3 Day Itinerary For Tulum

Traveling to Tulum is a great way to experience the best of Mexico while only having to take a short flight from the USA. I’ve been visiting Mexico for years, and out of all my trips, Tulum has always been my favorite destination!

The city itself is full of life and culture, and there’s plenty of things to do in the surrounding areas such as snorkeling or taking a nature tour. Even if you just want to relax on the beach, there are plenty of beautiful spots that are sure to take your breath away.

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or just starting out, I’m here to help guide you through your 3 day itinerary for Tulum and make sure that your trip is one you’ll remember forever!

I’m confident that with my experience travelling in this area, I’ll be able to provide you with advice that will make your stay in Tulum unforgettable.

Tulum is one of Mexico’s most famous tourist destinations. This picturesque coastal town on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula effortlessly combines ancient Mayan ruins with stunning white sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. 

Suppose you’re planning to travel to Tulum. In that case, you’re in luck – we’ll share all the details you need to know in this 3 Day Itinerary for Tulum, highlighting the best activities, must-visit places, exciting facts, ideal times to visit, and the perfect area to stay.

The city of Tulum is easily accessible by air and is also a great weekend destination if you’re travelling somewhere in Mexico. If you seek a harmonious blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, 3 days in Tulum is enough to enjoy all these.

Tulum, Mexico - View of the Bahia Principe Hacienda Dona Isabel in the Riviera Maya.

Being once a prominent Mayan port city, Tulum is now a testament to a glorious past. One landmark that showcases this is the famous Tulum Mayan Ruins – an archaeological site perched atop dramatic cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 

Now beyond the ruins, Tulum also boasts an array of activities that cater to every traveller’s preferences. Additionally, there are nearby reserves, islands, national parks and cenotes where you can enjoy eco-adventures when looking for more things to do during your three days in Tulum. 

Tulum’s charm extends beyond its natural and historical wonders. The town is a vibrant hub with boutique shops, bohemian-style restaurants, and lively bars. 

This is why, to make the most of your visit, it’s essential to consider the best time to explore Tulum. The dry season, from November to April, offers pleasant weather and ideal conditions for outdoor activities. However, remember that this period is also the peak tourist season. So, if you prefer a more serene experience, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of May to June or September to October.

Meanwhile, when choosing an area to stay in Tulum Mexico, the city is famous for its hotel zone along the beachfront. It offers a range of accommodations, from eco-chic boutique hotels to luxurious resorts. 

As we continue, we’ll share more specific details about the things to do, places to visit and food to eat during your 3 day trip to Tulum. 

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Overview of 3 Days in Tulum Itinerary

Here’s a glance at what you’ll see and do in three days in Tulum:

Day 1 in Tulum

  • Mexican Food for breakfast at Taqueria Honorio
  • Explore the Tulum Archeological Site
  • Snorkel at Tulum Ruins Beach
  • Lunch at Los Aguachiles
  • Shop & Explore at Downton Tulum
  • Visit Laguna Kaan Luum Lagoon
  • Get your first-night dinner at Rosa Negra
  • Bar hopping in the Tulum Beach Strip

Day 2 in Tulum

  • Breakfast by the Beach at Casa Maria
  • Explore and visit Cenotes in Tulum 
  • Ride the Zipline at Cenote Tankah
  • Late Lunch at Burrito Amor 
  • Hop aboard a Catamaran to Isla Mujeres
  • Enjoy happy hour at Ziggy Beach Club
  • Late dinner at Agave Tulum

Day 3 in Tulum

  • Grab a quick breakfast meal at Potheads – Pueblo 
  • Tour the Coba Mayan Ruins
  • Check out the Gran Cenote
  • Lunch at Taqueria Honorio
  • Explore the Sian Ka’an Reserve
  • Sunset Drinks at Ciel Rose Sunset Bar 
  • Dinner at Jungle Cuisine by Azulik
Mayan Ruins Besides Caribbean Sea. Riviera Maya Traveling America.

Day 1 in Tulum

Mexican Food for breakfast at Taqueria Honorio

A day in Tulum will only be complete with authentic Mexican food for breakfast. For your first day in the city, you can start at Taqueria Honorio, one of Tulum’s local gems renowned for its authentic Mexican cuisine. 

Here at Taqueria Honorio, you can indulge in traditional Mexican dishes such as freshly made tortillas filled with savoury meats, flavorful salsas, and various toppings. Other famous breakfast delights that Mexicans usually have are chicharrón tacos, huevos rancheros, or chilaquiles. 

Taqueria Honorio is the place to have some of those delicious and satisfying Mexican bites to kickstart your Tulum adventure.

Explore the Tulum Archeological Site

No matter how many days in Tulum you spend, your trip will only be complete with Exploring the renowned Tulum Ruins. The Tulum Archeological Site was built as a seaport fortress to protect the city from the east. It

It is perched majestically atop the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea, making it a famous destination among locals and tourists. 

This ancient Mayan city offers several well-preserved structures, such as the El Castillo and the Temple of the Frescoes, which provide a fascinating glimpse into the city’s past.

As you stroll through the site, you can immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere and soak in the breathtaking panoramic views that make this archaeological site a sight.

Plenty of tour charters can take you around, but it is also possible to visit alone. It’s easy to see the ruins alone, just 3 kilometres from the city centre. You can rent a bicycle or take a taxi and head to the site. Just make sure to carry some cash with you all the time. 

Tour Pick
Archaeological site Tulum in Yucatan peninsula by the Caribbean Sea in Mexico during the sunset

Tulum Ruins Visit and Swim

  • 9-10 hours 
  • Local Guide
  • Cenote Chen Há and Mariposa
Archaeological site Tulum in Yucatan peninsula by the Caribbean Sea in Mexico during the sunset

Snorkel at Tulum Ruins Beach

Just right down below the Tulum Ruins, you’ll have easy access to the Tulum Ruins beach, where the Caribbean Sea meets the pristine white sands of Tulum.

Since you’re already in the area, it’s best to maximise your time and head to some well-earned relaxation time.

The Tulum Ruins beach can only be accessed through the archaeological site by climbing up and down a wind of wooden stairs, and if you’re wondering if it’s swimmable, the answer is yes.  You can swim at Tulum Ruins Beach and even snorkel here!

Although they do not have available snorkelling equipment in the area, it would be great to your own so you can enjoy the beach’s clear waters and rich marine biodiversity. 

White sand beach and ruins of Tulum Yuacatan Mexico

Lunch at Los Aguachiles

Tulum, Mexico is also well known for having great seafood dishes; one restaurant known for its seafood is Los Aguachiles. This restaurant is the perfect place for a casual lunch, whether alone or with family and friends, for your trip to Tulum. 

Los Aguachiles is a local eatery that serves an array of Mexican seafood dishes, including ceviches, shrimp tacos, lobster tails and much more. They also have an extensive selection of margaritas and craft cocktails, which you can have even as early as lunch. 

Shop & Explore at Downton Tulum

After having some good food, make your way to explore Tulum town before heading to your next destination. Tulum has some great local markets, boutiques and shops that offer handmade crafts, from colourful leather sandals to Mayan hammocks. 

Although it might be too early to shop for some souvenirs, you can use this time to look for gifts you can grab quickly and return to your hotel quickly. You can visit Some markets and shops, our Mixik, Mr Blackbird, Mercado Tulum and Mexicarte. 

This is also an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Mexico’s local traditions and culture by conversing with vendors and locals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and maybe haggle on some prices; just remember to be respectful.  

TULUM, MEXICO- shops and restaurants on the main street of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Visit Laguna Kaan Luum Lagoon

After some shopping (and maybe a quick rest at the hotel), grab a taxi to Kaan Luum Lagoon. It is located 20 minutes from Tulum’s city centre and is a popular destination among locals (rather than tourists). 

We added this to this Tulum 3 day itinerary as it is one of Tulum’s best-hidden gems. This large lagoon has a huge cenote in the centre, showing the lagoon’s water in a spectacular array of colours. Although there’s not much here, the area is something to look forward to seeing. 

Many locals lather themselves with mud produced by the cenote at Kaan Luum Lagoon, which is said to have some local healing properties. If you don’t feel like swimming, a long dock here goes to the water to bask under the sun while having a drink or a street taco. 

Tour Pick
aged tropical wood bridge in Sian Kaan Tulum mexico

Tulum Deluxe + Kaan Luun Lagoon

  • 5 hours 
  • Private Tour
  • Cenote Azul & Muyil
aged tropical wood bridge in Sian Kaan Tulum mexico

Get your first-night dinner at Rosa Negra

After a long day, you can stuff yourself with some good food again. Rosa Negra is one of Tulum’s most famous restaurants where you can experience fine dining yet with a contemporary twist. 

Located at Tulum Beach, you can indulge in some Latin American food while overlooking the night view of the beach strip.

The atmosphere here at Rosa Negra Tulum is unique and vibrant and has an upscale bohemian vibe, perfect to “almost” cap off your first day in Tulum.

When dining here, we highly suggest trying their Peruvian ceviche and tenderloin steak with seafood rice. They also have an extensive list of cocktails and spirits, which you can easily pair with your food. 

Bar hopping in the Tulum Beach Strip

If you want to have 3 perfect days in Tulum, it’s a must to enjoy and experience their nightlife. Whether or not it’s your first time in Tulum, bar hopping is the best way to experience the vibrant night scene fully. 

Plenty of tourists to Tulum come for the beach, food and nightlife. This means their night scene here is lively and vibrant all year round. They have plenty of bars and nightclubs open from sunset to sunrise, and you can explore all these if you have the energy to do so. 

You can mostly find the bars and clubs on Tulum beach strip so that you can start right after dinner. You can check out Taboo Tulum, Mistico Beach Club, Tago Beach Club Kal Hua, Animal Tulum and Xaman Tulum.

Make cocktail drinks during the holidays and bokeh background

Day 2 in Tulum

Breakfast by the Beach at Casa Maria

Start your second day at Tulum with a delicious breakfast by the beach at one of the famous local restaurants, Casa Maria. This charming restaurant offers a tranquil setting with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. 

Casa Maria’s menu features fresh and healthy options, such as tropical fruit bowls, avocado toast, and traditional Mexican dishes like chilaquiles or huevos rancheros, making a great breakfast meal. 

So before you head to your second-day tour in Tulum, enjoy your meal while taking in the breathtaking ocean view. 

Explore and visit Cenotes in Tulum 

Aside from the famous archaeological ruin site, Tulum is renowned for its mesmerising cenotes and natural sinkholes filled with crystal-clear water. If you are looking for more things to do in Tulum in 3 days, you should explore some (if not all) of the most known cenotes nearby.

Two of Tulum’s most famous cenotes are Dos Ojos and Cenote Azul. Dos Ojos, meaning “Two Eyes” in Spanish, is named after its two connected sinkholes, offering a unique diving and snorkelling experience. It is a 30-minute drive from Tulum, which you can reach via taxi or colectivo. 

Cenote Azul, on the other hand, is a sizeable open cenote surrounded by lush vegetation and offers a refreshing swimming opportunity. This is also a favourite among locals visiting, so expect the cenote to be quite crowded, especially during weekends. 

Aside from the two cenotes, you may also opt for others, such as  Cenote Zacil-Ha, Cenote Ik Kil, Cenote Samula, and more!

Ultimately, these cenotes provide a perfect escape from the heat and a chance to connect with nature in a truly magical way. You can spend time swimming, snorkelling or even scuba diving here with the guidance of professional divers. 

There are also a lot of tours that can quickly bring you to the cenotes while providing you with information and insights into these natural wonders. You’ll need at least 3 to 4 hours to enjoy at least two cenotes, so manage your time effectively! 

Tour Pick
Yucatan, Mexico - People swimming ni Ik Kil Cenote Yucatan Mexico North America

The Best Cenotes in Tulum

  • 6 hours 
  • Private tour
  • Explore three cenotes
QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO - : Locals and tourists enjoying an open air cenote at the Yucatan jungle in Mexico

Ride the Zipline at Cenote Tankah

After swimming or snorkelling on the other cenotes, head on to Cenote Tankah, which offers an exhilarating ziplining experience amidst the jungle canopy. 

Soar through the air and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape as you glide from one platform to another. The zipline tour at Cenote Tankah is suitable for almost all ages and provides an adrenaline-pumping adventure with the help and guidance of professional locals. 

This day excursion is perfect for adventure seekers and those who want to try something new during their three days in Tulum.

Tour Pick
QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO - : Locals and tourists enjoying an open air cenote at the Yucatan jungle in Mexico

4 Cenotes & Zip-Line

  • 4 hours 
  • Max of 12 people 
  • Mayan Lunch included

Late Lunch at Burrito Amor

Head back to Tulum Centre after a busy morning to freshen up and to re-fuel your energy with good food; in this 3 day Tulum itinerary, we made sure to share with you the best eats you can have in Tulum. 

This is why head to Burrito Amor, a popular eatery serving mouthwatering burritos with a creative twist for your late lunch. You can choose from various fillings for your burrito, including grilled vegetables, slow-cooked meats, and flavorful salsas. Don’t forget to check out their homemade hot sauces for an extra kick of flavour. 

As you indulge in good food, enjoy the restaurant’s laid-back and colourful atmosphere and take the chance to immerse in the local’s life. 

Mexican food mix: nachos, fajitas, tortilla, guacamole and salsa sauces and ingredients over wooden background. Top view

Hop aboard a Catamaran to Isla Mujeres

After exploring the cenotes, ruins and downtown Tulum, continue your day as you visit Isla Mujeres. Escape the mainland and take a day trip to this nearby island, a popular day destination for visitors visiting the town, especially when looking for what to do in Tulum. 

To make things more special, hop aboard a private or luxurious catamaran that will sail you across the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. As you start the tour, enjoy the gentle breeze while relaxing on the deck, enjoying the stunning coastal views. 

Once you reach Isla Mujeres, you can explore the island’s beautiful beaches, indulge in fresh seafood, or go snorkelling to discover the vibrant underwater world for a few hours. Afterwards, head back to Tulum as you catch the sunset over the ocean. 

Plenty of charters offer private catamarans for you to rent for 2 or 3 hours, taking you back and forth from Tulum to Isla Mujeres. Most of them already include complimentary drinks and snacks. 

Tour Pick
Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico - Beautiful Caribbean beach Playa Norte or North beach on the Isla Mujeres near Cancun, Mexico

Catamaran tour to Isla Mujeres

  • 5.5 hours 
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Lunch & open bar included
A catamaran and other boat near the shore on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Enjoy happy hour at Ziggy Beach Club

Head to Ziggy Beach Club for a delightful happy hour experience as the day winds down. This famous and trendy spot on the beach offers a laid-back ambience and stunning sunset views.

Sip on delicious cocktails, sample tasty appetisers, and listen to live music as you unwind and soak in the relaxed atmosphere. 

This is the ideal place to toast to a memorable day in Tulum while enjoying the company of friends or even fellow travellers who are enjoying their time in Tulum.

Ziggy Beach Club has one of the best happy hour promos you should want during your weekend in Tulum.

Close up of beach club at tropical beach in Mexico

Late dinner at Agave Tulum

Agave Tulum is a Tulum beach restaurant run by a luxurious hotel in town. This upscale restaurant specialises in Mexican cuisine with a modern twist, making it the perfect restaurant for your second-day dinner. 

You can feast on dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients, such as grilled octopus, mole enchiladas, or cochinita pibil – all made with gourmet techniques using unique flavours at Agave Tulum. Adding to the experience is also the restaurant’s vibe, with an upscale bohemian theme.

Day 3 in Tulum

Grab a quick breakfast meal at Potheads – Pueblo 

To maximise your time on the last day of your three days in Tulum, we suggest you head to Potheads – Pueblo. This jungle-themed restaurant opens as early as 7 AM, making it a great place to grab a quick breakfast. 

The restaurant offers a mix of local Mexican and American cuisine, such as quinoa bowls, salads, smoothie bowls, burritos, and much more. You can also ask them to wrap it for you so you can bring it while you travel to your first destination of the day. 

Although take note that some of their menu items are only available after 2 PM, so just ask whatever they can serve, and they’ll help you out. 

Tour the Coba Mayan Ruins

Coba Mayan Ruins are one of the Yucatan Peninsula’s most significant archaeological sitesa. Although you’ve seen the renowned Tulum Ruins already, we also highly recommend that you include on your 3 days in Tulum itinerary a tour of the Coba Mayan Ruins. 

This ancient Mayan city is home to the tallest pyramid in the region. Unlike in other pyramids, you can climb the impressive Nohoch Mul pyramid.  As you ascend to the top, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding jungle. 

While Coba may seem like an unpopular destination for tourists because of its remote location, it’s still worth visiting.

There are many ways to enjoy Coba Mayan Ruins – walk along the well-preserved paths, discover other smaller structures, and learn about the fascinating history and culture of the Mayan civilisation. 

It’s a few hours away from Tulum, so we suggest you either get a tour to get you there or leave early when renting a car. 

Tour Pick
Ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Coba on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Cobá Ruins Tour

  • 5 hours 
  • Local Guide
  • Private Tour
Ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Coba on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Check out the Gran Cenote

On the way back to Tulum, you’ll pass by one of the town’s major cenotes, the Gran Cenote. It’s just a few kilometres from Tulum and is one the way from Coba, so for a perfect Tulum itinerary, we suggest you check it out as well. 

Gran Cenote is a famous diving spot in Riviera Maya. While it may seem to you like it’s just one big cenote, it consists of several cenotes connected by wooden walkways along the jungle. 

You can explore each cenote either by walking around it or swimming on it. The colour of the water here is so clear that you will be tempted to dive into it as soon as you arrive.

Don’t worry about your things as well because they have rental lockers available and you only need to pay a small amount of money to enter. 

However, they do not have restaurants or food stalls nearby, so after a quick dip or exploration, make sure to head back to Tulum for your lunch. 

Gran Cenote, Tulum, Mexico

Lunch at Taqueria Honorio

You may need something fulfilling after a long drive, and the perfect place for that is Taqueria Honorio. Get to indulge in authentic Mexican flavours at this local favourite in Tulum. 

This casual eatery is known for its mouthwatering tacos, prepared with freshly grilled meats and accompanied by flavorful salsas. We suggest you order their famous juicy al pastor and carnitas to satisfy your cravings. 

To freshen up, pair your tacos with a refreshing agua fresca or a cold cerveza, and savour Mexico’s vibrant and delicious cuisine.

Explore the Sian Ka’an Reserve

Another must-visit on your trip to Tulum is the UNESCO World Heritage site, Sian Ka’an Reserve, which stretches along the coast of Tulum. This vast nature reserve is home to diverse ecosystems, including mangroves, wetlands, and vibrant coral reefs, which nature lovers would enjoy. 

As you arrive at the reserve, you can explore the park on your own but also have the choice to 

hop aboard a guided boat tour to explore the mangrove channels, spot wildlife such as dolphins and sea turtles, and snorkel in the clear turquoise waters. 

A visit to Sian Ka’an offers an opportunity to witness the beauty of untouched nature and appreciate the importance of conservation efforts. 

Tour Pick
Quintana Roo Mexico the Sian Ka'an lagoon reserve

Sian Ka’an and Muyil

  • 5 hours 
  • Max of12 people 
  • Picnic Lunch included
Quintana Roo Mexico the Sian Ka'an lagoon reserve

Sunset Drinks at Ciel Rose Sunset Bar 

As your trip to Tulum in 3 days ends, take things slow and unwind with mesmerising sunset views at Ciel Rose Sunset Bar. This sunset bar is situated on a rooftop in the heart of Tulum, offering a laid-back atmosphere and a wide selection of mezcal, a traditional Mexican spirit. 

Of course, you should now be leaving Tulum, particularly Mexico, without having their famous Mezcal drink. Among many bars and Tulum beach clubs, Ciel Rose Sunset Bar offers great mezcal-tasting promos to enjoy authentic agave spirit. 

Suppose you think the traditional drink will be too stiff for you. In that case, you can continuously sip on your favourite mezcal cocktail while relaxing on comfortable lounge chairs and watching the sky transform into a canvas of vibrant colours. 

Two cocktail drinks with blur beach and colorful sunset sky in the background. Luxury outdoor leisure lifestyle, relaxing and romantic colors on a summer evening. Luxury romance with outdoor drinks

Dinner at Jungle Cuisine by Azulik

To cap off your 3-day trip in Tulum, enjoy a dining experience at Jungle Cuisine by Azulik. Located within the lush surroundings of the Azulik eco-resort, this open-air restaurant offers a blend of gourmet cuisine and a magical jungle ambience. 

They offer an extensive list of menus inspired by local flavours and organic ingredients, with dishes beautifully presented and bursting with flavours.

Plus, with the intimate candlelit setting and the sounds of nature create a captivating atmosphere, it’s the perfect for a romantic dinner or a memorable dining experience with friends or family.

Tours for your 3 days in Tulum

ATV Cenote Tour

If you are someone who enjoy outdoor adventures, this ATV Cenote Tour will definitely bring out the excitement in you. Get to enjoy an ATV ride into the Yucatan jungle and then head to a treetop where you’ll be riding the zipline. 

Afterwards, you will be taken to see a cenote, where you can take a dip or relax as  you enjoy the view of the natural underground pools. This tour only caters to a small group so you don’t need to worry about travelling with plenty of people. 

Transportation is already provided where you’ll be picked up at the downtown of Tulum, and dropped off at the same location. 

Recommended tours in Tulum

FAQs About tulum itinerary 3 days

What are the must-see attractions for a 3 day Itinerary in Tulum?

A 3 day itinerary in Tulum should include exploring the famous archaeological site of Tulum, which offers insight into the Mayan city that was once home to pre-Columbian civilizations.

Additionally, visitors should take a dip into one of the many crystal clear cenotes, such as Cenote Calavera, Dos Ojos or Gran Cenote that dot the region.

Lastly, visitors should check out Xel-Ha and its unique eco-adventure park, where you can snorkel and observe tropical fish in their natural habitats.

Where can I find good food near Tulum?

You won’t regret eating your way through the eateries of Tulum as it is home to some unique culinary experiences influenced by Mayan traditions mixed with modern influences from all over Mexico and beyond!

Start your journey at Hartwood, a wood-fired restaurant set against a lush garden jungle which serves up some mouthwatering dishes including ceviches and barbacoas made with fresh ingredients right from Yucatán Peninsula!

An absolute must try is La Zebra for some contemporary Mexican cuisine for lunch/dinner alongside breathtaking views of one of the Caribbean Sea’s most beautiful beaches

is 3 days in tulum enough?

3 days in Tulum is enough to have an enjoyable and memorable experience. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Tulum has it all!

With its stunning beaches and archaeological sites, 3 days will give you plenty of time to explore the culture and beauty that make Tulum so special.

And with the bustling downtown area boasting a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and shops, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So if you have 3 days in Tulum, you won’t be disappointed!

Final Thoughts: tulum mexico itinerary

So, whether you’re looking to lounge on a sunny beach or explore the many archaeological sites of Tulum, this 3 day itinerary is sure to give you the perfect balance between relaxation and exploration.

Mix and match different activities to suit whatever it is you want to get up to in Tulum and make it your own adventure!

Remember that while 3 days certainly isn’t enough time to explore all there is in this city, with some careful planning, it’s more than enough for you to experience the best that Tulum has to offer. So book your tickets today, and have an amazing journey!

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