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What to Look for in Your Next Vacation Rental

If you are considering a getaway soon, one good idea is to look at vacation rentals. These are often cheaper than staying at a hotel or motel that may or may not be adequately cleaned. To help you decide what to rent, here’s what to look for in your next vacation rental.

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The Location

Are you planning to rent a vacation property to be close to certain tourist attractions, or are you just planning to spend a quiet couple of days in a place that isn’t home? Either way, you are going to want to check out the exact location of the rentals that interest you.

If your only goal is to get away, maybe what you need to look for is a place that is still close enough to a grocery store or restaurant to get food and necessities during your stay. If you are planning on visiting tourist attractions, then choosing a vacation rental within thirty minutes’ drive of that attraction is what you want. Find a rental and then figure out the distance to the nearest store, restaurant, attraction, etc..

Luxury Amenities

Here’s an idea; look for luxury amenities. Maybe you want a property with a pool, or perhaps the property has a sauna and jacuzzi. Some rental properties have an outdoor kitchen area, which allows you to keep your rental cool by cooking outside. You might leave with plans for building an outdoor kitchen at home after enjoying the benefits of one on vacation. Other amenities may include boat docks and watercraft for use during your stay.

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Positive Rental Reviews

While it’s unlikely that you will see any negative postings of reviews, glowing positive reviews are worth the read. If a lot of other people who have rented the place are content with their experience, it speaks to the property owner’s ability to keep things clean and sanitary for their renters. If you don’t see any reviews at all and the property has been available for years, it might not be a good idea to rent that place. You’re taking a chance when renting vacation properties, which is why you should be ultra-cautious and read reviews before selecting a property.

Enough Sleeping Space for Everyone

You might be partial to that cute cottage near the lake, but if it only sleeps four and there’s six in your family vacation party, there’s no way you’re going to make that work. Most property owners are rather strict about extra guests too, which means that you could be charged more money or charged additional fees after the fact if you bring more guests than the property safely accommodates. Look for properties that have more than enough room for everyone in your family or your party, which is one room for every two adults or two children.

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Cancellation Fees

Nobody likes to have a rental property booked and then lose their money when the renters don’t show. You can understand then, why most rental property owners include a non-refundable deposit in their cancellation policy for renters. With this in mind, it’s essential to read the cancellation policy carefully. They are protecting themselves against the possibility you change your mind and cancel your rental reservation. If you know for a fact that you will not be canceling at all, and you do not want to pay a deposit or cancellation fee, look for properties that do not charge these fees.

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