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Planning a Beach Vacation During the Pandemic

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many families are still looking to squeeze in a family vacation this summer. The challenge is twofold: what’s open and accessible, and what’s safe?

A popular choice for many people is the quintessential beach vacation. Here are five things to keep in mind when planning a beach vacation during a pandemic.

Choosing Your Destination Wisely

The most important that you can do to keep your family safe on your beach vacation is to choose your destination wisely. You can reduce the odds of exposure by finding a destination that is not experiencing an outbreak. There are numerous online trackers that you can use to ascertain what areas you should avoid. For example, a beach vacation in Florida is likely not a good idea as the cases in the Sunshine State continue to surge. Conversely, beaches in the Northeast or the Pacific Northwest are safer options.

Camogli, Italy - People resting at beach at Camogli on sunny summer day, Liguria, Italy

Buying Your Essentials

Because you cannot be sure about what type of shopping options will be available to you at your beach destination, it is essential to gather your essentials before you leave for the trip. No beach trip is complete without a new swimsuit. Designer bikinis for women provide the perfect mix of fashion and function, and the same goes for other expertly crafted styles of swimwear. Buying a new suit will get you excited about the trip. Do not forget that many retailers are closed for in-person shopping, necessitating that you purchase your new swimsuit online. This makes it important that you leave plenty of time for shipping and to exchange it if it does not fit correctly.

Finding the Best Deals

While there is no good news in this pandemic, the only thing that travelers have to look forward to is better deals for a variety of elements of the trip. For example, due to decreased demand, air travel prices have dramatically dropped. This reduction in prices may make this an attractive transportation option for your family if you feel that you can travel safely.

Keeping Safe

There is no doubt that this vacation will require more preparation than any other travel experience you have ever had. To protect your family, you need to pack along a variety of essentials that will help you stay clear of the virus. Before you take off on your beach vacation, be sure that you purchase plenty of hand sanitizer. It would be best if you also packed antibacterial wipes and sprays so that you can clean any surfaces not yet decontaminated. Lastly, be sure that everyone in your family wears face masks in public and when required by businesses.

Palm beach, Aruba - View of Palm Beach on the Caribbean island of Aruba. Many hotels, including the Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort and Spa and the Riu Palace Aruba are located on Palm Beach.

Choosing Accommodations

You can add another layer of safety to your trip by choosing your accommodations wisely. The best thing that you can do is to reduce the interaction that you have with other people outside of your immediate travel party. This may make renting a condo a better idea than reserving a room at a hotel. If you can find a rental home with its own swimming pool and beach access, you will reduce your risk of coming into contact with the virus even further.

By practicing the right social distancing measures and arriving prepared with all of the essentials, you can have a safe and happy beach vacation. While this vacation will look different than any other trip you have taken before, you can still create amazing memories for your family during this unprecedented time.

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