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Student field trips in USA

Planning on a field trip but don’t know the best spots in the USA? Find out the best places and destinations for a fun-filled and educational field trip here.

 Student Field Trips in USA

Imagine being on the best field trip, students are happy and having fun but at the same time learning something new. It is the most exciting day for most students and the highlight of any school year.

A field trip awakes positive emotions in every student. But the places to go on a field trip affect these great emotions. The field trip has to be somewhere that’s educational, memorable, and interesting to everyone involved.

So student excitement equates to how interesting places to go on a field trip are. The right or wrong destination can make or ruin a trip. Therefore, the best field trip for students to visit, learn, and have fun are the following destinations or places.

  1.       The Smithsonian Institution.

No field trip would be complete without visiting the US capital, Washington DC. But the student is not here to visit the White House; the Smithsonian Institution is what students will be checking out.

There is a zoo, museums, galleries, research, and cultural centers. There are 19 museums, and students will get to see early humans, different animals, art, planes, portraits, rockets, Native American, and African culture. If the museum still doesn’t excite a student, visit the Smithsonian National Zoo. The students will have fun and learn new facts. It might be among the best trips for undergraduates.

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  1.       Space Center Houston.

Science and space evoke interest in the majority of students. That is why the Space Center in Houston, Texas, has to be a must-visit. This is a one of a kind field trip because students get to see and explore some of NASA’s shuttles and spacecraft’s.

Students get to see Space Suits, the Apollo 17, Moon Rocks, and a Mars Meteorite. They are just some of the attractions. But the field trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing the NASA shuttle mounted on a shuttle carrier aircraft. Students will learn a thing or two on space exploration and its history.

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  1.       The Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.

On this field trip, come prepared to face the heat. Phoenix, Arizona, is the destination for this field trip, and be ready to explore one of the most beautiful gardens in the USA. The Desert Botanical Gardens are a must-see and one of the best places to go on a field trip as a student.

Learners get to see many plants, trees, flowers, and cacti in this garden. The garden serves as a sanctuary and educational hub for plant species. This beautiful garden is there for visitors to explore, and, of course, student field trips are welcomed.

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