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Ways to Stay Active and Fit when Traveling 

Whether you’re in a gorgeous seaside town in Britain for vacation or staying in a hotel in the Florida Keys for business, it can be a chore to stay active and fit when you’re traveling, especially if you travel quite a bit. Staying fit and active can be full of challenges, and many times it just seems easier to skip it for the day, or the next couple of days. Instead of doing that, read this blog on ways to stay active and fit that you’re sure to enjoy. 

Take Up Swimming Daily 

Why not take out that slimming swimwear you picked up at the beginning of the summer and swim in the hotel pool daily while you’re on your trip? Swimming burns calories, keeps you active, and is relaxing and relieves stress. It’s a multitasking way to stay active and something that’s fun to do if you love the water. 

Holiday Couple relaxing in luxury with tropical water villa resort luxurious swimming pool with ocean view Bali , Indonesia

Take the Stairs at the Airport 

Counting your steps is a popular way of staying fit and active when traveling. Grab one of the gadgets capable of doing just that, and keep track during your day. One of the best ways to get those steps in is by taking the stairs at the airport. There are so many that use the moving walkways at the airport that they’re crowded anyway. Unless you’re late for your flight, then taking the stairs and walking through the airport the old-fashioned way is perfect for keeping active. 

Walk When You Can, Where You Can 

Walking instead of jumping on a bus or taking a car is beneficial in a number of ways. First, it’s much better for the environment and second, it’s a great way to stay active when you’re traveling. Instead of taking a cab to that meeting that’s only a block away, why not walk there? You’ll get your steps in for the day, do your part to protect the environment, and you might even see some interesting things along the way. 

Rent a Bike 

Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy riding a bike. If you like the occasional ride, then why not rent a bike and take in the sights. You’ll soon find yourself immersed in popular culture and it keeps you active. Bike riding is a great form of exercise, and it’s something that can be done with friends. 

Ljubljana architecture and tourist bikes, capital city of Slovenia

Take in a Walking Tour 

Most cities have everything from ghost tours to tours to highlight the history of their city. Instead of taking a tour by trolley or horse and carriage, sign up for the walking tours available in the city you’re staying in. This gets you out to keep yourself active, the walking helps you stay fit, and you get to learn the history of the ghosts that haunt the city you’ve traveled to. Whether you’re in that city for work or play, it can’t hurt to learn a little about the place you’re staying in. 

Don’t Forget All the Usual Things 

Of course, to stay healthy, you need to make sure that you do all the usual things when you travel as well. Make sure to get enough sleep at night, avoid unhealthy food in favor of better fruits and veggies, and check out the hotel’s gym if you have the time. 

Traveling can be an easy time to forget to stay active and keep up with trying to be as fit as you can be. With the activities above, you’ll not only stay active and fit, but you’ll be having fun while you’re at it. 

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