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The Business Traveler’s Toolkit: Must-Have Gadgets & Tips

Wherever you travel, a satchel of trusty gadgets will keep you organized and efficient. In this blog, we will suggest devices to make business travel a breeze.


Grid-It – This organizer easily fits in a carry-on. It keeps all your gadgets firmly in place with a series of elastic bands. It also features a rear zippered pocket. Grid-It sells for £17 backed by a one-year warranty.


Novatel Wireless MiFi Liberate 2352 – The Novatel is a tool that will save you time and money on Wi-Fi 33. It’s a credit card-sized device for mobile access to 4G networks. You can hone in on a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are. The unit consists of a small, flat panel attached to a cylindrical head and the large touch screen makes navigation easy.


BESTEK® Universal Travel Adapter Plug – A universal adapter enables access to a foreign electrical outlet. It will accept your power cord for instant plug and play. This particular globetrotter works in 150 countries, including the UK, US, Australia, and the European Union. It also charges digital devices, such as cell phones, smartphones, and tablets.


NITECORE USB Rechargeable Light – When it comes to travel, a flashlight is invaluable. NITECORE is a rechargeable key chain torch and has two levels of brightness. Press the button once for a low beam and twice for a high beam. The low beam is handy for close-up tasks, such as hunting for items or unlocking doors in the dark whilst the high beam can light up an entire room.


After a mobile phone, duct tape may be a traveler’s best friend. You can use the duct tape for the following:

  • luggage repair
  • handle repair
  • fallen hem
  • cable repair
  • lint removal


Butter Fox Travel Document Passport Organizer – This durable organizer has 20 compartments to protect your travel documents. Two outer pockets hold your boarding pass and travel records. Inside, there are slots for an ID, passports, credit cards, and memory cards as well as a zippered section to hold bank notes. There is a long open pocket that stores miscellaneous documents and two zippered mesh pockets to protect small valuables.

While travelling, it is important to protect your health and be prepared. Enrolling yourself with a global insurance company is an investment. Organisations like AXA PPP international provide full coverage health insurance outside of the UK — offering a range of other services. An example would be the 24/7 support from multi-lingual advisers – handy for anyone whose first language isn’t English.

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