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Travelling to new places can open your eyes to new things and ways of living. But, that’s not all travelling can open you up to. Visiting exotic locations can also leave you open to diseases you’ve never faced before. Because you’ve never come across them before,you won’t have any immunity. How many of us end up under the weather a few days into our vacations? Too many of us! No one wants to be shut up in a hotel room for their first few days. That’s why it’s important you have a plan in place to stop you from getting ill. If it’s your first-time traveling to a new destination, you might have no idea where to start. That’s why we’ve made a checklist of things to consider!


The moment you book your holiday, find out whether you need to get any vaccinations. Some countries don’t allow entry without proof of immunisation. Others only recommend vaccinations. None of us want to face those needles, but if a jab is recommended, you should take it. There’s no point putting yourself at risk when you don’t have to. If you’re unsure whether your destination requires vaccination, book a doctor’s appointment and ask. A lot of the time, the need for protection depends on what you’ll be doing during your stay. But, countries with diseases such as polio or yellow fever do call for vaccinations. You may also need protection if you’re planning on doing a lot of hiking in forested areas. Whatever you do, don’t avoid that trip to the doctors. As well as making sure your trip goes right, those vaccinations could be the difference between life and death!


Even once you’re vaccinated, accidents happen. Don’t let silly mistakes ruin your trip. Any traveller should take along a first aid kit with them. If you don’t know what to include, it is possible to buy first aid kits with most of the things you’ll need. For the most part, plasters, bandages and painkillers should be enough. You can order malaria tablets for your holiday too, and it’s worth doing if you know the country you’re visiting is a high risk area. Again, if you’re unsure, ask your doctor. They’ll be able to give you advice about anything you should be taking along with you. It may also be worth taking along some anti-nausea and diarrhea tablets. You’re going to be eating all new foods! A dodgy stomach is the main reason a lot of tourists struggle in their first few days. Don’t take the risk!


If you’re visiting a resort that you know has clean water, then drinking from the taps is no problem. If you’re unsure about the purity of the tap water, though, bottled is always best. The locals may be able to drink the tap water with no problems, but they’ve grown up doing so. They will have developed the ability to cope with anything that may be lurking. And, make sure that the bottled water you’re buying has a seal, too. You don’t want to end up drinking bottled tap water! It may seem extreme, but you should even use that bottled water to brush your teeth. Even a little unpurified water can leave you with an upset stomach. And, you don’t want to miss any of your vacation being ill, remember!

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Another issue you’ll face while you’re away is that of mosquitos. In rare cases, a mosquito bite could lead to serious illness. Mosquitos are notorious for spreading disease. But, that aside, mosquito bites can make you uncomfortable for the duration of your time away. While a lot of us seem to be immune to mosquito attacks, others attract them and end up covered in itchy, painful bumps. If you’re in the latter group, it’s important you take steps to protect yourself. Add mosquito sprays and soothing creams to your first aid kit. It can also help to keep covered. Yes, you may want to wear skimpy clothing to deal with the heat. But, that leaves more skin on display and more temptation for mozzies. Even wearing a thin shawl over your shoulders will help to keep you protected. It’s also worth taking a net with you and hanging it over your bed. You can’t protect yourself while you’re sleeping, after all! Keeping your room as sealed as possible will also help. They can’t bite you if they can’t get in. Again, you may want to sleep with all the windows open to cope with the heat. But, keeping the windows closed will make a huge difference. Turn the air conditioning on instead, and keep those windows closed!


Eating local cuisine is all part and parcel of travelling, right? But, as we’ve mentioned before, upset stomachs are the main reason for illness while abroad. Though you may want to visit local food markets and get stuck in, it’s worth being careful about what you eat. As well as the fact that you won’t be used to the food, such markets have varying degrees of food hygiene. Be aware of food that is out on display for extended periods of time. It may have been reheated or had bugs climbing all over it. If you do go to food markets, try to stick to stalls which prepare the food in front of your eyes. Remember, too, to avoid water. If you see a stall washing their produce from taps, don’t eat there!

There’s not much you can do to avoid the type of food available affecting you. If it helps, mix local meals with foods you’re more familiar with. That way, your stomach is less likely to play you up. It may seem a shame to eat something you could have at home, but it will make a huge difference to the way you feel.

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Last on the list, but by no means least; the sun is also something you need to consider. We go away to find the sun, so why should it be a worry? Because it’s a lot hotter than the sun at home! Even if you want to get a tan, it’s essential that you wear a strong suncream. Reapply every few hours to make sure you have maximum protection. And, remember to reapply if you go swimming, too! Not wearing strong suncream leaves you at risk of significant burns. They can cause major discomfort, among other issues! Make sure, too, that you don’t spend extended periods of time under a scorching hot sun. It’s worth taking a sun hat, but you’ll also need to make sure you head to the shade every hour or so. Pay attention to how you’re feeling. If you start to overheat, it’s time to head inside. Keep a bottle of water by your side at all times and drink often. As well as being unpleasant, sun stroke can be life threatening if left untreated. Research the signs and make sure you don’t fall under its spell!

So, there you have it. A quick fire guide on how to stay healthy while you travel. Your destination will determine which of these points are relevant. The best way to prepare is to do your research. Know what kind of place you’re visiting and take the necessary precautions. You’ll be able to enjoy your time away without worry. And, none of it will be wasted feeling ill in your hotel room!

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