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Choosing The Perfect Wardrobe For Your Next Trip

Do you look at your suitcase with horror when getting ready to go on holiday? Relax! Packing doesn’t have to be stressful and we’ve put together some tips to make it even easier. Read on and learn how to save time, money, and even some space in your bag for souvenirs.

Research Your Destination

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s always worth repeating! Look up where you’re going so you have a sense of the weather and the seasonal predictions and you can start to build a packing list from there. You wouldn’t dress for the desert if you were going to a jungle, would you? Of course not!

While you’re at it, be sure to research the culture of wherever you’re going. It’s always best to err on the side of respect for the local culture when traveling abroad; some countries have more conservative dress norms than others, especially at certain monuments or places of worship.

Pack Extras – But Not Too Many.

It never hurts to be prepared and bring a few extras of your essentials like socks and underwear. That said, there’s no need to cram your suitcase full of them. Remember your extras, but be reasonable about it.

Keep Your Valuables In Your Carryon

Anything you can’t go a day without needs to stay with you until you arrive at your destination.  This includes money, medication, your passport, information about your hotel, and anything else you’d be in trouble without. This way, if your luggage gets lost, your entire trip won’t be ruined.

Bring One Fancier Piece

While many holidays tend to be casual and relaxed affairs, it never hurts to plan for a dressier occasion like a special meal or an impromptu party. There’s no need to pack a tuxedo or a ball gown (unless you know you’ll need it, of course) to turn your holiday wardrobe into classier attire. All it takes is a little bit of foresight!

A blazer and dressier shoes can turn the basic jeans-and-t-shirtcasual combo into a more upscale affair. Unisex accessories like a good watch or a nice scarf round out any look, while a statement piece of jewelry is ideal for women. Best of all, pieces like this don’t have to be expensive. Leave your pricy pieces at home and bring some duplicates instead. Need some inspiration? Use the House of Fraser discount codes at Plusvoucher code to get some great versatile pieces without breaking the bank!

Don’t Forget A Good Pair of Shoes!

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of this one! Nothing puts a damper on your adventures quite like blisters, pinched toes, or sore feet. Look for your perfect fit, proper arch support, and suitability for your surroundings. Walking shoes are a good bet if you’ll be in the city or strolling the countryside; if you’re going hiking then a quality pair of boots designed for the terrain are your best bet. Just ask

Good shoes go beyond comfort, as well. Slippery soles or wobbly ankles can lead to accident or injury, so think safety first and style second.

Be aware of overpacking when it comes to shoes. One or two good comfortable pairs are really all you need. Focus on versatility and comfort; it’ll save both space and weight in your luggage.

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