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Travel Without Limits: See As Much Of The World As You Can


For anyone with the traveler’s bug, you know how hard it is to satisfy the itch! Jetting off around the world is a costly venture, and usually, there isn’t a great deal of time. So, in order to get to as many countries as possible, you have to play it smart. This post will help you to get yourself across as many borders as possible, at a reasonable price.

When you first start out in your traveling career, you’ll have a lot to explore that’s close to home. Most countries are filled with interesting historical sites and natural beauties. You just have to find them. Obviously, your home is the easiest place for you to explore, as you’re already there. This also makes it much cheaper, at least most of the time, to stay national.

You’ll be able to find loads of interesting places to visit by checking in with your local tourist information station. Obviously, you might not have this resource, though, so you might have to go online. Websites like Tripadvisor can give you great tips when it comes to finding things to do. You’ll probably be able to travel quite far within your own borders, and most countries have more than one type of landscape to visit.

In time, keeping it close to home will start to become unsatisfying. But, it will only stimulate your want to travel even further. This will give you the drive to get yourself into a good position to travel. You might need to do some work to get yourself ready, and you’ll need all the self-help you can get!


  • Travel Light And Cheap

If you want to travel within a certain group of countries, like Europe or Africa, you can limit your costs significantly with a few little tips. Firstly, flights are expensive, and it can be best to avoid them. A lot of countries share borders with their neighbors. This provides a way to travel to between the two, without having to leave land. Other countries have small slips of ocean between them. It’s often cheaper to get a boat across, rather than a plane. But, this will take a little longer. If you want to avoid planes entirely, you can take your own vehicle. This will give you freedom to cross land borders and get boats, but limit you when it comes to traveling longer distances.

To get the ultimate cheapo experience, you want to avoid hotels all together. Of course, in a hotel, you’ll get a lovely room and loads of other facilities. But, do you really need them? If you’re out to see the world, conveniences can only act as distractions. You’ll never want to leave a hotel that you’ve spent a bunch on. Instead, hostels will provide you with a bed and a place to stay. You’ll be dry and comfortable, with easy access to food. Alternatively, if you’re traveling in warmer areas, you can think about camping. Camp sites are often much cheaper than both hotels and hostels and give you much more freedom to come and go as you please.

Traveling with a little as possible will enable you to travel much further than if you’re heavily ladened. Try to only bring the absolute essentials with you. After all, you’re not out to impress; you want to get a move on. Pointless gadgets and gizmos will only make you a target for thieves, who will also see you as an easy target as a foreigner. And, just like a fancy hotel, your possessions will act as a distraction from the sights you’re out to see. Ultimately, you only really need a basic phone and camera, as well as some clothing and toiletries. There isn’t much else you need to survive comfortably.


  • Cruise The Seven Seas

A lot of people picture a cruise as a few weeks spent on a boat with a bunch of elderly folk. And, of course, those cruises do exist. But, they’re not the only option you have available. Nowadays, you can find cruises aimed at those who want to see a huge chunk of the world. They travel between countries at a rapid rate, and you only spend a short time at each. This is arguably the easiest way to see multiple continents all on the same trip.

All of your travel is done on the cruise ship, except maybe an initial flight to get to your launching spot. This saves the expense of paying for multiple long flights to get from place to place. It will also give you a chance to relax between sightseeing, which flights simply can’t provide. The cruise company will also be able to take you on excursions. Giving you access to loads of points of interest, with the option to go it alone and seek your own. Imagine cruising Australia, and it’s beautiful coastline one day, and sipping out of a coconut in the Caribbean the next. The world truly is your oyster when you decide to take a cruise.

Cruises will nearly always provide you with food and entertainment, throughout the trip. You will also have access to the entertainment and food wherever you’ve dropped anchor. This gives you the guarantee that you’ll never be left with nothing to do. You’ll also never go hungry, even if you spend all of your money! Just remember to get currencies for every place you’re visiting; the cruise ship will charge a small fortune to exchange your native money.

  • Time

Time is a tricky thing when it comes to traveling. With any method that involves traveling to multiple countries, you need some time. Obviously, most people have work commitments to uphold. Most people will simply wait for a good time to arrive before they decide to set out. Unfortunately for most, this means never getting out there at all. So, you can’t just wait for time to make itself; you have to make it!


Your employer will probably be more forgiving when you ask for a long holiday if you ask well in advance. Just make sure that you leave loads of time for them to arrange cover for you, while you’re away. If you’re in a job that was easy to get and is low pay, you could also consider leaving. If you can plan a trip that will take you far and wide, and take a few months, it can be worth having to find a new job when you get home. Taking time out to travel the world can strengthen your CV, and make you into a more attractive candidate when you get home. This means that your travels could actually increase your chances when it comes to getting a new job.

Only you can make the decision to take the plunge. But, if you feel the need to travel very strong, then it shouldn’t be too hard. You have to be confident in yourself, and avoid waiting. Obviously, you need to do research. But, it’s not worth sitting around waiting for better circumstances or more time, if you’re not actively working towards those goals.

Ultimately, your travels should be for joy. If you don’t like the idea of traveling so much or having to invest so much time, then it might be a good idea to keep your journeys shorter. Hopefully, reading this will help you to make that decision. And, it should also give you some ideas to get your own world tour on track!

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