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Travel With Business Class

Travelling for business is great fun and if planned correctly can be an excellent way to see amazing places on someone else’s budget!  However it does pose a problem of looking dressed to impress without your usual home comforts and appliances.

There is a knack to packing for a formal business trip; getting the balance just right between travelling light and looking right is hard to pull off but it is really all about keeping it simple and only packing the essentials that will help you clinch the deal.

Here are the four essentials that should be in a woman’s luggage on every business trip.

  1. The suit. Even if you don’t wear suits normally to the office it is the perfect travel accessory for both men and women because it can be mixed up with different shirts and tops to create a new look every day without taking up too much space in your case. Choose neutral colours so that you can set off your statement top or designer shirt, preferably in wrinkle-resistant materials such as wool or synthetics so that you look pressed and in control from the moment you step off the plane,
  2. The shoes. Ladies you can get away with only packing one pair of shoes when travelling on business – yes that’s right just one pair! If you choose a style that is both comfortable and stylish to travel in you can even save room for a pair of evening shoes to take your look from day to night in an instant. Again go for a neutral colour that can be mixed and matched with the rest of your suitcase and don’t pick too high a heel as you will need to be comfortable, particularly whilst you travel around.
  3. The dress. If you are away on business you will probably find yourself at a formal function at some point needing to look the part. Formal dresses for women however can be bulky items to pack and don’t often travel well.  If you are going to be stepping out choose a simple cut dress from a lightweight synthetic material that is in a dark tone to hide any potential wrinkles.
  4. The wrap. Even if you are visiting a hot country the chances are at some point you will need to cover up and the wrap or shawl is a great space saving alternative to a coat or jumper.  It updates a day look for dinner and can easily be rolled up and taken with you as you go about your business.
  5. The bag. Finally no matter how light you pack you will not want to carry your suitcase around with you all day and will need another bag that can tote your laptop and phone. Double-up your formal bag as hand luggage and you can carry your valuables with you without taking space up in your main bag.

Add to this list everything you need such as toiletries, underwear and the many handy gadgets now available on the market for the business traveller and you will really mean business.


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