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Plan an Affordable Trip to These 5 Beautiful Places in England

With pleasantly cold weather and warm yet affectionate natives, England is a great place to visit. It’s a big country for tourists, offering several destinations to spoil Globetrotters. This article will help narrow your choices down to some of the beautiful and affordable places that are perfect for families and couples alike. Read on to find out more and thank us later.

Plan your trip to the UK

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Cotswolds has the true essence of nature, running across green fields, over the hills and through the honey-coloured towns and villages. This place never fails to impress and amaze tourists, with its ethereal beauty that makes you wonder “How on earth could this place exist?”… No matter what time of the year you plan your trip to Cotswolds, you  may be lucky to be a part of a number of vibrant festivals or you can stroll around lively galleries and intriguing museums. Winters in Cotswolds are crowd-free so you can enjoy refreshing walks and pub sessions around the bonfire, without pushing through crowds. On the other hand, summer and autumn are also great for excursions and sightseeing. This place gleams in summers with a magical light that should keep you spellbound throughout the evening.


When you visit England, you don’t want to miss out on Yorkshire – said by every visitor ever. Yorkshire has a certain reputation to maintain when we think of good food and tantalising drinks. The restaurants in Yorkshire have the most worn out menu cards in the Britain (in a good way of course). With some of the nicest sceneries and rich heritage glowing in the city of Yorkshire, you’ll never find a reason not to stay there for the rest of your life. Though the city welcomes 40 million tourists every year, it doesn’t seem too crowded in any part.


Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes (MK) is a town in Buckinghamshire, that’s characterised by moderate dynamism and several digestible museums and galleries. The place hosts some of the most popular events and festivals that attract thousands of travellers every year. From musical concerts to local festivals and entertainment facilities, Milton Keynes will always keep you on your toes. Milton Keynes is surrounded by beautiful villages that are worth your visit. If you are not a big fan of hitching a ride, you can always hire an MK taxi as per your budget and travelling preference.


England has something for everyone. If you are in England and feel like hitting the beach or stray into the wild, Suffolk is the place you want to visit. The curved coastline and diverse fauna are a few of the main highlights of this region. Whether you are on a family picnic or want to stir some fun in the dunes, Suffolk’s immaculate coastline creates the perfect atmosphere for you. You can savour the region’s delicacies or trek through one of the England’s designated National Parks, there is always one thing or the other that’ll keep you busy.


Bath is a beautiful vintage city that boasts of Georgian crescents and lovely terraces sprawled along several miles of green, hilly bowl. The place is frequented by millions of visitors every year, who enjoy exploring the rich heritage of England. Accommodation is pretty affordable and easily available during all seasons. With hundreds of restaurants spread all over the city, you will never have to walk more than a mile to find good food.


If you have not visited any of these places in England, you are almost failing as a traveller (kidding!). So pack your bags and set off for a wonderful experience.


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