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Travel Anxiety: Causes and Tips for Easing Stress

Whether you’re heading to the beach for a month or traveling to Shanghai on an extended vacation, traveling often comes with some form of anxiety. For some, the anxiety is mild, but for others, it can be crippling. This makes it hard for them to have a good time before they reach their destination. Read this blog to find out a few of the causes of travel anxiety and a few tips for easing the stress as well. 

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The Most Common Causes of Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety can happen for a variety of different reasons and no two people who have it are the same. Some of the most common causes are listed below.  

Fear of Flying: Whether it’s pre-travel anxiety or full-on travel anxiety, many times it stems from a fear of flying. Over 25 million people in the United States alone suffer from a fear of flying and it has different anxiety levels. Whether it’s the claustrophobia of being locked into a small space or the fear of giving over control of your safety to someone you don’t even know, a fear of flying is one of the number one causes of travel anxiety. 

Missing Home: Believe it or not, being away from home and missing your family can lead to travel anxiety as well, especially for those who are traveling for the first time. 

Other Causes of Travel Anxiety

Here are a few of the other causes of travel anxiety as well. 

  • Past travel woes such as catching chickenpox on a childhood trip
  • Travel horror stories, such as stories you’ve heard of the dangers in the area you’re traveling too. 
  • Work anxiety

Now that you know a few of the causes of travel anxiety, it’s time to move into a section on how you can relax and destress instead of worrying. 

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Stress Relief

For many, meditation helps them to calm their mind and body before they are scheduled to travel. However, anything that helps you to relax when hitting the road can be beneficial. Whether you’re getting immersed in a good book, listening to music through your headphones, or buying your CBD wholesale to take with you on the trip, there is always some type of stress relief that will work wonders for you and calm your nerves at the same time. 

Plan Ahead

Planning your trip ahead of time only makes good common sense, but it’s especially important if you suffer from travel anxiety. It’s much less stressful if you have all your ducks in a row than it will be if you’re doing everything last minute. Planning takes the what-ifs out of traveling and helps you rest easy knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep things from going wrong. 

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Start Small

If you suffer from intense travel anxiety, then you don’t want to jump on a plane and head to Costa Rica for a month. Instead, you need to start small. For example, rent a cabin in the mountains for a weekend and drive there. The next time you travel, book a house on the beach that’s a little further away. In other words, it’s best to work your way up to getting on a plane and going thousands of miles from your home. You can also take a series of day trips to get your toes in the water, then work your way up from there. 

These are just a few of the top causes of travel anxiety and how you can get ahead of them when traveling. Remember, start small and work your way up. You’re someone with travel anxiety so how far you travel and how frequently is entirely up to you. 

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