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Vroom, Vroom! What Are The Best Ways To Travel?

If you love to travel – and don’t we all? – then chances are, you have some very definite ways about how exactly you like to get around. Here are some pros and cons that might help you to start thinking about travel in a completely new way.


PROS: If you’re travelling from country to country then planes are without question the most convenient way to travel. Their speed is unrivalled and if you’re on a good airline then you might even get a free meal!

CONS: If you hate airports then planes are not at all ideal. It takes a long time to check your luggage and to get through customs – and of course, flying definitely isn’t very good for the environment.


PROS: A lot of people see cruises as the ultimate luxury – everything you might want is on board and at hand, you have a variety of restaurants and entertainments, and you get to see a lot of different locations whenever the boat stops off at a new port.

CONS: If you decide to go on a cruise then you’re essentially signing your vacation over to the – admittedly very capable – hands of your tour company. Not having control over what exactly you do on vacation and where you go could be very rough on travellers who enjoy their independence.


PROS: Bus travel is a very quick and easy way to get from one city to the next. It’s comparatively cheap, you’ll probably meet some interesting people, and you’ll get to look at scenery to your heart’s content.

CONS: Travel sickness can get to the best of us at times, and there’s no easier way to feel nauseous than on a bumpy bus winding its way up a mountain. Make sure you take your anti sickness medication and put a plastic bag into your backpack just in case.


PROS: If you’re travelling within a city and you don’t know how exactly to get from point a to point b, then a taxi is absolutely your best bet. They feel like a little taste of luxury as you sit in the back seat and watch the city move by outside.

CONS: Taxis can be extremely dangerous if you get in an unlicensed cab – make sure you use a safe company like booktaxibcn, which is in Barcelona. They can also be very expensive – make sure you don’t travel too far and that you agree what the fare will be before you travel if there’s no meter.


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PROS: If you love to travel then there’s no better way to explore a city than walking. Not only do you get to experience the ‘real’ city but you’ll also be able to stop off and change your route whenever you want. There’s nothing quite as freeing as walking and pretending that you’re a real resident of whatever city you’re walking through.

CONS: When you’re walking it can be very easy to get lost – although that might be a distinct advantage for many people!

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