.

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Making last-minute plans for your Berat itinerary. We’ve got you covered. Our recommended hotels for your getaway are listed below.

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Old Town – Ideal for Tourists

If you want to stay in the heart of town, then I’d highly recommend the historic center. This is the best area for tourists who only have a short time to visit Berat. Staying in the Ottoman houses offer stunning views of the countryside and river.

In Old Town, you’ll see why this area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and why the Berat is known as the city of a 1000 windows.

From your Old Town Berat hotel, you can easily walk to most of the attractions of the town, including several cathedrals and mosques, and the Berat Castle is less than 20 minutes on foot.  

Below Are Some Hotels in Old Town Berat:

My Top Pick
Beratino Hotel

Beratino Hotel

  • Great location
  • Authentic experience
  • Beautiful view from the balcony

Below are some hotels in Old Town Berat to consider based on my research:

Old town of Berat, Albania

Ideal Area to Stay near Berat Castle

If the Old Town is too touristy or compact for you, then I’d recommend staying near Berat Castle. The castle is an ancient 13th-century fortress that sits on a hill overlooking Berat. The walled area contains several churches and mosques and is still a residential neighborhood filled with locals.

If you don’t mind walking down and back uphill when visiting the attractions of the historic center, then this is a great place to stay. 

Below Are Some Hotels in Near Berat Castle:

My Top Pick
Guest House Iljesa

Guest House Iljesa

  • Decent location
  • Views facing the valley
  • Onsite lace shop

Below are some hostels and hotels near Berat Castle to consider based on my research:

Ruins of Berat castle. UNESCO world heritage in Albania

Lagja 30 Vjertori – Ideal for Family

If you prefer to see a more modern-day Albania, then Lagja 30 Vjetori just southeast of Old Town, is a good location. This is a residential area, filled with Communist-era buildings and locals going about their daily life.

It’s decidedly not as touristy, but a great place to look for a family-friendly apartment to rent in Berat. As a neighborhood of locals, you can expect the find the usual services and shops catering to locals and long-term travelers. 

Below Are Some Hotels in Lagja 30 Vjetori:

My Top Pick
Hotel Colombo

Hotel Colombo

  • Great shower pressure!!
  • Spacious rooms
  • Plenty of options at breakfast

Below are some hostels and hotels in Lagja 30 Vjetori to consider based on my research:

Berat, Albania. Town of one thousand windows and white Ottoman houses, Berat, Albania

Gorica – Ideal for Outdoor Lovers

Across the river from Old Town is the Gorica district. To get there, you’ll cross the Gorica Bridge, a famous Ottoman Bridge in Berat. Gorica was originally the Christian district of Berat and is home to many bars, restaurants, and hostels.

If Old Town is not budget-friendly enough for you then I’d recommend staying across the river in Gorica. Gorica Hill is a popular place for outdoor recreation, which you can climb for amazing views across the river to Berat Castle. 

Below Are Some Hotels in Gorica To Consider:

My Top Pick
Maya Hostel Berat

Maya Hostel Berat

  • Good common area for socialising.
  • This hostel is very clean and very well thought out.

Below are some hostels and hotels in Gorica to consider based on my research:

Berat, Albania. People standing on Gorica bridge in the town of a thousand windows, Berat, Albania

Lagja Kombinat – Ideal for Relaxation

To the north of Old Town is the district of Lagja Kombinat. Only one mile from Old Town, is a good option I’d recommend for travelers who want a more “local” experience outside of the tourist center.

There are few tourist attractions in this area, but you can take a long walk to the center, or hop on a bus and be there in a few minutes. The main bus terminal is here also, so if you have a late bus arrival, choosing accommodation here is convenient. 

Below Are Some Hotels in Lagja Kombinat:

My Top Pick
Villa Oda Tomori

Villa Oda Tomori

  • Very calming location
  • Located in old castle area
  • Amazing host!

Below are some hostels and hotels in Lagja Kombinat to consider based on my research:

Berat, Albania - Bridge over the river to the old town

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