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Top Items That Every Traveler Needs to Take With Them

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According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the number of international travelers is on the rise. In 2017, the number of international tourists rose by a substantial 7%, with 1.322 million people jetting off to a foreign country. That figure is also expected to grow by between 4-5% in 2018.

While that means that there are plenty more people buying cheap souvenirs and getting their tan on, it also means that there are more people fretting about traveling too. The stress of traveling often comes as a result of the packing phase so, to help you out, we’ve highlighted several top items that every traveler needs to take with them.

A Bag of Stationery

In the year 2018, where most of us have smartphones with note-taking apps, you probably wouldn’t think to take a bag of stationery with you on holiday. However, stationery can have plenty more uses, which is why it’s worth taking a big of assorted stationery with you.

The One Good Thing blog highlights some handy uses for paperclips, including a DIY jewelry clasp, a tool to fix a broken zipper, and even as a makeshift screwdriver to fix loose screws on your glasses. Other helpful items to take with you include binder clips (you can use them as clothes hangers), duct tape (use it to hold broken suitcases closed), and a pack of permanent markers to help secure your belongings.

Debit Cards

Spending money on holiday no longer means visiting the foreign exchange and putting up with ludicrous rates. The technology of debit cards has improved massively over the last few years, making taking them with you a must. For example, debit cards in Canada use the Interac system by default. It allows Canadian travelers to pay for things online, as it takes the money directly from their Canadian bank accounts, which is handy if you don’t want to fiddle with physical money while you’re overseas. It’s also useful if you want to take part in a bit of online gambling, spending money on online casinos while you wait for a connecting flight.

Contactless payment tech is also popular in places such as Australia and the United Kingdom, allowing you to just tap your card to the terminal to pay for things. This will save you time at the tills if you’re in a rush to your destination and don’t have time to count out change.

Essential Toiletries

If you’re reading this post amidst a holiday packing rush, then you’ve probably already put your deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap in your suitcase. But these aren’t the only essential toiletries that you need to take with you.

Many people also forget about things like wet wipes, which can be stand-ins for soap, water, and a shower cubicle if you find yourself delayed or stranded, for example. In the absence of cleaning products, they can also be used to give cutlery or surfaces a wipe over before you use them. Plasters are also a must in case you get blisters and painkillers will help with those post-party hangovers.

Not a toiletry but a MUST take on all trips are your sunglasses, my favorite are Tom Ford at SmartBuyGlasses. 

Hopefully, you now have more of an idea of what to pack in your case. Happy travels!

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