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I Do! Make Your Holiday Proposal Unforgettable

You’ve decided.  There is no one else for you.  You have met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.  They make you happier than you’ve ever been and you are going to propose.  Congratulations.  Now it’s time to get creative and make this moment something you will both remember for the rest of your lives

It’s a pretty big moment in both your lives so making your proposal extra special is rather important.  There are literally thousands of proposals on the internet.  From people holding up banners across the world, spelling out the big question, to football match big screens doing the job for them.  

Proposing on holiday is a perfect way to start.  Most of us gain our fondest memories whilst travelling the world as it’s time for us to truly relax and enjoy each other.  For the extrovert it’s the perfect opportunity to share your special moment with your new found friends.  If your partner is a little shy then consider a quiet moment together.  

We’ve compiled a little list to get your creative juices flowing.  Good luck!

The Grand Gesture.

If you have a budget then whisking your partner off on the holiday of a lifetime is going to set the scene for the proposal of a lifetime.  Choose one of the Best islands in the Caribbean, then consider letting a dolphin do the hard bit.  The islanders will adore helping you set this up and what could be more private.  Just you, your partner and a cute little guy holding up “Will you marry me?” Perfection

The Musical Moment

Most couples have a song that is special to them.  If your budget isn’t sky high, plan a picnic on the beach or somewhere isolated but beautiful.  Take along a wireless music system and whilst you are eating have songs playing in the background.  If you plan it right on your playlist then whilst your partner is eating some strawberries you can pop the question to the soundtrack of your romance.  Plus, you get a little something to keep forever.

Surrounded by friends

As you grow as a couple you will undoubtedly made your own gang of mates.  These guys are going to be there for you throughout your life so sharing a special moment like this with them is going to make you feel supported and loved even more.  Whilst you probably don’t want your intentions getting out, using your friends to help with the proposal is super romantic and great fun.  Holidays with friends are a fantastic chance to surprise your partner with the big question.  Arrange a big get together on evening at bar or on the beach.  Tell your partner you are just off for a drink with everyone.  Then organise your pals to send one word text messages at 5 minute intervals to your partner.  Don’t give the game away too soon.  You want the most important bit to come as you walk into the venue surrounded by cheers and joy.  

Whether you have loads of money to spend or nothing at all, there are so many ways to make sure this day is unforgettable.  So get thinking and invite us to the party okay?

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