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Earn a Degree While You Travel the World

12 Lessons I’ve learnt on my blogging journey and what you can learn from them to!

Gone are the days when you had to choose between travel and education. More and more universities today are offering courses and even full degrees online to meet the needs of students. 

What’s more, these flexible degree programs are not limited to technical or artistic pursuits. They include almost everything imaginable, like accelerated BSN programs online, you can find the perfect university

With a little planning and plenty of hard work, you’ll be able to earn your degree and reward yourself with amazing travel adventures. Here are steps you can take to successfully earn a degree while you travel the world.

Create a Checklist

Once you have selected your online degree program, it’s time to get packing. Set aside time to develop a list of items you will need to successfully complete your online courses. These may include:

  • laptop computer with wireless connection capabilities and cables
  • smartphone, with its own WIFI Hotspot and helpful apps (for translation, currency exchange, guides, and maps); also include at least two chargers
  • international adapters
  • Stylus, digital pens, and any other implements you might need
  • USB drives and/or portable backup hard drive
  • online document storage options (e.g., set up an OneDrive or Google Docs account)

Also, make sure you have phone numbers, email addresses, and a list of available chat times for tech support for your online program, as well as other student support services you may need.

Create a Schedule and Stick with It

While your travel plans may be flexible and spontaneous, a schedule for your coursework needs to be established to keep you on track for successfully reaching your educational goals. Fortunately, this schedule can be anytime during the day or night that best fits where you are and what your program requirements include.

You also will need to schedule your coursework around travel itineraries as well as activities you want to pursue. For instance, if you want to go sightseeing in the afternoon, then create a schedule for your online study time to be in the early morning or in the evenings. If you need to attend live lectures or group meetings, then schedule accordingly for those particular days.

Don’t forget to factor in differing time zones as well. This will help you avoid missing deadlines, online lectures and labs, and online group study sessions.

12 Lessons I’ve learnt on my blogging journey and what you can learn from them to!

Locate Local Study Locations and Resources

Taking a look at your newly created schedule, fill in where your coursework will take place. To do this, you will first need to identify locations and resources at your travel destination that provide what you need.

Undoubtedly the first consideration is internet connectivity. While you may be able to work on assignments and readings offline, you ultimately will need to log on to submit those assignments, get new ones, and attend any live events.

These locations may be your hostel, hotel, or temporary apartment. It can be a local university or even a number of cafes that provide internet for their customers. Keep in mind the need to monitor what information you are sending over an unsecured internet connection, however.

Juggling your future career with exciting travels is easier than you think these days. And there is an added benefit as well. Showing initiative, discipline, and commitment to your education, even while traveling the world, will show potential future employers that you have incredible time management and productivity skills to offer. We call that a win-win all the way around.

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