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Unforgettable Holidays in Cancun

Cancun is the hot and happening party capital of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. This fabulous resort is packed full of buzzing bars, hip clubs and delightful restaurants, with 22 kilometres of white soft sands stretching out across the Hotel Zone.

The beaches are to die for and whether you choose to paddle in calm waters to the north side or dive in to watersports on the east side, where the water is choppier and perfect for action-packed fun in the waves, you are sure to have a sublime beach experience here. I would highly recommend this Cancun Airport Transportation company.

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Everything is at hand in Cancun. The ‘Hotel Zone’ is sectioned with each part having its own shopping village, bars, restaurants and amusement/water parks guaranteed to keep you entertained all day and night. There is a great range of hotels to choose from, each one offering something special from swim-up rooms to luxury spas.

When you can tear yourself away from the glorious sands and local amenities why not head off to explore a little further afield? The old town of Cancun is well worth a visit; take in a more authentic feel of the place with its traditional shopping bazaars and narrow streets. Take a day trip inland to the vast rainforest where you will discover nature at its best, or gaze in amazement at the Chichen Itza complex, the Mayan city only rediscovered a century ago. If you’re willing to travel further, a four-hour trip will take you to the city of Merida, rich in heritage, where you will discover ancient ruins and colonial architecture.

A short ferry ride from the Hotel Zone’s Gran Puerto gets you to Isla Mujeres where the coral reef is phenomenal – a must see for snorkellers , it’s often called an ‘underwater museum’!


Cancun cranks up the pace a notch by night. Head out for a real taste of Mexican food, cooked fresh and hot! Sample a cocktail or two then head down the strip to a cabaret show, master traditional Flamenco dancing or head on to a top-notch club and party the night away. Whichever path you take, you’re headed for a fun-filled evening.

The temperature is hot all year round here, soaring up to 30° during summer months and only dropping a few degrees from December through to January. The storm season is best avoided – just in case you get a bad one! – but sometimes, if you pick your time carefully, travelling on the edge of the wet season can be a great time to visit, with fewer tourists and more refreshing temperatures.


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