Tips for Sending Parcels Home When Travelling Abroad

If you’re away travelling and wanting to send gifts and parcels home, organising it can be tricky. What with having to source the right packaging, check out the customs regulations and then research to find the right courier, it can seem like a lot of hassle. By following the essentials tips below, posting gifts home is super straightforward:


It’s important to put some effort in to how you package your parcels when posting things internationally. With thousands of miles to travel, it’s vital that you use the right materials to protect your gift and make sure your parcel arrives at its destination in one piece. Wrapped gifts in bubble wrap or newspaper then pad the spare space in the box out with old clothes or more newspaper to save it from being bumped around in transit. Then use a cardboard box which is of a similar size to the gift you’re posting to prevent your gift from moving around unnecessarily in transit.

Check Customs Regulations

One of the most important things to be careful of when posting parcels home is the customs regulations. Depending on which country you’re posting gifts to, regulations can vary so it’s a good idea to always check out the specific customs regulations before posting anything overseas to ensure that it clears customs and arrives at the destination on time.

Use a Trusted Courier

One way to guarantee that your parcel arrives in great condition and on time is by using a trusted courier. It’s a good idea to shop around to find one for a good price, TNT has a great international delivery service which is well worth looking into. Using their service means you can select from a range of delivery speeds, times and cost to find the ideal service for you.

Plan Ahead of Schedule

If you’re sending a gift home that’s for a special occasion, say a birthday or Christmas gift, then it’s vital that you plan ahead of schedule to make sure it arrives on time. It’s always better for a gift to arrive earlier than you expected than miss the date, so prepare for this in advance and ask your chosen courier for the best date to post your parcel if you’re unsure.

By following these tips for posting a parcel aboard, you’ll be able to keep in touch with friends and family at home whilst you’re away travelling with ease.

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